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SS-4772 "Super Stereo 4772"   - The Ultimate Stereo For Your Vintage Vinyl

"Dear Mr. Jim Frenzel, Your SS-4772 Super Stereo amplifier is nothing shy of epic. I am so thrilled, so happy, so blown away by your amplifier.  Thanks for integrating old school technology with new school systems compatibility.  This thing works great with my Apple iMac, my Samsung BluRay DVD, and my Samsung TV - and with no preamp required for these devices! It also works fantastic with my old school Technics 1200 Mk2 turntable.  My pristine 70's vintage Pioneer CS-99A speakers did a instant hand shake with this amp as if it was an old long lost friend. I am so pleased with  how this amp clearly transfers  digital iTunes music to a whole new world of old school analog tube sound.  Maybe it's the old school technology with a tiny bit of new mixed in to it... whatever the case my be, you have hit the nail on the head.  You have designed an old school analog tube amp that will transform the sound of digital recorded music to the way it should sound.  I'm amazed, I'm blown away, and I am so happy I chose your company to build my amp.  I received my amp last Friday. I have locked my doors, turned off my phones and email, and signed myself out from the outside world for a week while I process the prowess of this amp. A great super clean sounding tube amp at a price I could afford. Way to go!"  Sincerely, John K. (Florida)


FM-5E3SDX 550 "Super Deluxe 550"     

"Hey Jim, - Just a note to say the amp wows em everywhere. Tone snobs, even the average listener comments on the great tone. Two sound engineers at live concerts said to me "perfect guitar tone"  I now own two other amps purchased from you after hearing the first one. I just finished building another cabinet/ stack for a friend of mine who bought one. One I bought for the wife is the Purple snake-skin with red Hollowbody- the other is Marshall Red Elephant Tolex...I just bought another FM-5E3SD Super Deluxe-this one off Ebay.(why would somebody get rid of one?) This makes 3 in my studio, 4 on stage as our other guitarist has one. The best tone machine on the planet - I know it is for me, and has made believers out of those in earshot. My original has been flawless on stage and studio since day one over 3 years ago. Thanks for making killer amps affordable." Leon Taylor (Oregon) 

"I have  two Frenzel Tube Amps. One is a 25 watt 2008 Retro FM-5E3 Deluxe Plexi and and the other a 40 watts 2011 FM-5E3 SDP Super Deluxe Plexi. Jim Frenzel makes the real deal....and at fair prices that all can afford.. I used the 25 watt in the studio exclusively to record our "Devil on a Dirt Road CD." You can hear how I used my Frenzel at jimrobertsandtheresonants.com/  All the CD songs are there and free to listen to. I couldn't be happier!!! I never go anywhere without my Frenzels! Thanks Jim!" — Jim Roberts (California).


FM-5E3DP "Deluxe Plus"  

"I've gotta tell you Mr Frenzel - you know a thing or two about making guitar amplifiers. I'd never heard of you or your amps, and I've been on A&M and Polygram records and will be 57 years old in February. Two months ago, I bought one of your FM-5E3 Deluxe 25 watt chassis used on Ebay - totally on a whim.. I was so impressed I ordered the HBX-AC15 you are currently fabricating within a week. You've really got a gift - thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Richard "Lefty" Coulson"  (Michigan). 

" Hi Jim, The amp has finally arrived. And I like it very much. I play it over an old 4x12 Fender box. And it has that sound I had hoped for. For my ears it had the broad tone of an old low twin (F-mode) and the Hendrix-sound I have been looking for so long (M-mode). It does it far better than all Marshalls I owned and even better than the two Anniversary’s I still have – without killing my ears. The Fender-channel is really smooth, may be a bit smoother than some of the vintage stuff I had the chance to play on. What I learned instantly: Less gain – more tone. In combination with a tube reverb (I use a Replex by Hughes & Kettner) and a tube distortion for more “speed” (Hot British by Radial) I have all I need."  John R. (Germany) 

FM-5F6MB "Mini Bassman"  

