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Deluxe Plus 525

"Warm Fender Blues  & Jazz + Marshall Rock!"  



  • Model No. DP525 - 25 Watts (Standard)

  • Model No. DP540 - 40 Watts (Upgrade)

  • Push-Pull 6L6 Guitar & Bass Amp

  • 4-8-16 Ohm Speaker Switch

  • Multi Power Level  1/4 - 1/2 - Full

  • Dual Channel Deluxe & Plexi Preamps

  • Separate Gains With Bright Switches

  • Deep Bass Switch

  • 3 Band Tone Stack

  • Presence With Edge Boost

  • 6L6-EL34 Bias Switch

  • Post OT Line Out With Level

  • Solid-State Rectifier

  • Tubes: 3 -12AX7, 2-6L6

  • Custom Upgrade Options

MSRP: $1295.00




Guitarist Description:  Jim, Just a note to say that the amp you built for me (Deluxe Plus) is perfect! I mostly play a Tele Partscaster with Don Mare pickups. This seems to be the magic combination I have been searching for. The tone is great. It is small and light. It plays well with my pedals...thanks for the great work! Alan B. (Texas) 

FREE 1YEAR-TECH-made in usa11.27.22 - 125px.jpg



The FRENZEL   "Deluxe Plus 525"   is the newest version of our Deluxe Plus which has rave reviews from all over the world. It was "INSPIRED" by the  50's Fender Deluxe 5E3...but it is a much more than a clone. The Deluxe Plus has two separate preamp channels, one voiced like  the Fender Deluxe and one voiced like the Marshall Super Lead SLPlexi.  The F and M channels have separate input jacks and gain controls which allows you to use an AB/Y switch to select one channel for Clean and one for Lead or  to combine the channels together for your own unique tones.  The voices are contoured by a modified Bassman style three band tone stack accentuated with a modified Presence control which has an "Edge" boost pull-switch to control the negative feedback for dynamic soaring leads. We also  added a Master control which allows you to control and shape the preamp and output stage overdrive tones.  We  replaced the 6V6's in the original Deluxe output stage with 6L6GC's to give you more overhead and to boost the power. The DP525 comes standard with 25 watts of power. The DP540 is an upgrade with 40 watts. For those that prefer the Marshall tones, we  added a EL34/6L6 bias switch that allows you to use EL34's in place of the 6L6's. The  output transformer is a heavy duty  extended range type with 4-8- 16 ohm outputs designed to produce with crystal clarity all the high, mid, bass the harmonics that your instrument creates.  The output transformer feeds a passive three power level attenuator that provides a selection of 1/4, 1/2 or FULL power. When playing clean, this amp will faithfully reproduce what you put into it...and when you stomp on  will produce tones you have never heard before!  It works great with guitar, mandolin, bass, organ, piano, harp and strings. Think of it as a 5E3 on steroids! 

Standard Features:

  • Normal (Type F) Bright (Type M) inputs with separate preamps and Gain controls for the unique smooth Fender Deluxe warm tones or the Marshall Super Lead Plexi great high mid-tones....or you can use an AB-Y switch and create your own distinct tones.

  • Classic Bassman 5F6A style 3-BAND TONE STACK for extended flexibility in shaping your tone.

  • Master level control so you can crank the GAIN's up and overdrive the preamp without overdriving the output tubes.

  • Presence control  - used to adjust the high-frequency response and damping factor of the power amp section.

  • Unique NNFB "Edge" boost switch on the PRESENCE control that transforms the power amp section into a No-Negative-FeedBack style amp for soaring dynamic leads. 

  • Bright Pull-Switch on F and M Gains

  •  Deep Pull-Switch on Bass

  • Line Out - post output transformer LINE OUT with LINE OUT LEVEL control for recording or driving a power amp, Auto switched internal load to simulate speaker if speaker is  not plugged in. Inject great tone directly into the PA system with the Speaker Simulated Direct Interface.

  • Custom heavy duty output transformer for extended low frequency performance with 4 - 8 - 16 ohm outputs selectable by a rotary switch.

  • Three Power Level Selector Switch - Provides three power levels. 1/4 -1/2  FULL.

  • EL34/6L6 Bias Selector Switch - Allows you to use either 6L6 or EL34 power output tubes.

  • Ultra fast heavy duty high voltage solid-state rectifiers provide sharp pick attack and dynamic bass. 

  • Standby Switch - Protects tubes from cathode stripping during warm-up. 

  • Tube Complement: comes standard with 3 - 12AX7,  2 - 6L6,  but you can substitute 12AT7's or 12AU7's in the preamp and driver for different tones and overdrive sounds. You can also substitute 5881's, KT66's or EL34's and KT77's when using the EL34/6L6 Bias Selector Switch  in the output stage for different sounds. 

