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Frenzel Tube Amps
Custom Built To Order Vintage Hand-Wired Tube Amplifiers
Made In America - "Designed To Last Generations" - Since 1952

 About Us

Hooked On Tube Amps - Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by to look at our amps! My name is Jim Frenzel. I'm an old rock n' roll guy from the 50's. I built my first tube amp in 1952 and I was hooked. It had a pair of "big bottle" 807 tetrodes that rocked me through the 50's and led me into a five decade engineering career. During the early part of my career, I designed UHF transmitters for the Air Force and HF backpack transceivers for the Army and CIA. Most of the gear was used in the Vietnam war...and it was all vacuum tube based. In the later part of my career, I designed solid-state equipment for many large companies. On my last job, I designed computer interface platforms for Texas Instruments latest OMAP processors including those used on the first series of smart cellphones. Even though I finished my career designing solid-state equipment, my true passion has always been for the vintage vacuum tube designs so I started Frenzel Tube Amps in 2003 as a retirement business with two main concepts. One was to build custom high quality tube amps at affordable prices, and two was to give the best customer service in the world.  To do that you have to have friendly talented dedicated people who love their work, and we do! Everyone at Frenzel is a master craftsman, loves their work, loves music and loves people. My three son's who got me started building guitar tube amps for them when they were teenagers are now all design engineers as well as musicians...and excuse me if I brag a bit.....fantastic guitar players! With their help and a lot of input from  our "tone freak" friends, we have designed, built, and restored thousands of tube amps for musicians all over the world. Quality is our most important product, so we hand-build and hand-wire everything in-house at our rock'n little factory in the woods of east Texas. 

More Than Amps - In addition to being  the CEO of Frenzel Tube Amps, I have also been called and blessed by Christ to be a minister in the Christian(Disciples of Christ) church...and my life is devoted to serving Christ.  I use the engineering and musical talents God has given me to build the best tube amps I can, and to thereby do my part in the world of commerce producing a product and providing jobs. We all have to earn our way and contribute something back to society, but at the end of the day, there is more to a successful and joyous life than work and business. There is the "Good News" of Christ which brings joy, hope, salvation and someday peace to a very broken world. I share that "Good News" by teaching and preaching at my church and also by using this website as an Outreach platform to support organizations that are dedicated to social outreach and mission work, especially for underprivileged children.  For more information please see our
Outreach page.

Thank You  - To our devoted friends and customers, we cannot possibly thank you enough! If it were not for you and your great reviews and referrals, we would not be here. Your kind words and compliments on our amps give meaning to what we do here at Frenzel. The world is a very large place and we are separated by many cultures and beliefs, but there seems to be in all of mankind a desire to play music and celebrate life...to "rock"...and I thank God for that gift! If you are a first time visitor, thanks for thinking of us for your amp needs. We are constantly adding new products and new features to our products. Our commitment is to give you the highest quality product and the best customer service possible. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and find something that turns you on! You can't beat our quality or our prices! If you have any questions or comments...or you just want to share something about your music, your gear, or what's going on in your life, please feel free to send me an email.        

Rock On!

Jim Frenzel   

CEO - Frenzel Tube Amps 

About Our Amps

Unique Designs - Our amps are very different from anything else you will find in the boutique amp market. They were inspired by the classic 50's-60's tube amp designs that create the "tones you know and love" plus they have many added features and custom options not found in the original vintage amps which allows you to create your own design and your own individual tones! We manufacture a large variety of amps and preamps for musical instruments and home entertainment use. They have a large selection of upgrade options  and we can configure them to suit your special individual requirements.  Click on the links shown in the Menu Bar for detailed information, specifications, photos, videos, reviews and sound clips of our amps. 

Hand-Wired Reliability - All of our amps are point-to-point hand-wired with no printed circuits or terminal boards. We use military style tie-wrapped wiring harnesses for long life and reliability.  It takes longer to build an amp that way, but the end result is worth it. We think of our amps as works of art. Great care is taken in the routing of the wiring and placement of parts to provide the best signal path. See our Wiring page for more info. Only the best of parts including low noise polypropylene capacitors, metal film resistors, Switchcraft jacks, Micalex sockets, premium heavy duty transformers and high grade hook-up wire are used in our amps. All tubes are prescreened for noise and hum, and tested for optimum performance before insertion in the amp. Before shipping, each amp is tested extensively for 24 hours on the test bench in the lab and on speakers in our test lab. This attention to detail produces an amp that will last for generations. When we ship an amp, our goal is to deliver more than the customer expected. We put our name on our products and our name and reputation are more important to us than anything. Read our Reviews page and you will see the truth in this statement.  