"I received my Mini Bassman last week and I am thrilled with it!  It sounds wonderful with guitar and Rhodes through 2 JBL D120Fs.  Such a natural transition from clean to overdrive, rich, shimmery sparkly tone with great clarity, just what I've been dreaming of.  It sounds so pure with bass through a 15" cab.  Even with 6v6s in it I get a stout sound.  It's everything I hoped it would be and I can't wait to hear it in the mix on stage! Thanks, you guys did great work with this one." Kenny H. (California) 

"Jim and Team Frenzel, et al...Privileged to own three of your guitar amps. Started with a Deluxe Plus Vibe...I picked up on ebay...using KT66's  du Tung Sol.  Best amp I've heard.  I've built amps, fixed amps and modded amps since the 60's.  Got pretty much THE amps. My vote is to award JIM the Western Electric Emeritus. I now have his Mini Bassman (which I dig in the Marshall mode) and another Frenzel Deluxe Plus Vibe (which I dig in the F mode)...all with KT66's...Genalex and Tung Sol.  I play with a cord. A wood tele and two 12" Marshalls,  stacked.  Weber Alnico and Jensen Ceramic. JF, From one old radio guy to another...hey, good job.   yo ron"  - Ron J. (Oklahoma) 

"Dear Frenzel Amplification, I received the Mini Bassman. Very well packed and built like a tank. After trying different combinations of tubes I found the three 12AX7 tubes, two 6L6GC power tubes and a 5U4 rectifier tube for a little more sag. The 5F6A Bassman input sounds excellent, the Marshall Plexi input sounds excellent also. When I use an AB switch to combine the inputs I discovered Tube Amp Nirvana, absolutely stellar tone to my ear. I added the Attenuator switch which comes in very handy. At the full 40 watts, this little amp is really loud. I am playing the amp through a close 2X12 enclosure with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 (16 ohm) speakers in Parallel. The amp sounds great with Semi-Hollow guitars, Fender Strats, Gibson SG, Fender Telecasters. Single coils, humbuckers, P90s, Seymour Duncan rails. The amp responds very well to all types of pedals. If you are looking for a compact head, with a lot of versatility, look no further. Thanks Frenzel"   Joe V.  (Ohio)


SPX-3030 "Super Power Amp 3030"

"Dear Jim,  I like the sound of the amp together with my single driver fullrange speakers very much. It is just the right amount of tube sound for longtime listening. The amp runs very cool compared to my SS-4772. The NNFB works fine with the SPX  because there is still enough bass. I tried different output tubes (6V6, KT66, KT88 and EL34) and the 6L6GC is in this amp the best because of the well balanced sound and the natural human voices.The SPX  is now part of my home stereo system and I am very happy with the performance." Best Regards, Ralf S. (Germany)

From the fabulous custom guitar maker Tom Curneen..."Jim, Your stereo preamp FM800Z, combined with the SPX-3030 power stereo amp, coming out of vintage Altec Lansing 12’s is so Sweet!!! Your amps have an aural shimmer. The soundfield is wonderful thanks to your build quality and character of sound. Thank you for building affordable classics. My stairway to heaven, you are." Tom Curneen - Use this link to listen to Tom's amazing guitars. https://curneenguitars.com/audio/

FM-800Z "Rocker 800Z" Preamp   

" Hi Jim,  Your Frenzel FM-800Z "Rocker 800" preamp is incredible with my Peavey Classic Series 50/50 and vintage Altec Lansing ceramic 12’s. By the way, your preamp is making my handmade guitars sound better than ever. Thank you for your excellent customer service, prompt updates, and incredible build quality!" Sincerely, Tom Curneen (Washington)

" Hi everyone at Frenzel Tube Amps, I just received the FM 800Z preamp.  I have been blown away by its incredible sound. I am using it with a Rickenbacker 4003 with the Ricosound.  The neck pickup goes to the Fender channel and the bridge goes to the Marshall.  I put more bass on the Fender channel and more treble on the Marshall channel and it sounds amazing.  When you dig in it starts to growl and get a little more top end sizzle. The two channels are perfect compliments to each other.  The Fender very fat and warm.  The Marshall more bite in the top end. You get way more of an overdrive sound than I expected as well.  That's if you want it.  I will be using this for recording and most likely live after I build a nice case for it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful well thought out amp. Your newest fan."  Chris G. (New York)


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