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Customer Reviews

Our customers are our best advertising. We invite you to read some of their reviews. If you have a review you would like to share with us, please click here  Send Review .    For more reviews follow us on Facebook.


SS-84  - Thank you Jim. I spent two hours last night discovering what I have been missing from my CDs. I finally found the amp that would match my DIY full-range speakers and at a price that did not leave a hole in my pocket. Thank you for the passion and effort that have been placed into the building of this amp.  It shows in the results. I would like you to know also that this is my favorite amp for music - it's like being rocked to sleep. It is connected to a stereo speaker that I made with Audio Nirvana full-range 12 inch speakers.  They match better than a husband and wife.  Basil C. (California)

SS-4772 - Dear frenzeltubeamps, Thank you very much!!! I received it today, it's amazing!!! Sounds great!!! Will recommend you to my friends.  Klepatskayavi (Russia) 

SS-4772 - Hey, thanks for making such a great amp and excellent customer service. Jeb. B (North Carolina)  

SS-4772 - Jim,  Christmas in May!  I received the amp last Friday and unpacked it Saturday.  It is absolutely the most beautiful piece of stereo equipment that I have ever seen...   Robert O. (Texas) 

SS-4772 - I just want to say " WOW WOW WOW" After a few days of listening to records on this amplifier, the sound coming out of my pioneer HPM"S is so smooth and warm.
The customer service is in the highest standards. They kept me informed durring the build of the amp. Thank you. Willy S. (Colorado) 

SS-4772/KT88 Jim, I purchased my tube stereo about 5 years ago.  I have wanted to give a review but since it was so hot in Hawaii, I decided to save my beautiful Tube Amp for later. I finally moved to Oregon and unpacked my Kt-88 Tube Stereo Amplifier with rectifier tube. I run it through a pair of Concept CE-1 speakers.  I listen to 80's hard rock  Ozzy and new bands like Halestorm. I was listening and checking out the amp and then i saw the presence pull for edge. This made the vocalist like they were standing right in front of me singing, I was blown away with the incredible live like sound. I was using a vintage ipod 80 gig with charging input not the headphone output, which does not sound as good as using the charging style  to rca. The sound is big and I hear so much more and feel the bass. Before making my decision on purchasing an amp. I looked at quite a few Tube amplifiers. Most offered not much of anything in the way on control features and all the small amps  were on circuit boards and had mixed reviews. The amps offered by other companies were small and started around a grand on up and were on a circuit board. I also was looking for used Tube Stereos. I came to the conclusion I didn't have time nor want to repair my new or used tube stereo. I made my decision and purchased a Frenzel Tube Stereo with KT-88 tubes. If you looked at other Manufacturers amps with Jims options you would pay about 2 Thousand on up. Jim offers an incredible product all hand wired(no circuit boards).  If your looking for a tube Stereo, look no further. Jim makes an incredible amp for the money. He ships his amps in a 2 boxes with about 4" of foam style blocks all the way around the product and the product is in its own box. Thats 2 boxes and I received my product in Hawaii in prefect condition. Jim does an A++ job on all his amplifiers and packing. Jim, Thank you for the Awesome Stereo.  Kirk Greenman  (Oregon)


SS-4772 - Hi Folks at Frenzel I wanted to wait till I let the SS-4772 Stereo Tube Amp get a good burn in on the tubes. So unboxing and hooking up the cables I was impressed Ok right out of the box, let the tubes warm and let the DAC send it signal from my laptop for some tunes it was close to what I wanted out of my stereo tube amp. A few tweaks with the settings and boy I don't need to let the tubes burn in, love it. It takes every kind of music played on it!!!, Thanks, Folks! The depth of the music is what I was looking for!  Richard Griesser  (Texas)

FM-5E3SD - I have two Frenzel Tube Amps.. One is a 25 watt 2008 Retro FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus and and the other a 40 watts 2011 FM-5E3 SD Super Deluxe. Jim Frenzel makes the real deal....and at fair prices that all can afford.. I used the 25 watt in the studio exclusively to record our "Devil on a Dirt Road CD." You can hear how I used my Frenzel at All the CD songs are there and free to listen to. I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks Jim! — Jim Roberts & The Jack Roberts Harvey Band (California).