  • Electrical Specifications: 

  • Input Power  120 VAC 50-60Hz - 155 Watts Standard IEC plug-in three prong grounded power cord. (230-240VAC available. See Upgrade Options) 

  • Output Tubes - Class AB Push-Pull 6L6's - Fixed Bias

  • Output Power  -  25 watts (40 Watt Upgrade Available)

  • Output Power Selector Switch - provides three power levels. 1/4 - 1/2 - FULL power.

  • Speaker Output Impedance - selected by switch 4-8-16 ohms.

  • Line Out Impedance - 10K ohms

  • Instrument Input Impedance - 1 Megohm

Physical Data: 

  • Retro Vintage Cage Mini Head  - heavy duty lightweight steel mesh cage provides protection and excellent ventilation for tubes. Comes with easy carry Fender style strap handle. Overall Dimensions - 12" Wide x 10" Deep x 10" High  - 15 lbs.

  • Chassis - Heavy gauge aluminum with welded corners.

  • Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring with military style tie-wrapped wiring harnesses for long life and reliability.

  • DC on filaments to eliminate 60 hz hum.

  • Star ground system to eliminate induced current chassis noise.

  • Input and Output Jacks isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum.

  • Components - Only the highest quality parts are used including heavy duty transformers, low noise tubular polypropylenes capacitors, metal film resistors, Micalex sockets, Neutrik jacks. All parts are rated for commercial high use conditions. Wherever possible we use parts made in the USA.

  • Front Panel Controls - F Input Jack, M Input Jack,  F Gain With Bright Pull Switch, M Gain With Bright Pull Switch, Bass With Deep Pull Switch, Middle, Treble, Presence With Edge Boost Pull Switch, Pilot Lamp, On-Standby-Off Power Switch

  • Rear Panel Controls -  Power Cord Connector, Fuse,  Line Out Level, Line Out Jack, Speaker Output Jack, Output Power Level Switch, Speaker 4-8-16 Impedance Selector Switch 

Upgrade Options:

These options allow you to  customize your amp to meet your special individual requirements.

DP540 MODEL  40 WATT  POWER -  Increases output power to 40 watts.  Add $100.00.

EFFECTS LOOP -  pure tube buffered serial effects loop designed to perfectly match the low impedance solid-state pedal levels with high impedance tube levels..  Add $75.00. 

HIGH GAIN JCM800 PREAMP - Pull switch on M Gain control  changes  both F & M channels to JCM800 type dynamic  high-gain lead tones.  Add $95.00​  

BIAS MODE SELECTOR SWITCH -   Allows you to choose cathode bias for the classic compressed "blues " sound or  fixed bias for dynamic rock sounds. Add $50.00

"SURFER"VINTAGE TUBE TREMOLO   - pure tube tremolo for those vintage vibe tones. Great for surf music! Comes with Depth and Speed controls on front panel and footswitch pedal. Add $95.00 

PP964 FRONT-R1.jpg

MATCHED PAIR EL34 OUTPUT TUBES - Companion pair of output tubes to replace 6L6's.  The EL34's give more Marshall "British" type tones.  Easy to use...Just plug in and set 6L6/EL34 bias switch in EL34 position. Add $62.95

DUAL RECTIFIER POWER SUPPLY - Power supply has a 5AR4 tube rectifier mode for that "saggy" smooth compression on peaks and a solid-state bridge rectifier mode for sharp pick attack and dynamic bass. Switch on rear panel selects mode of operation. Add $105.00


Review By Featured Artist  - Jimmy "Flyin" Ryan

Date: 4/3/2020


Dear Jim & All At Frenzel,  I’m sorry for my delay in responding with feedback on this amp, but I wanted to really put it through its paces and see how it stacked. Thanks for your patience. 


 As a preface, I’ve played professionally for over 45 years, releasing 10 albums (working on #11 before CDs finally go the way of the 8 track), guesting on dozens of others and currently doing TV and film work. I’ve been up for multiple GRAMMY nominations over the years (alas, never making it to the final ballot) and I just snagged an endorsement from Knaggs Guitars (they’re doing a build for me right now). I’m not saying this to be prideful; I just wanted to convey that I’ve developed and honed a specific skill set when it comes to creating and performing music on the guitar. 

