Super Deal Sales - In addition to our regular low prices, we run promotional "Super Deal" sales on all of our amps...including our best sellers. These sales events are constantly changing so check back often to see if your favorite amp is on sale.

FM-5E3DP   "Deluxe Plus"
Small In Size - Huge In Tone!

List $795.00....$495.00

FM-DP1   "Dual Pro 1" Preamp
F & M Tones From Any Amp!

Don't Miss This Deal! Lowest Price Ever!
List $395.00....$245.00

HBX-AC15 "Sweet Little 15"
EL84 Chime Machine

List $795.00....$495.00

SS-4772 "Super Stereo"
Ultimate Stereo For Your Vinyl!

List $1695.00....$1095.00

FM-5E3SD   "Super Deluxe"
Worldwide Best Seller!

List $1040.00....$795.00
(Includes Cage Upgrade)
FM-5F6MB   "Mini Bassman"
Magic Mini Mystery Amp!

List $995.00....$595.00



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