FM-5E3SDR - Hi Jim!! How are you? Just writing to say that I've received the amp today, and I must say it Kills!! Really really sweet, warm, I love both inputs and the reverb also sounds great!! Really, Im very impressed! Its so much better than my expectations :) Thank you so much for the attention and fast shipping. Thank you very much! Regards!! Julia Brandao. (Brazil)

FM-5E3SDR - Hey Jim, The amp is just too damn great to keep to myself, so my badass pal Steve has been exercising it .... One of the best blues players in Virginia Beach is now on my wait list to play it :-) Thx Pal and hope all is well in Texas!!! Donny P. (Virginia) 

FM-5E3SDR -  Jim, So, let me just start off by saying about the amp..."I HAVE NEVER PLAYED AN AMP SO UTTERLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! THANK YOU, THANK YOU JIM!!!! I mean, really...with the push pull Presence and the Bright and Normal channel, it's literally like being able to play 4 distinctly different amps, all of which sound incredible! Really Jim, what you made for me is hands down, not only the BEST amp I have ever owned, it is the best amp I could literally ever imagine owning and if I have anything to do with it, that amp will stay with me till the day I pass away.  This amp is a TRUE piece of art and it will ALWAYS be treated as so!!  You truly made EVERYTHING I could have ask for in an amp and EXCEEDED what I had even hoped for. Danny Drake (California)   

FM-5E3SD - Hi Jim, I made a combo cab (see Pictures page) for my Frenzel Super Deluxe head......I’m pleased with the results and the amp sounds great!! Lots of compliments on how good it sounds (and a few compliments on how good it I borrowed some design ideas from here and there and added some of my own as well. The speaker and amp are separated from each other by 3/4” plywood and there are deflectors that direct the sound coming off the back of the speaker out the side ports.  Glenn T.. (British Columbia, Canada) 


FM5E3SDX550 - Jim, 6 hrs in. Living room Fender 1/4 power is the most exciting so far with the 410. I was worried I’d not get a great 5E3 with the 6L6s but am very much not disappointed with each cab I’m trying. Loud cleans and 2 Marshall preamps are working with most cabs and Strat also. Tele loves this amp. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Andy S. (Illinois)

FM-5E3SD - I want to thank Mike Gee Kustoms for the amazing "Rivers Cuomo Strat-o-Master" Guitar and Frenzel Tube Amps for the amazing "Super Deluxe" all tube Guitar amp. Without affordable High quality instrumentation and Equipment like this I would not be where I am today. Dominic Antonelli  

FM-5E3SD - Hi Jim. I thought I’d send some pics of my latest cab build for my Super Deluxe. Thanks for building a GREAT amp! Glenn Taylor (Canada)  
FM-5E3SD RETRO - Hey Frenzel Team - Proud to say, as of yesterday, I now own an awesome, lightly used, FM-5E3SD  "Super Deluxe with the Quad of 6V6's and the 6SL7 Retro preamp upgrades. It sounds amazing; looking forward to rocking out with this amp for years to come... Ryan D. "RCD Media/The Scarecrow Project Band" (California)

FM-5E3SD - Custom "Dukane Mojo SD"  -  (One of our customers requested that we convert a  vintage 1950's Dukane PA he had into a Frenzel Super Deluxe with lots of Mojo! Here is his review.) "Hi Jim, Got the amp. Nice work! Thanks for the bag-o-parts, too :) So far, I'm diggin' the Marshall side - seems brighter and quite "Plexi"-like. I'm running the gain full tilt on the pre, not getting much breakup, but just enough to put just a whisper of hair around the edges. This thing gets incredibly loud in a heartbeat - hardly moving the Master. I like it with the "Edge" control pulled (really opens it up a lot - the response comes alive), but it gets a lot louder.  I found  out quickly that I have to be very careful. I play Tele's, so I know humbuckers would kick it more - just not very much of a humbucker guy. I hooked up my Radial Elevator Boost pedal - and OMG did the amp COME ALIVE!! Now I don't have to crank's awesome!  Long story short, there's still NOTHING like a great tube amp. And, now I have another GREAT tube amp - thanks to YOU! - and, it's ability to work with the Radial pedal is spectacular! So...I'm thinking that your 'DuKane Mojo SD' will also take eagerly to my pedal board (when I get a chance)". Ross J. (Minnesota)

FM-5E3SD - Hi Jim. Sorry it's taken me so long to let you know what I think of my amp. I received it last Tuesday and I wanted to do an unboxing video for YouTube at my friends studio. Well life happens and we weren't able to do it till Sunday. WOW! It's everything I had hoped for, and more.... My friend and I played and played. Thank you for putting out a solid product. I'm sure we will be doing business together again in the future. Bob P.  (Oregon)  