 My first surprise came when the box arrived. When I opened it up, I found the head was cradled and completely isolated by custom-fitted foam inserts, and the cardboard used in the box itself was the thickest cardboard I’ve ever seen. I’ve had several deliveries in the past that suffered from shoddy packing, creating all sorts of avoidable hassles, delays and frustration due to damage that could have been avoided if the packing was done correctly in the first place. No problem here; I could’ve dropped that box from the roof and nothing would’ve happened to the head. Well done! Your attention to detail and well thought out execution in your prep and packing gave me a good indication of what I could expect even before I even plugged the head in.   MORE

Review By Featured Artist  - Steve Rockstein

Date: 10/24/2019

I have had the good fortune of playing through a Frenzel 5E3-DP3 amp for 10-years now.   So, I know it well.  And honestly, if you’re into jazz, country, classic rock or blues, this 25-watt gem will bring a smile to your face every time you crank it up. 


SOME BACKGROUND: I have been playing guitar for 30+ years.   My first amp was a solid-state Fender combo, followed by a Peavey Classic 50 4x10 combo and then a Marshall Jubilee 50-watt 1x12 combo.  When my neighbors called the cops five-times during a weekend recording session in my Philadelphia row house and I knew Mister Marshall had to go.  Just too loud.  And though I was happy with the sound – with everything dimed, a wah in the front end and a Yamaha FX500 multi effects rack in the loop – it was a bit of a one-trick Rock & Roll pony.  Sold it.  Bought a 15-watt 1x12 Fender Blues Junior. .  Hated it.  Sold it.  Then, in DiPinto Guitar shop in Philly, I stumbled upon and bought my first hand made amp.  The late-great John Martin made it from old-stock parts as a prototype for a line of boutique amps he was planning to produce.  He was selling this 30-watt head at cost.  I think I paid $125 for it.  There was no cabinet on the chassis.    Just a bunch of tubes sticking up.  None of the knobs had labels.  But it sounded like it was alive.  The gain knob was powerful and I could dial in tones from sweet to growly.  It loved OD pedals, all pedals really.  And all guitars too.  Those days I was playing a Gibson ES135 and a MIJ 1970 Strat reissue.  Both could find their sweet spot on my ‘Martone.’   I moved from Philly to the Virgin Islands and set up a semi-open-air music room and all was well until, unbeknownst to me, insects started eating the point-to-point wiring inside.  Seriously.  It shorted out.  I tried to reach John Martin back in Philly, only to discover he had died suddenly.  He was in his 40s.  Terrible loss, great guy.  Now I was in a bind.  Having had a taste of playing through a boutique amp and loving it – but not having the cash to buy anything like it, I turned to Ebay.   There I found out about Frenzel Amps.  Jim was selling FM-1 preamps for 99 bucks.  I needed something right away for gigs and decided to take a chance on it.  I plugger it into a 250-watt solid 2x10 SWR state bass amp and was so impressed with the sound, I knew there would be more Frenzel in my future.....  MORE.

rocksteen amps with guitars.JPG

 Review By Featured Artist  - "Clyde The Slyde"

Jim, I was experimenting in my studio this morning with my FRENZEL FM - 5E3 Deluxe Plus. I flipped on the recorder, slipped on my slide and this jumped out of the speakers on the first take. I will use this as an intro for another song I will record soon. Equipment used…Frenzel FM - 5E3 Deluxe Plus using Marshall input ,1x12 speaker cabinet with Celestion vintage 30, Reverend Avenger (semi hollow with 3 strat single pole pickups) customized for slide, Shure 57 microphone , 20’ guitar cable.....Not a single pedal…what an amp!


Jim,  The more I play this amp the more I love it. I was cutting a track for my new album this morning and this just slipped out. Feel free to use it on  your website. I've been jumpering the two inputs and blending the two. Just a touch of the F-Channel adds the bottom end I love and I crank the M-Channel to keep the mids sweet and punchy. I've beek playing live like this lately and have received a number of comments from folks about how good the tone is. Loud, crisp and clear, cutting through the mix but never too loud. Here's the specs on the clip. 1. 5E3 Frenzel Deluxe using M-Channel and F-Channel jumpered using Y
2. 8 ohm 2x12 Speaker Cabinet with 1 Red Tone Tubby Hemp Cone and 1
Celestion Vintage 30
2. 1972 Gibson SG with DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups
3. Shure 57 Microphone
4. 18' Guitar Cord (No effects)

BADSLYDE - Clyde The Slyde
00:00 / 00:00
Frenzel On Fire - Clyde The Slyde
00:00 / 00:00

Clyde's personal testimonial... 

Jim's amps are alive! The notes sing, scream or whisper - all depending on your touch. I've never played a more soulful, musical and responsive
amplifier. The quality is first rate and Jim stands behind his products 110%. You must have one!

