FACTORY DIRECT SALES FROM OUR WEBSITE: Thank you for thinking of us for a custom amp! We do not use dealers or have any factory retail outlet or showrooms to test or view our products and we do not stock any amps, cabs, speakers or accessories. All of our products are custom built to order and shipped direct to the customer. All sales are made factory-direct from our website. 

CUSTOMER SUPPORT:  We are dedicated to providing superior service and support to all our customers. Because of the large number of inquiries we receive from all over the world, we do not take phone calls, but we will give  knowledgeable, friendly and prompt replies to all your questions by email.    For your ease of use and security, especially our customers out of the USA, we use the McAfee Secure Network email system which provides online access anywhere, works with all phone and cable systems and has the latest HTTPS security features that provide fast, safe and virus free communication.  

CONTACT CENTER  - How Can We Help You? - Email us at frenzeltubeamps@gmail.com