FM-800Z - Dear Friends at Frenzel...Thank you for this wonderful little FRENZEL FM-800Z amp / preamp. I am fully utilizing its capabilities as both amp and preamp and also combining the F and M channels to get a really nice tone. I lean a little heavier on the M channel. This amp seems to get better with time , warmer and richer.  The power amp section sounds great and gets actually pretty loud. The tone controls are very nice in that you can get an excellEnt variety of tones with them. The Rocker 800Z sounds so good with rich harmonics and overtones that a person can learn to play better and get those great tones. The level of build and sound quality would be very challenging and extremely expensive to beat. I want to thank all people at Frenzel that were involved in building this great little amp / preamp for doing such an excellant job. In the future I will probably order the 5E3-SD with a few upgrades. A local craftsman built the cabinet with solid teakwood. Sincerely, Donald K Bazille (Thailand) 

FM-800Z - Hi everyone at Frenzel Tube Amps, I just received the FM 800Z preamp.  I have been blown away by its incredible sound.I am using it with a Rickenbacker 4003 with the Ricosound.  The neck pickup goes to the fender channel and the bridge goes to the Marshall.  I put more bass on the fender channel and more treble on the marshall channel and it sounds amazing.  When you dig in it starts to growl and get a little more top end sizzle. The two channels are perfect compliments to each other.  The fender very fat and warm.  The marshall more bite in the top end. You get way more of an overdrive sound than I expected as well.  That's if you want it.  I will be using this for recording and most likely live after I build a nice case for it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful well thought out amp. Your newest fan,  Chris G. (New York)  

FM-800Z - Dear Jim, A miracle has come to pass - it arrived safely two days ago! I had very little time so far, but my initial impression is - awesome! It was really worth it. Both channels sound great. The bright switch and bass enhancement make it even more versatile. My setup is your preamp into a 35 watts tube poweramp from a local builder into either one or two 12'' cabs. I have a ABY switch on my pedalboard and connect it with four cables so that I have time based and Modulation effects between preamp and master. There are two boosters on the board - a midboost for solo tones and a fat boost for heavy rhythm. Works beautifully! The crunch channel on the amp sounds so fat and full, way better than any pedal i ever had. It also cleans up really nicely with the guitar volume. The clean is awesome too. Quite jazzy on 'normal' and sparkly on bright. It strikes me how quiet the preamp is. Very little noise. Well done! I am looking forward to spend much more time with it. You are a real gentlemen! All the best, Frank N. (Germany)

FM-800Z - I have one of these. I run it through my Mesa Mark V 25 and it sounds fantastic. It bridges the gap between the channel 1 crunch mode and the channel 2 MkIIc+ perfectly - William B. (Texas)

FM-880Z/2U  - When my FM-800Z2U got delivered it was enclosed in two boxes, one inside the other. The outer box had two florescent green “fragile electronic equipment” stickers on it for added safety.  I was impressed when I discovered the rack chassis was made of aluminum as I don't like rust. Some people say aluminum breaks down also, I say check out my aluminum boat, it looks new after years of use and a couple of trips each year to the cost in salt water. If it were made of steel it would be a a pile of dust right now. If you live in the southern states the humidity would take out a steel chassis after a few years unless you had a dehumidifier running all the time, then it would take a little longer. I took off the bottom panel of my preamp to find that the circuit board and related electronics are mounted on the top inside panel of the preamp, how thoughtful as what little dust makes in through the cooling holes will land on the bottom inside panel where it won't affect the electronics and can be removed in one swipe of a cloth. The eyelet board is almost one quarter of an inch thick, it will never bend, stress or crack unless you are trying to purposefully destroy it. All the components are mounted point to point. The board is there to stabilize and logically arrange the components. In traditional point to point type construction the components are soldered together with no added supported, other than another component, if there were ever a need for a component to be removed the heat of the soldering process could stress the other attached components, Frenzel has removed the danger by incorporating this type of eyelet board. All the markings on the components are readily visible as there are no components mounted underneath the board where you can't see them. The ceramic tube sockets are mounted on a separate aluminum bracket which is very sturdy and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. All the components are of top notch quality and the construction is suburb. Another refreshing quality of this exceptional preamp is the simplicity of its design, there is no extra unneeded circuitry for channel switching as one only needs to use an a,b or a,b,y channel switch for full control of the FM-800Z2U's channels. When designers add circuity for internal channel switching in their preamps they always use shared components which adversely effects the quality of the sound of the preamp, they add transformer taps to run the low voltage needed for op amps as well as other solid state components which are sometimes used for channel switching or low grade effects loops (non tube type), no so in Frenzel's case, the channels are discrete meaning no shared tube stages and no shared resistors or caps, another mark of ultra high quality. It is more expensive for Frenzel to design and build using discrete techniques I don't know how they do it for the prices they charge for their products. There is exceptional care and pride oozing from every aspect of their products. I am a designer and builder of my own personal tube equipment, if I had the time to build my own tube preamp with no compromises in cost or quality I doubt it would be as exceptional, functional or attractive as my FM-800Z2U. Frenzel has made well thought out rugged products that can stand generations of being moved around and used, in my opinion their equipment will only go up in value. Speaking of functional every time I plug in to my FM-800Z2U I love it more and more. The controls are endless in sweet spots, you find more each time you experiment. The FM-800Z2U is the most “amp sounding” of any tube guitar preamp I have ever heard and I have owned them all!  The old adage “If you want it done right do it your self” does not fly in this instance as you can not do it better than Frenzel and definitely not with less cost! Thanks ever so much Frenzel! I intend to be purchasing more of your quality equipment, I would rather be playing than building. Best Regards! Gary DiCenso (Maine)