For more of Clyde's music, check out his  MySpace page at

Review By Dr. Myles Eastwood - Producer and Engineer Eastwood Records Limited

Hi there, We recently recorded a 360 music video of a roaming band, using our trusty Frenzel FM-5E3DP "Deluxe Plexi" head amongst other gear. We're particularly pleased with the mix. Mainstream 360 videos (Taylor Swift, Bjork, LA Philharmonic etc) don't use dynamic spatial audio, whereas in our video the sounds follow the band members. You need a headset to enjoy it properly, but the spatial audio still works if you use headphones and watch in 2D...regardless of which way the listener faces. We'd really appreciate the work of FixTheMusic who produced the video for Eastwood Records Limited. 
Many thanks, Myles

 Review By Featured Artist JimRoberts  - "Jim Roberts & The Resonants

"I have  two Frenzel Tube Amps. One is a 25 watt 2008 Retro FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus and and the other a 40 watts 2011 FM-5E3 SD Super Deluxe. Jim Frenzel makes the real deal....and at fair prices that all can afford.. I used the 25 watt in the studio exclusively to record our "Devil on a Dirt Road CD."  You can hear How I used my Frenzels at jimrobertsandthe resonants.    All the CD songs are there and free to listen to. I couldn't be happier!!! I never go anywhere without my Frenzels! Thanks Jim!" — Jim Roberts (California). 


 Video By Featured Artist Frank Gambale

Review By Featured Artist  Tim Hoefer

I wanted a big tube sound at low volume. I have a collection of amps that sound great, but at volumes where I was receiving noise complaints from the airport. My Mesa in the 5 watt mode the gain turned-up hisses like an angry python and sounded sterile/solid state, while the higher gain voices sounded pedal-like / diode clipped.  The first thing I noticed about the Frenzel Deluxe Plus 525C is the quiet. I thought the amp was on stand-by when I had the guitar volume all the way down.  Using the bright switch in AB mode with the negative feed-back loop on, I was able to get clean blackface sounds. When the high gain switch was engaged it sounded like my ’65 Super with the volume set to 7-8; one of my favorite sounds. I was able to dial-in fantastic tube sounds at low volume. In cathode mode, with the negative feed-back loop disengaged, the tweed-type sounds emerged. The growl/snarl was there when pushed hard. So-called Plexi-sounds are diverse, whereas many Marshall amps are called “Plexi”. The Marshall channel produced glass-like overdrive, lots of mid-range to cut through the mix. Other observations: A tele sounds like a tele, a strat like a strat and a Les Paul like a Les Paul. The overdrive sounds were warm and organic, not fuzzy. The amp defies physics where I can get dynamics by pick attack, control the over drive with the guitar volume while producing incredible sustain. Sustain is generally associated with compression. The harmonics are there at low volume also. Easy to swap 6L6 to EL34.  No need for pedals, except for a little reverb to round-off the edges.  Using an A-B Y switch, the amp has three channels; F, M and both. The negative feed-back loop doubles the voicings to 6 without touching the knobs.  This will be the last amp I’ll ever need.  Tim Hoefer (Florida)

tim hoefer deluxe plus 525c.jpg

Video By Featured Artist Kley De Jong

Clean Tones

Cranked Tones

Review by Featured Artist Michael J Laky

I just purchased a Frenzel FM 5E3, Serial 07027. I’ve been plugged into it all day ...Just amazing! Looked at the inside too ... impeccable work/wiring!  Thanks! Michael Laky (

Review by Featured Artist Paul Stanfield (United Kingdom) 

Hi Jim, As promised, please find below my thoughts on the two amps I own (FM-5E3DP & HBX-AC15).  Feel free to use them on your website. Best wishes from the UK! Paul Stansfield

iNTRO - I won’t go into details of the features or construction as this information is available on Frenzel’s website - but rest assured, build and component quality is top notch.

FM-5E3DP   -  Plugging into the ‘F’ channel, you’re greeted immediately with a thick tone, full bass and grainy texture.  It’s a very ‘old fashioned’ tone and suits low output single coils. LIke a tweed Fender, you lose definition with more volume and the bass starts to get loose.  This cleans up quite nicely with the volume on the guitar and varying pick dynamics also achieves the same thing. Sticking a drive pedal that limits bass (such as a Tube Screamer) also works well, although gainier pedals on an already overdriving tone loses focus.

Into the ‘M’ channel things are much more tight and defined.  Keeping the master volume low and the preamp high, you’re greeted by a very decent yet low volume crunch sound.  In fact, regardless of the channel, it’s really good to explore the preamp vs power amp valve drive by playing with the input gain and the master volume.  It’s not classic Marshall (the output tubes in my amp are 6L6s) but it’s still a British sound. Bypassing the negative feedback circuit here is fantastic, it’s Vox-esque with some settings, especially if you roll off a bit of bass.

