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SS-84 Super Stereo

  • Model No. SS-84

  • Ultra Linear Stereo Tube Amp

  • 15 Watts Per Channel

  • 4-8-16 Speaker Impedance

  • Phono-CD-AUX Inputs

  • Separate Channel Volume & Tone Controls

  • 3 Band Tone Stack

  • Presence With Edge Boost

  • Solid-State FRED Rectifiers

  • Post OT Line Out With Level Control

  • Tubes: 6 -12AX7, 4 -EL84






The FRENZEL SS-84 Super Stereo was designed as a stereo amp platform for all your audio gear. It will transform you back to the time when tubes ruled the audio world.  If you love the vintage high fidelity tube will love this amp. It is powered by a Quad of EL84's for the most ultra linear and purest tones possible and it comes standard with  many unique features including a separate volume, tone stack, and presence controls for each channel which allows you to fine tune the sound just the way you like it. Multiple RCA input connectors are provided on the rear panel to interface with  the output of your Phono, CD player and AUX items such as Ipad, Iphone, computer or Entertainment Center.  The amp comes standard with a retro style perforated cage cover which provides excellent ventilation for the tubes or if you prefer the open chassis look to show off the tubes, the cage can be easily removed. We also offer classic wood side panels as an upgrade option.

Standard Features:

  • Input and Output Jacks isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum. 

  • Input Connections - RCA Input L - R jacks for PHONO(Line Level) - CD/DVD/TV - AUX. The AUX may be used for IPAD/CELLPHONE type devices. 

  • Star ground system to reduce induced current chassis noise. 

  • Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring using only the best of parts...low noise tubular polypropylenes caps, metal film resistors, ceramic sockets, Neutric jacks...etc. 

  • Classic PRESENCE controls for extended highs with Loudness Edge pull switches for  more dynamic and less compressed tones.  

  • Dual Volumes with Dual Tone Stacks, and Presence controls  for precise control of tones. 

  • Class AB  ultra-linear EL84's for classic warm vintage tones. 

  • Oversized "ultra linear" output transformers. 

  • Speaker Impedance Selector Switch for each channel which allows you to use 4, 8, 0r 16 ohm speakers.  

  • Heavy Duty Banana Type Speaker Jacks 

  • Powered Sub Woofer RCA Output Jack

  • Power Output 15 watts per channel @ 4, 8, 16 ohms 

  • Solid State FRED rectifiers for tight dynamic bass response. 

  • Standard IEC plug-in three prong grounded power cord. 

  • Classic polished aluminum knobs and open style chassis.  

  • Classic toggle switches. 

  • Standby switch to turn off output tubes during warmup to prevent power surges...and to extend tube life when amp is not in use.

  • Retro Vintage Cage - heavy duty steel mesh cage provides protectIon and excellent ventilation for tubes.  

  • Dimensions:  12" x 10" x 10"  with cage installed. 

  • Tube complement: 6 - 12AX7's, 4 - EL84's 

Electrical Specifications: 

  • Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 hz

  • Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% 

  • Input Impedance:  PHONO 2, CD, AUX - 1 meg,

  • Input Impedance PHONO 1 - 47K (Magnetic Phono) RIAA - MM, MC

  • Input Level:  PHONO  - CD - AUX -   1.0 V RMS (Line Level) for full output   

  • Input Level PHONO 1 (Magnetic Phono RIAA - MM, MC) - 4 MV RMS for full output

  • Output Impedance: Selectable 4 - 8 - 16 ohm

  • Output Tubes - Class AB Push-Pull EL84's - Fixed Bias

  • Output Power: 15 Watts per channel

  • Power Consumption: 120V 60hz - 240VA


Physical Data: 

  • Chassis Dimensions - 12" Wide x 8" Deep x 3" High. (Add 6" clearance for tubes)

  • Weight - 20 lbs. 

  • Chassis - Heavy gauge aluminum with welded corners.

  • Retro Vintage Cage  - heavy duty lightweight steel mesh cage provides protection and excellent ventilation for tubes. Comes with easy carry Fender style strap handle. Overall Dimensions - 12" Wide x 10" Deep x 10" High

  • Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring with military style tie-wrapped wiring harnesses for long life and reliability.

  • DC on filaments to eliminate 60 hz hum.

  • Star ground system to eliminate induced current chassis noise.