FM-DP5A3/6SL7 - Hi Frenzel Tube Amps, I received my FM-RDP5A3 Retro Deluxe Plexi 6SL7 preamp today and I love it, thanks! Issac T. (Taiwan) 

JF-5A3RDS - Hi Jim,  I had never heard a 1949 5A3 Deluxe in person, but what I noticed on internet demo's was quite how ‘fat' they sound when cranked in comparison to later Fender amps. The Frenzel Retro Deluxe does this really well, almost like a fuzz. I have only cranked the master and gain fully in its 5 watt mode, and the overdrive is different from a Blackface or Silverface style, darker, more compressed, richer. It’s versatile too. In 20 watt mode it’s loud and has enough head room, it does jazz very nicely with a hollow body, clean or slightly broken up, and it also sounds great with a Telecaster. You can do Wes Montgomery or Punk with this head. I ordered a Tremolo on mine, which is lovely and has a load of sustain. It is a dark amp, I tried it with numerous different cabs I own before I found the perfect match (for me at least), an open back 1x12 with a 70s Fane/Hiwatt ceramic speaker. It is a bright speaker so I guess that makes sense. The Retro Deluxe also works well with an old school Alnico speaker for a 50s sound. I am impressed but not surprised how nice this amp is (it’s so quiet it’s almost silent), as I have had one of Jim’s 5E3’s for many years and it is the most reliable and well used amp in my studio, wonderful cleans, nice low gain drive on the Marshall channel. This new Retro Deluxe has already received several compliments from other players who have tried mine, it is a different amp to the 5E3 in a good way.I have lots of guitar amplifiers, from famous brands, boutique makers, cheap ones and oddball ones; this Frenzel is great and will get lots of use, highly recommended. The power scaling does what it should do (3 modes), you could definitely use it as a bedroom amp if that is your need. Lastly I should mention the Frenzel service, which is always as good as it gets. I am in the UK, and yet I knew what was going on during the build via constant email updates, and it was delivered perfectly and very quickly. Super friendly people, great service, great pro amps. Thanks Jim.   Rupert Latimer (Sussex, UK)

JF-6G15 "Rack Mount Tube Reverb Unit" with Frenzel FM-5E3 "Deluxe Plus".  Hey Jim, It sounds rich...perfect...fantastic! So happy together !   I love this reverb! Getting lots of great sounds out of this "one" effect. Down right organic. Regards, Steve R. (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)

FM-5E3SDR -Thank You very much! This is by far the best amp I have ever owned (perhaps played thru?).My Carvin guitar with DiMarzio super 2’s thru a Keeley compressor, plugged into a Mesa 2/12 cab w/Celestion V30’s gives me all the tone  I need and then some. Again, Thanks.  Brian S. (California)

FM-5A3RSD/6SL7 - Thanks Jim, Got the amp today. Picked it up at the post office, put the tubes in and used it on the gig. Sounds great! I'm really impressed with the fat, but still tight, compression of the 6SL7 tubes. Also the Lineout/powersoak/speak.sim is the best Lineout I've tested. I pulled back all the treble on the PA system and pushed the mid a bit to sound like the speaker I was on (marshall1912... which is dark in character). But then, the feel, which always is the thing that gets lost in the "line out" process, was identical to the speaker feel.   Kudos! Thomas D. (Norway) 

