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Photos & Friends

We are constantly amazed at the amount of  talent our customers have and we are always glad to share and promote that talent. Not only are a lot of our customers great musicians...a lot of them are master craftsmen, and some have build beautiful custom cabs for our amps...others have sent pictures showing our amps in performance. We also are glad to promote some of our friends who sell amp accessories. Here are a few we would like to share with you! If you have any photos you would like to share, please email them to  SALES@FRENZELTUBEAMPS.COM  

Featured Artist - Leon Taylor (Lead Guitarist "Taylor's Crossing")



"Hey Guys, - Just a note to say the amp wows em everywhere. Tone snobs, even the average listener comments on the great tone. Two sound engineers at live concerts said to me "perfect guitar tone"  I now own two other amps purchased from you after hearing the first one. I just finished building another cabinet/ stack for a friend of mine who bought one. One I bought for the wife is the Purple snake-skin with red Hollowbody- the other is Marshall Red Elephant Tolex...I just bought another FM-5E3SD Super Deluxe-this one off Ebay.(why would somebody get rid of one?) This makes 3 in my studio, 4 on stage as our other guitarist has one. The best tone machine on the planet - I know it is for me, and has made believers out of those in earshot. My original has been flawless on stage and studio since day one over 3 years ago. Thanks for making killer amps affordable." Leon Taylor (Oregon) -

Hey guys just an update. 6 years of gigging stage and studio, this bullet -proof Super Deluxe is still flawless. The Frenzel does a few things no other amp I have ever played on could do #1. With pre-gain maxed, I can still play "clean" the most touch responsive pre-amp ever no pedals needed. #2. The sweet spot is found at every volume. I assume this is some kind of Voodoo. #3. The amp can be played at full volume ... the chance that is actually a thing are all but gone, but I have done it twice with my 1x12 40 watt KT88 driven combo. It only sounded like itself -only...more so. #4. The line out works well and sounds like the amp. Clean, quiet accurate reproduction of the great tone. Many a sound guy has started to mic my amp, I plug the line out into a direct box in it's place and "Perfect guitar tone" #5 Best Effects loop ever. I have owned amps that cost 5 times as much that didn't do ANY of these things. Thanks for a great amp.  Leon Taylor 12/28/2017


Custom Combo and Speaker Cab for FM5E3SD - Leon T. (Oregon)

 Custom Head and Speaker Cab for FM5E3SD  - Leon T. (Oregon)

 Custom Head and Speaker Cab for FM5E3SD - Leon T. (Oregon)

 FM5E3SD Retro Cage -  Leon T. (Oregon)


Check out this link for Mark Rogers on his HBX-WC30

Featured Artist - Jim Roberts
"Notice my Frenzel Tube Amps, FM-5E3DP and FM-5E3SD, sitting on top of the speaker cab.
I never go anywhere without my Frenzels! Thanks for what you do Jim Frenzel!" Jim Roberts


  FRENZEL FM-LJ10 "Little Jessie" - Carlos Guillen(New Jersey)

 Custom Black Walnut Cab For Frenzel STS-88 - Bryan Stevenson 
Click On Picture For More Info About Bryan's Music & Studio 121 West 

Featured Artist - Chris Elkin
Performing with his FM-5E3DP Deluxe Plus

"Hey Guys, Had this amp for 6 years now and it has been as solid as solid can be. Here's a picture
from last week when my band opened up for Chris Jansen. 5,000 thousand people showed up."Chris E.

Colin Winters Rockin On His FM-5E31SS In Holland

The line-out on the back of the Frenzel Champ Super Sportster is amazing.
The rig does wonders for my back. Who wants to carry around a Marshall stack?
This one fits in the trunk of my car and the sound techs adore it!!
Greetings from Holland guys. Colin Winters

Frenzel SS-4772 Stereo With Turntable - Willy S. (Colorado)

Check Out Tom Curneen's Fabulous Custom Guitars!
Tom Uses A Frenzel FM-800Z "Rocker 800" Preamp  and a SPX-3030 Stereo Power Amp

Frenzel SPX-3030 from Tom Curneen

FRENZEL FM-800Z from Tom Curneen

Featured Artist - Steve O'Donoghue (Performing Artist & Songwriter)

Having fun with my Frenzel Super Deluxe.  Steve O'Donoghue (Port Hope, Ontario)

Check Out Featured Artist - Mark Barna On His Frenzel Super Bassman 100 2x12 Combo

Frenzel SS-4772 Stereo "KT88 Tone Monster" - Kevin M. (Nebraska)

Featured Artist - Gary Stephens (Nebraska)
Performing on his Frenzel Mini Bassman & Reverend 6 Gun guitar!