  • Input and Output Jacks isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum.

  • Classic Polished Aluminum Control Knobs

  • Vintage Glass Jewel Pilot Light

  • Components - Only the highest quality parts are used including heavy duty transformers, low noise tubular polypropylenes capacitors, metal film resistors, Micalex sockets, Neutrik jacks. All parts are rated for commercial high use conditions. Wherever possible we use parts made in the USA.

  • Front Panel Controls - Input Selector Switch, Left & Right Channel  Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Loudness Boost Switch, Standby Switch, Pilot Lamp, Power Switch

  • Rear Panel Controls -  Power Cord Connector, Fuse, Left And Right  Channel  - Speaker Output Connectors, Speaker 4-8-16 Impedance Selector Switches, Power Sub Woofer Jack, Input Connectors, Chassis Ground Terminal


I just want to say " WOW WOW WOW" After a few days of listening to records on this amplifier, the sound coming out of my pioneer HPM"S is so smooth and warm.  The customer service is in the highest standards. They kept me informed during the build of the amp. Photo of my setup below. Thank you. Willy S. (Colorado)

Jim - I am sitting and listening to your amp- it is all warmed up and playing a new "Tommy" LP.   The amp sounds just stunning: very powerful and dynamic, detailed, open, huge bottom end.  I will say that bypassing the presence and treble controls raised the volume and lifted a veil.  I have listened to and owned lots of amps and I am amazed by the value in this one- it could compete with  amps costing three times as much.  Once warmed up, it was immediately and completely involving.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for this fine amp.  Best regards, Jeff S. (New York) 

Dear Frenzel Tube Amps, Thank you very much!!! I received it today, it's amazing!!! Sounds great!!! Will recommend you to my friends.  Klepatskayavi (Russia) 

Thanks Jim, The amp sounds absolutely amazing, this is the best sound I ever had at home. Fantastic! Darek O. (California) 

Dear Mr. Jim Frenzel, Your SS-4772 Super Stereo amplifier is nothing shy of epic. I am so thrilled, so happy, so blown away by your amplifier.  Thanks for integrating old school technology with new school systems compatibility.  This thing works great with my Apple iMac, my Samsung BluRay DVD, and my Samsung TV - and with no preamp required for these devices! It also works fantastic with my old school Technics 1200 Mk2 turntable.  My pristine 70's vintage Pioneer CS-99A speakers did a instant hand shake with this amp as if it was an old long lost friend. I am so pleased with  how this amp clearly transfers  digital iTunes music to a whole new world of old school analog tube sound.  Maybe it's the old school technology with a tiny bit of new mixed in to it... whatever the case my be, you have hit the nail on the head.  You have designed an old school analog tube amp that will transform the sound of digital recorded music to the way it should sound.  I'm amazed, I'm blown away, and I am so happy I chose your company to build my amp.  I received my amp last Friday. I have locked my doors, turned off my phones and email, and signed myself out from the outside world for a week while I process the prowess of this amp. A great super clean sounding tube amp at a price I could afford. Way to go!  Sincerely, John K. (Florida)

 Hi Jim, Thank you again for this wonderful amp. The best I ever had. I sit now and listen for hours, something I haven't done in decades..Darek O. (California)
Hi Jim - I just wanted to let you know that I have received the amp today. Man, does it look beautiful!!!To me, it is a piece of art, just like the other amps I have from you. I was impressed by it's size, it is bigger than I thought and sometimes bigger is better :-) It seems to have survived the journey over the Atlantic well. I am really happy Jim, thank you so much for building it for me! You guys at Frenzel are the best. I will get back to you for more orders soon..(thinking of the twin deluxe and the champ sportster at the moment..and I have some ideas that we might get to work) and oh yes, that mic-preamp we were discussing some time ago! Only a fool would be satisfied before he have all the products you have to offer. :-) Honestly, your amps warm my heart, I am not just buying an amp when I buy from you, it's so much more and so much better (and definitely more value!!)! Once again, thank you so much!! Anders H. (Switzerland) 

Love the amp Jim, great sounding piece of equipment. Nothing sounds better than a Stereo Tube Tape Echo into a Stereo Tube Amp! I have found tone heaven. Thanks again, Kevin M. (Nebraska) 