Pushing the gain levels, things stay much more together than the ‘F’ channel - gain levels are vintage Marshall rather than more modern amps - but putting a decent gain pedal in front gets you in that territory.  This channel really plays nicely with transparent overdrive pedals which allow the character of the amp to be maintained, but using a pedal like a Marshall Guvnor - Gary Moore’s blusier lead tones are created with ease.

The ‘M’ channel is my favourite of the two, but then I’m not really a lover of the tweed Fender sound.  Mixing both channels is fun too, I tend to dial in the ‘M’ channel the way I like it, then add a touch of ‘F’ channel to bring in some bass.  If you scoop the mids and lower the bass a touch while still using the mix of both channels and using the ‘F’ gain control to add bass back in, there are almost Blackface Fender tones if you keep it clean.


 HBX-AC15 - The clean channel stays clean up to half way, then it transitions into a gorgeous Vox-like grit and chime.  This actually isn’t much like the ‘normal’ channel of an AC30 (I have two 60’s Top Boosts for reference, a 64 and a 65) it actually sounds more like the top boost channel but with less gain.  Obviously, considering my amp choice - I love the Vox circuit, I think it really allows the tone of the guitar to be reflected without the amp turning it into something else. The transition from clean to drive is a thing of beauty, and Vox-style amps do this better than any other amp in my opinion.  The Frenzel is no different - all my guitars ring and chime through this channel and as the gain control moves later in its travel, things thicken up slightly and overdrive is clear and dynamic.

The boost channel is clean  at lower gain settings, but it quickly moves into a focused and refined drive sound.  The glorious sound of a real AC30 at full tilt is a wonderous thing, but the Frenzel sounds like it’s working less hard to produce the goods.  It’s still Vox-eque, but there’s more gain and it stays together while still retaining the character of the guitar. Unlike a Top Boost Vox, the Frenzel is far less picky about gain pedals.  Transparent boost pedals work very well and even bright distortion pedals (which would be painful on an AC30) work nicely.

As with all things Vox, the Cut control is your friend - in my opinion, this control should be on every amp made - it’s perfect for globally controlling the brightness of an amp.  Adjusting the treble control of an amp always changes the gain and the texture of the tone - but you can set that and control the overall brightness with ease with the Cut control.

SUMMARY  - All in all, I’m truly delighted with my Frenzel amps - both give me familiar sounding classic tones at sensible volume levels (albeit still loud if you want it to be) but with modern construction and quality.  They might not completely replicate the amps they’re inspired by, but that is a good thing. They have their own character but it’s clear which amps were the inspiration. They’re versatile but still simple and they record very nicely indeed.  The handy feature of a load resistor when there’s no speaker connected is useful, it’s easy then to record the amp through some speaker responses.

I really like the Deluxe Plus for its versatility, as it covers an awful lot of ground considering it’s simple circuit design but the Sweet Little AC15 is an absolute gem of an amp.  Less versatile perhaps than the Deluxe Plus but it nails the Vox character, and then there’s that boost channel which takes it beyond what an AC30 would do. This has been my favourite amp purchase for years.

I don’t know how Frenzel make money on these things, they are an utter bargain compared to other USA boutique amp manufacturers.  Thoroughly recommended.

Customer Reviews 


FM-5E3DP525 - Hi  Frenzel Tube Amps Team - Thanks for a wonderful amp! I had extremely high expectations, and your amp fulfilled all of them; it is a wonderful amp, best I ever played or heard...I've played electric guitar professionally since 1969...having owned & played ´60's Vox AC30's, Selmer, Ampeg, Gretsch, Fender Super & Deluxe & Princeton Reverbs, even a Gibson Les Paul GA40 (loved that one) plus dozens of good quality tube amps like Marshall, Peavey, Dean Markley, Boogie, Koch, Egnater, plus remakes of Fender Deluxe Reverb & Vibroverb & Champ...a very long list.This is the best amp I've ever played. Bjarne Roupe (Denmark) 


FM-5E3DP - Hi Frenzel Team, I live in England and I've just purchased a FM-5E3DP (second hand). I've only had it a day, but it sounds great. Kindest regards, Pete K. (England)

FM-5E3 DP - Hey Jim, Amp is here and really nice. I'll take a pic in the day time and send it to you. It looks great sitting on the walnut speaker cabinet. Thanks again...your service is second to none and I would happily recommend your business to anyone! Regards, Jason M (Australia) 

FM-5E3DP  - To Frenzel and Company: I just want to drop you a line regarding my Frenzel Deluxe Plus Amp received 3 days ago. It is every bit the amp I hoped for and more. All of the superlatives in other customers' reviews are true. I may never use my other amps again. Thank you for building a fantastic product. All the best to everyone at Frenzel! Thank you, Bob C. (Florida)  