About Our Custom Cabinets

Custom Hand-Crafted Cabinets - Many of our amps are sold as open chassis amps. This allows you to show off the tubes...and gives you the option to build your own custom cabs and save money. We are constantly amazed at the talent of our customers and we invite you to look at  our Pictures page which shows some of the great custom cabs our customers have built. We also offer enclosures including  Tolex head cabs, combo cabs, vintage steel cages, rack mount chassis and rack mount road  cases. Our Tolex cabinets  are handmade in-house by craftsmen who love their work. They are  built from the best materials available.  The frame is made from 3/4" cabinet grade birch plywood and they are covered in genuine Tolex with a Fender style strap handle on top. The corners are protected by heavy duty nickel plated caps. The bottom has four large heavy duty rubber feet. The  standard cabinet and panel are covered in black Tolex. We also offer custom colors as an upgrade.  More info may be found on our Custom Cabinets page.

This Month's Featured Custom Cab
FM-5E3DP  "Deluxe Plus" With Snakeskin Tolex



About Our Prices
Factory-Direct Discount Prices  All of our amps have their  prices listed on the amp description page along with a list of upgrade options. We sell factory-direct to the customer so there is no dealer mark up. We sell at the same price to everyone.  All of our amps are custom built to order. This allows  the customer to choose only the options he wants and thereby control the price. In addition to our low discount prices, we run promotional "Super Deal" sales! You cannot beat our prices or our quality anywhere!

Super Deals


World Wide Best Seller!
FM-5E3 SD "Super Deluxe"
15-25-50 Watts - Pair of 6L6 or EL34's 
List $895.00....


FM-5A3 RSD "Retro Super Deluxe"
6SL7 Preamp Tubes - 10-20-40 Watts - Quad 6V6's
List $1055.00....


FM-5E3SDR "Super Deluxe Reverb"
15-25-50 Watts - Pair of 6L6 or EL34's 
Pure Tube Driven Long Tank Reverb 
List $1295.00....


FM-5E3 DP "Deluxe Plus" 
F & M Preamps - 25 Watts - Pair of 6L6's
Small In Size - Huge In Tone 
List $795.00....


Best Seller!
STP-100 "Super Twin Plexi"
Fender Clean - Marshall Boost Preamps
100 Watt Quad 6L6's - Dual Rectifiers
List $1595.00....


Now In Stock! Can Ship Today!
FM-DP1 "Dual Pro 1 Preamp"
F & M Tones From Any Amp
List $395.00....


SS-4772 "Super Stereo"
Class A EL34's - 30 Watts Per Channel
Ultimate Stereo For Your Vintage Vinyl
List $1395.00....


HBX-AC15 "Sweet Little 15" 
Class A EL84's - 15 Watts
VOX Clean - Hot Box Boost 
List $795.00....


Contact Us

FACTORY DIRECT SALES FROM WEBSITE: We do not use dealers or have any factory retail outlet or showrooms to test or view our products.  We do not stock any amps, cabs, speakers or accessories. All products are custom built to order and shipped direct to the customer. All sales are made factory-direct from our website. For more info, please see the Order Info page.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT:  We are dedicated to providing superior service and support to all our customers. We will give  knowledgeable, friendly and prompt replies to all your questions.  Because of the large number of inquiries we receive from all over the world, we do not take phone calls.   For your ease of use and security, especially our customers out of the USA, we use the business Gmail email system which provides online access anywhere, works with all phone and cable systems and has the latest HTTPS security features that provide fast, safe and virus free communication.  Please send your inquiries to one of the email addresses below.  

Gmail Worldwide Customer Support - frenzeltubeamps@gmail.com
Customer Service Sales - sales@frenzeltubeamps.com
Technical Support - info@frenzeltubeamps.com
Reviews - sales@frenzeltubeamps.com
Jim Frenzel - jim@frenzeltubeamps.com


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