Thank you Jim. I spent two hours last night discovering what I have been missing from my CDs. I finally found the amp that would match my DIY full-range speakers and at a price that did not leave a hole in my pocket. Thank you for the passion and effort that have been placed into the building of this amp.  It shows in the results. I would like you to know also that this is my favorite amp for music - it's like being rocked to sleep. It is connected to a stereo speaker that I made with Audio Nirvana full-range 12 inch speakers.  They match better than a husband and wife.  Basil C. (California)  

Hey, thanks for making such a great amp and excellent customer service. Jeb. B (North Carolina) 

Jim,   Christmas in May!  I received the amp last Friday and unpacked it Saturday.  It is absolutely the most beautiful piece of stereo equipment that I have ever seen...   George O. (Texas)  

Hi Jim - Received my new amp in good condition. Couldn't resist taking off back cover to check out the wiring. Very impressive. Have amp hooked up to some big old speaker cabinets that my father made back in the 50's or 60's. They have big 15" Jensen speakers, tweeters, cross-over networks, etc. Old school. I've refinished the cabinets, which were in storage for decades, and they look pretty good. Have acquired a turntable and dusted off my old vinyl jazz records. The whole setup sounds great - can't beat the warm tone of vinyl records and a tube amp! Anyway, amp is great. Thanks for producing a quality product. Phil T. (Florida)

Hi Jim - Hope you are well, many thanks for building this awesome amplifier for me, it arrived safe and sound thanks to the excellent packing. I had never heard one but took a chance due to the great reviews for your amps. on your website and elsewhere. I'm very glad I did too, the power, tone and clarity is just amazing and I can't believe how effortlessly it drives the Kef Chorales, they've never sounded so good even without new crossovers!  The Marantz CD63se sounds fantastic through the amp. I'm now thinking of buying a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC to further improve the cd analogue output for the amp., I think it deserves the best possible signal. Nice to see the 1% tolerance resistors that's real quality, they look like 2w carbon to me? Everything looks just as good inside as out, very neatly laid out, you are right to be proud of your products! Thanks again for building it for me, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. Pete C. (United Kingdom)   

Jim, I purchased my tube stereo about 5 years ago.  I have wanted to give a review but since it was so hot in Hawaii, I decided to save my beautiful Tube Amp for later. I finally moved to Oregon and unpacked my Kt-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier with rectifier tube. I run it through a pair of Concept CE-1 speakers.  I listen to 80's hard rock  Ozzy and new bands like Halestorm. I was listening and checking out the amp and then i saw the presence pull for edge. This made the vocalist like they were standing right in front of me singing, I was blown away with the incredible live like sound. I was using a vintage ipod 80 gig with charging input not the headphone output, which does not sound as good as using the charging style  to rca. The sound is big and I hear so much more and feel the bass. Before making my decision on purchasing an amp. I looked at quite a few Tube amplifiers. Most offered not much of anything in the way on control features and all the small amps  were on circuit boards and had mixed reviews. The amps offered by other companies were small and started around a grand on up and were on a circuit board. I also was looking for used Tube Stereos. I came to the conclusion I didn't have time nor want to repair my new or used tube stereo. I made my decision and purchased a Frenzel Tube Stereo with KT-88 tubes. If you looked at other Manufacturers amps with Jims options you would pay about 2 Thousand on up. Jim offers an incredible product all hand wired(no circuit boards).  If your looking for a tube Stereo, look no further. Jim makes an incredible amp for the money. He ships his amps in a 2 boxes with about 4" of foam style blocks all the way around the product and the product is in its own box. Thats 2 boxes and I received my product in Hawaii in prefect condition. Jim does an A++ job on all his amplifiers and packing. Jim, Thank you for the Awesome Stereo.  Kirk Greenman  (Oregon)

Hi Folks at Frenzel I wanted to wait till I let the SS-4772 Stereo Tube Amp get a good burn in on the tubes. So unboxing and hooking up the cables I was impressed Ok right out of the box, let the tubes warm and let the DAC send it signal from my laptop for some tunes it was close to what I wanted out of my stereo tube amp. A few tweaks with the settings and boy I don't need to let the tubes burn in, love it. It takes every kind of music played on it!!!, Thanks, Folks! The depth of the music is what I was looking for!  Richard Griesser  (Texas)


For more reviews please check our Customers Reviews page.  



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