FM-5E3DP525 - Hey Jim, I hope you are well. My Deluxe Plus (purchased 1/25/2018) still sounds great and is serving me well. Thanks for a great amp. Kurt R. (North Carolina) 


FM-5E3DP525 - Hi Frenzel Team, First let me say …..I love my amp.  I have had it for over a decade.   It sat for a time as I was traveling extensively, but it is my go to amp running through a Jensen P12N in a Hotrod style cabinet size. Amazing sound and love the versatility. Thanks again for a great amp. Dean F.(IL)


FM-5E3DP525 - Hi, I purchased a Deluxe Plexi 525 from you some time ago, and I love it. I ordered it with the effects loop upgrade. I just wanted to say also, you can pass it along, that I'm very impressed with the capability and options of this amp; it turns out to be exactly what I was looking for. I tried a pair of 6V6's and with a modified Boss overdrive I unexpectedly ran across that creamy Eric Johnson distortion like never before. My band members have commented on my tone also. The tube options, speaker simulation, tube effects loop, attenuator are such great features that you don't normally see on amps. I would buy another in a heartbeat. James W. (New Hampshire)

FM-5E3DP525 "Deluxe Plexi 525" - Well if first impressions mean anything I’m impressed. This little thing sounds great. Nice tube tones from jazz to blues to rock. You can easily dial in the perfect breakup (I’m a Blues player) and you’re set. Step on a pedal and you get even more. I have an ABY box to toggle between channels or combine channels (highly recommended). I must also say these are a screamin’ deal that sound every bit as good as many $2000 amps I’ve owned and that’s no BS. Love all the features, Master Volume (excellent), wattage settings, edge control and line out. Most importantly…. The tube TONE is excellent!! Just a heck of an amp at a heck of a price!! Thanks Guys, Duke W. (Arizona)

FM-5E3DPR/6SL7 "Deluxe Plus Retro"  Dear Frenzel Team, THANK YOU! This amp sounds amazing. My Strat and Tele have never sounded better!! The Gretsch is almost dialed in as well. I can’t say enough about the tone of this amp. Even my wife walked into the music room 2 nights ago and said, “wow, that sounds awesome” Gretsch 5422TDC FSR + Frenzel F input + EXH Holy Grail Nano Reverb + MXR Carbon Copy Delay + THD 2x12 cabinet makes for an impressive Sleepwalk rendition. Again, thank you! Brian M. (California)

FM-5E3 DP - Jim, Just a note to say that the amp you built for me (deluxe plus) is perfect! I mostly play a Tele partscaster with Don Mare pickups. This seams to be the magic combination I have been searching for. The tone is great. It is small and light. It plays well with my pedals. I have installed it in a wood cabinet (photo attached). I did change a few tubes. I have a Phillips 5R4GY in the rectifier and RCA 6072 in the 1st position, amperex 12ax7 in #2 tone, and RCA 12ax7 in the #3 PI. The 6l6 are still the JJ. Anyway thanks for the great work! Alan B. (Texas) 

FM-5E3DP/525 - Well I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing amp it is. All I wanted at first was a nice clean loud enough clean tube sound. I am really glad I got the high gain JCM800 upgrade. The 800 sound carried me for years so to have that along with the clean F side is beyond words. Now they are both at my finger tips. I love the construction. You guys are masters. Thank you again and again. Cheers, Ivan D. (California)

FM-5E3DP " Deluxe Plus" - Hey Guys, Had this amp for 6 years now and it has been as solid as solid can be. Here's a picture from last week when my band opened up for Chris Jansen. 5,000 thousand people showed up. Chris E.  

FM-5E3DP525 -  Amp received! Beautifully packed and beautifully built! It sounds glorious! Thank you very much. This amp is awesome! - J. Stokes(Florida)

FM-5E3DP  - Hi Jim, This amp sounds like the best guitar tones I've heard over the past 50+ years of listening to music. On my Nashville Tele and Jensen Alnico's...I just can't stop playing! So many songs, so little time. Very inspiring. Thank you for beautiful tube tone. Curtis Popke (Round Rock, TX)

FM-5E3 DP - Hi Jim, been meaning to write a review but you know how it goes... I love the amp and its enormous versatility. So far I haven't gigged with it, but its the centrepiece of my practice setup. I've got a drum machine, a pedal board and the line out goes to a simple mixer. I can put any set of tubes into the Deluxe+ that I want and play any hour of the day or night. My wife and neighbours love you for making it!!  Cheers, Peter R. (Australia)

FM-5E3 DP  - Hi Jim, finally found the time to build a cab for the 5E3 DP, which I bought from You in 2010! I made a lightweight spruce-cab with the shape of the old Standel amps. In spite of the JBL-120 the weight is only around 17kg. Of course it sounds great.  Helmut H. (Germany)