Super Bassman Bluesbreaker  
Perfect tones for my Hammond and 147 Leslie and my Roland RD 300s!!! - Bob T. (MA)


 FM-5E3DP "Deluxe Plus" With My Gear  - "Fun and versatile amp!" Thanks, Deitrich Pfiefer 

Custom Baffled Combo Cab for FM-5E3SD  by Glenn T. (Canada)

Custom 1 x12 Combo Cab for FM-5E3SD  by Glenn T. (Canada)
Hi Jim. I thought I’d send some pics of my latest cab build for my Super Deluxe.
Thanks for building a GREAT amp! Glenn Taylor (Canada)


 Frenzel FM-5E3SD -100 "100 Watt"   - Jarrett Bailey (Louisiana)
Custom Cabs By Reese Customs

Our Good Friend  Ron's Collection of Frenzel Amps - Ron J. (Oklahoma)

Frenzel JF-5A3RD "Retro Deluxe" - Vincent Carriuolo (Massachusetts)
"Really like my Frenzel Retro Deluxe. Impeccable harp amp!"

 FM-800Z Driving Stereo Custom Case Amps - Frank Neese(Germany)

Check Out Lefty Coulson & "The Pounders" 

Lefty plays an FM-5E3 "Deluxe Plus III"

We Highly Recommend EarCandy Cabs For All Our Amps

Custom Tiger Wood Cab for JF-5A3 by Dalibor Jurasin (Croatia)

Custom Tiger Wood for JF-5A3  - Dalibor Jurasin  (Croatia)

Custom  Fingerjoint Wood Cab for FM-5E3 DP by Alan B. (Texas)

Check Out Touch Singleton's Amazing Handmade Guitars!

Triune Creme Model

Check Out Tony's Great AB/Y Pedals!

Custom  Antique Console for FM-5E3 DP by Tim G. (Florida)

Custom  Teak Wood Cab  for FM-800Z by Donald B. (Thailand)



Custom  Wood Cab for FM-5E3 DP by Ben W. (Florida)



Custom Cover & Knobs SS-84 by Basil C. California) 


Magic on the FM-5E3 "Deluxe Plus"

Custom Snakeskin Head Cab FM-5E3DP With Custom Walnut Speaker Cab -  Jason M. (Australia)

Custom Combo Cab for FM-5E3DP - Helmut H. (Germany)

Custom Combo Cab for FM5E3 by Tomeu C. (Spain)

Dalibor Jurasin Custom Hand-Made Guitar (Croatia)
Dalibor Jurasin Custom Guitar
Dalibor owns a JF-5A3 and a FM-DP1

 Custom Combo Cab for FM-5E1 by Rodrigo P. (Australia)

Custom Antique Cab for FM-5E1SS by Mark M. (Hawaii)

Custom Cabs for FM-5F6MB by Tommy B. (Virginia)

Daisy Chained Frenzel FM-DP1 Preamps
Driving Fender - Jett S. (Oregon)

Custom Oak Cabs and Bass Guitar with FM-5E1 
George B. (Australia)

Custom Birdseye Maple & Walnut Cabs for FM-5E3SDRuss R. (Texas)

Custom Cabs for FM-5E3SD
Steven B. (United Kingdom) 

Smokin' Joe Pedals
Smokin' Joe Pedals

Custom Cherry Wood Cab for FM-5E3 SDR 
Brett J. (Pennsylvania)

Blake C. (Oklahoma) 
Rockin' with his "Sweet Little 15" !

Custom Bugi Tweed Cab for FM - 5E3 DP3

Custom Speaker Cab for FM-5E3DP
Chris S.(Florida)

Custom Cream Tolex Cabs for FM-5E3SDR 
Brian R. & His Dog DL3 (Oregon)

FM-DP1 snd FM-5E1 SS  owner.  This guy rocks! 

Custom Flip Top Chest Cab for Custom HBX-AC15 
Brian G. (Minnesota)

Award Winning Jazz Quartet "Marc Why Group"

Marc Uses a FM-5E3 SDR "Super Deluxe Reverb"

Custom Combo Cab for FM-5E3SD by Gerry A.

Eric Elrod with the  "Smokehose Road" band

Eric plays the FM-STP100 Twin Plexi

Custom Cabs for FM5E1SS 
Eric P. (Massachusetts)

Custom Cab for FM-5E3DP 
 Ramon B. and son! (New Mexico)

Custom Cherrywood Combo Cab for FM-5E3SDR 
Brett J. (Pennsylvania)

Stereo Setup for FM-5E3SD & FM-STP100 
Eric E.(Tennessee)

Custom Tweed Cab for FM-5E3DP3 
Jarrett B.(Louisiana)

Custom Vintage Cage for FM-763 
Heinz D. (Holland)

Walter Parks  with his FM-5E3DP.  (New Jersey) 

Stereo Setup for FM-5E3DP & HBX-AC15 
John F. (Washington)

Custom Cab FM-DP1 & Vintage Stromberg Carlson PA
- Matt P. (WV) 

HBX-AC15, Retro Bassman, FM- FM-STP50,
FM-STR50,  JF-5E3RD, 
Bert M. (Louisiana)

Custom Mini-Vibroverb on Vintage PA Chassis
Hein D. (Netherlands)

Custom Head and Speaker Cab for FM-5E3DP 
Mike S.

Custom Cab for FM-5E3DP - Jeff I. 

Custom Head and Speaker Cab for F-STP50
Jeff L.

Custom Cage and Speaker Cab for FM-5E3DP

Custom Combo for FM-5E3DP 
Tomeau (Spain)

Custom Cab for FM-5E3
David S. (Texas)

Custom Oak Cab for FM-DP1
Brian S. (California)