FM-5E3 DP - Finally arrived on Friday. Custom built, hand wired Frenzel Deluxe Plus. So far I think it is the best amp I've ever play through. I keep changing speaker combination and it still kick's Ass. 2x10,1X10,1X12,2X12 and any combination... The F preamp and the M preamp inputs are great. Manage them with an A/B switch Greg W. (New Jersey)

FM-5E3 DP - Dear Jim, You wonderful amp has arrived and has enjoyed many good hours of testing--it passed with flying colors!  Thank you for sharing your excellent work with me. I wanted to pass on a few pics of the cabinet I made for it.  I love the way it all turned out. Cheers, Ben W. (Florida)  

FM-5E3DP - Just finished three days of tracking with my Frenzel Deluxe Plus in my home studio. Since drums are in the same room I used the adjustable line out through a direct box and was able to dial in some great tones. Fun and versitile amp! Thanks, Dietrich P.

FM-5E3DP3 - Jim, How sweet it is to have a product work so well for the first time that I just wondered why it took so long to discover Frenzel? This first run was coupled with a Tone Tubby Alnico and Celestion V30 which is very stout and reliable and  can’t wait to experiment with my favorite vintage drivers. I suppose that your company is sized just as you prefer and that is very respectable but what you are doing (IMO) is possibly the best kept secret in America. Thank you very much to you and your staff for an outstanding product that does everything you advertise at possibly ‘double’ the value if not more when compared to others in your class. James P. ( Indiana) 

FM-5E3DP3 Jim (and to everyone on the team), Thank you for building my amp.  It arrived the other day and I got to put it through its paces over the weekend.  The amp looks and sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to playing through it in the church band.  I’m extremely happy with the amp and I wanted to let you all know that. I thought it impossible to get an amp that sounded like it does, with the features it has, let alone at a price that I could afford.  Yet, you came through and I was most pleased with your customer service (specifically the very quick responses to my emails).From start to finish, you honor Christ in the way you conduct your business. Thank you very much, Mark R. (Tennessee)

FM-5E3 - Hi Jim, I have to tell you that this has become my main amp even though I kind of bought it as a backup.  The Frenzel has become the go to amp for just about everything in the studio, guitar, organs, pianos, mandolins.  It is a very versatile amp, from crisp and clean to crunchy, round and full of rich harmonics.  Thanks for making a great amp. Kenny P. ( Ontario , Canada)

FM-5E3 DP3 - I've gotta tell you Mr Frenzel - you know a thing or two about making guitar amplifiers. I'd never heard of you or your amps, and I've been on A&M and Polygram records and will be 57 years old in February. Two months ago, I bought one of your FM-5E3-DP3 Deluxe 25 watt chassis used on Ebay - totally on a whim.. I was so impressed I ordered the AC-15 you are currently fabricating within a week. You've real got a gift - thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Richard "Lefty" Coulson (Michigan).  

FM-5E3 DP3 - Jim, I wanted to let you and yours know what a great amp I got. I ordered the FM-5E3 DP3 with KT-77 tubes. This is a great sounding amp. I have not found a "bad" setting on her! I am playing a PRS SE Semi-Hollow with soapbar pickups and this guitar and this amp sound like they were made for each other. I tried some pedals in front of the amp and WOW!!!! I use three pedals. My setup looks like this: Guitar - PlanetWaves tuner - Vintage MXR Distortion + - Carl martin Delay - amp. When I kick on that delay...whew...the tone is three dimensional. And when I punch the distortion pedal on, look out...this bad boy will growl! I am getting everything from serious Fender cleans to some real rock-n-roll distortion and everything in between. And when I pull the NNFB knob - watch out! I am rattling the light fixtures!!!!! What I am trying to say Jim is, I love this amp. Thank you for offering such an affordable and versatile amp! I look forward to using this amp in the worship of my God and Savior Jesus Christ...thanks again brother. Dane R. (Maryland) 

FM-5E3 DP3 - Hi Jim, The amp has finally arrived. And I like it very much. I play it over an old 4x12 Fender box. And it has that sound I had hoped for. For my ears it had the broad tone of an old low twin (F-mode) and the Hendrix-sound I have been looking for so long (M). It does it far better than all Marshalls I owned and even better than the two Anniversary’s I still have – without killing my ears. The Fender-channel is really smooth, may be a bit smoother than some of the vintage stuff I had the chance to play on. What I learned instantly: Less gain – more tone. In combination with a tube reverb (I use a Replex by Hughes & Kettner) and a tube distortion for more “speed” (Hot British by Radial) I have all I need. John R. (Germany) 

FM-5E3 - Greetings, I purchased one of your 5e3 Deluxe Plus amps a couple of months ago and I thought I would drop you a line and give you my impressions.  I currently have an original 64 deluxe reverb, an early Budda PTP Superdrive 30, a PTP Marshall 18 watt and various other amps to compare it to.  I must say that I am very impressed with the sound of this amp.  The F and M channel thing is a great idea and it works quite well.  The amp has a great clean sound on both channels with nice harmonic overtones and the natural distortion on the M channel sounds great.  It's not overly high gain but nice.  I usually run a Texas Two Step pedal up front for Blues and classic rock stuff. It's become my "go to" amp because it's simple, reliable, lightweight and it sounds great. I'll be looking to your amps in the future. Nice job! Dennis V.
FM-5E3 Hi Jim, At a gig this weekend, I finally got to play my Gretsch G6120M through the HBX-WC30, and that was really, really sweet.  What got the attention of everybody, however, was running the keyboard player's Hammond XK-1 through the FM-5E3.  It had the throaty sound of a 145 Leslie absolutely nailed.  Short of an actual 145/B3 setup, it was as good as you'll get.  He ran through one of my Mesa/EV 115 cabs for a stage monitor and lined the amp out through the PA board.  The XK-1's onboard vibrato is OK, but Larry usually runs through a Motion Sound Cabinet for that effect.  The sound out of the 5E3 was so good that we didn't miss the Motion Sound at all, and Larry loved the size & weight of the amp.  He couldn't believe that anything that small could put out the sound that it does. The versatility of the FM-5E3 truly amazes me.  It's performed incredibly well  with guitar, keyboard, and bass. Jett S. (Oregon)  

FM - 5E3 Jim and all the folks at Frenzel Tube Amps: This really is AWESOME! This sounds like the original Deluxe amp I played back in high school in the 70's. Super smooth, great headroom, perfect tone balance all the way up and down the neck, and incredibly easy to get great tone from in just a minute or two of fiddling around......and plugged straight into the amp! This thing sounds so good it's making all my boutique modded pedals sound bad! So I took them out of the chain completely! Now I have truly touch sensitive picking, and I can control the volume and grit just by the way I pick and the way I turn the volume knob! The natural compression is just beautiful, and the responsive feel of the strings turns the guitar into a real art form! I'm tempted to sell my Mesa to raise money for another one of your amps, like the Hot Box Wild Cat 30! Thank You for sending the EL34's, too! AWESOME AMP! AWESOME SOUND! EXCELLENT SERVICE! ABSOLUTELY A GREAT BARGAIN AND WORTH THE WAIT! ABSOLUTELY WORTH SAVING FOR ANOTHER ONE! THANK YOU TONS! Gary S. (NEBRASKA) 


DP525  Hi, Jim-received my DP-525 last week and couldn’t be happier. I don’t have enough experience with it to give you a full review, but here’s a start. I’ve been playing for 57 years, and searching for this the whole time. I’ve had dozens and dozens of amplifiers over the years, and this amp has the best cleans I’ve ever heard. Plus, there’s no place to hide, it amplifies whatever you put in, good or bad. A truly professional A-list amp. Thanks for your time, and thank you for an amazing amp! Mike C. (Arkansas)   


DP525 - Loving the amp!!  Loves everything I throw at it.  ES330 with p90s; LP deluxe with mini humbuckers, and a Strat.  Each axe personality really shines through. Really like the built in attenuator.  1/2 power seems to be plenty for my practice and recording space. Richard R. (Kansas)



eBAY Reviews- 100% positive feedback reviews on our amps on eBay. Here are a few on the FRENZEL FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus.

WOW, BEST Amp I've Heard N 35 Years, Thanks Guys Your 1st Class, BUY ONE
  Buyer   guitarbull ( 59)     7410650400

I have another question......How did you do what every other amp manufacturer on the planet wants to do?  This amp is amazing.  I'm not trying to pigeion-hole your amps, but I always said that I wish I could find a plexi that was in between the 18 watter, and the 45 watter.  This amp can dial in those tones with ease!!!! (and then some). W.T.

kick ass amp with quality workmanship,the wait was well worth it, thanks Jim
  Buyer   piledriver101 ( 7 )   7412646542

Great little amp, very good to do biz with!! Recommended!!
Buyer   beatmasterla ( 103)    7400950650

Excellent !!! Amp Sounds Great ! Packed well and safely shipped.
Buyer   gigic1961 ( 109)    7394808400

Super Deal! outstanding service, Frenzel amps are first class all the way AAA+++
Buyer   caveman3000 ( 13)  7401804847

Great sounding amp and really nice guy......AAAAAA+++++++++++
  Buyer   shellshock1969 ( 99)    7386417157 

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