FM-5A3RSD/6SL7 - Everything arrived on time and in perfect shape.  Took longer to unpack the box than it did to get a killer Telecaster sound.  You guys done good...thanks!  Ken M.(Texas) 

JF-5A3RD/SURFER - Hey Frenzel Team  - I would like to thank everyone involved for the outstanding workmanship, professionalism and care you show in doing things right for the people who do business with you. The way you packed the amp so it would arrive in perfect condition is truly impressive.  I believe that of all the companies I have ever dealt with, regardless of field of expertise, your company is the one that has stood out the most. I tried the amp (JF-5A3RD/Surfer Upgrade) as soon as everything was ready to go and the sound is full and well defined. I will make sure people know about Frenzel amps among the musicians I know here in Montreal.  I'm very happy and I can't wait for my next gig.  Michel P. (Montreal, Canada) 

JF-5A3RD "Retro Deluxe" Customer Review - Thank you, Jim. My Retro Deluxe arrived today and it is an awesome harp amp. I tried out two vintage microphones with it and it sounds great! It delivers the tone I want. It’s loaded with numerous extras. It’s priced right. And it was shipped in the most secure container I have ever received,I appreciate your attention to detail in every aspect of the amp. I appreciate you sharing your commitment to outreach work as well. Frenzel embodies integrity.Thanks. May you have joyous abundance in everything you do, Best regards,Vin (Massachusetts)

JF-5A3RD - Hi Jim, I can not say enough about the quality and sound of the Sweet Little 15 and the Retro deluxe that you recently made for me. Every time I plug these in and get such inspirational tones with ease, and the value provided, WOW, Thanks, Mike H. (Victoria, BC Canada)

JF-5A3RD - Hello, I received my Retro Deluxe (JF-5A3RD) amp today. I plugged it into my Weber Minimass and then into my computer audio.  I added some of my favorite pedals to the mix.  I soon found out I don't need some of my pedals nor do I need the Minimass.  The amp sounds great and has a good range of possible tone settings with the two pull controls on the gain and bass parametric eq knobs.  Thank you for throwing in the pull deep switch on the bass control.  This amp sounds the way I hoped it would and then some.  I plan to order the Sweet Little 15 next. Dan R. (DC suburbs)

STP-50 - Dear Jim,  I just absolutely love this amp.  It has such a pure tone, even when I put a small chain in front or in the loop . I still prefer nothing in front or in the loop, but I have found, surprisingly, that I can pretty easily get into high gain territory on both channels with a boost.   Matt C..(Missouri)  

STP-100 Jim, I got my amp and it is awesome!!!  Thank you!!!  Mark H. (Utah)

FM-L5   - I received the amp and it is absolutely wonderful. PBass, acoustic with pickups, and Les Paul! Plenty of volume, various tones for each of the guitars and great as a preamp to my big tube amp. It is light and portable and going to Thailand with me soon. Quite sweet. Thank you! Axel B. (Colorado)

FM-5E1BF - Hi Jim, greetings from Harlem, NYC. Thanks for building my FM-5E1BF Champ Blackface with the retro 6SL7 and 6L6 options. The amp you made for me is an audio masterpiece, a unique combination of imaginative circuit design, and flawless build, using first rate parts. This is THE best amp I ever heard. I tried it out with a nice 1x12” Ted Weber AlNiCo 12A125A, rated for 30 watts, at 8Ω. I used my favorite guitar, an ‘88 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion with a Morley M2 volume, EHX “East River Drive” and a Boss DD-3 delay. I set the amp as loud as I dared in my apartment, gain 6, (“F” voice) with the EQ flat 5s, master 7-8. I ran my guitar with both pickups on, and knobs wide open. I started with the Morley volume backed way off and got a great spanky “acoustic” sound, opening the Morley a little more and I got a sweet, round bell-ringing chime, then pushing in a little drive, and going to about half open gave me beautiful fat, wet, voluptuous blues tones, finally flooring the gas and kicking in some long delay, with the deep switch pulled gave me an authentic arena rockstar solo sound, that heavy Gibson center block felt like it could sustain forever! It’s perfect for my New York City Co-Op apartment, but it's plenty loud... one could definitely gig with it, especially as you can line it out to the FOH sound system. Thanks for your honest dealing, very fair price, and evident, master craftsmanship. There are far too few people left who do business like you do. I highly recommend your company, and I plan to bore anyone who will listen going on about how great this amp is! You should feel free to add my comments to your long list of satisfied customers. Thanks again, Augustine Nocera (New York) 

HBX-WC30 - Dear Jim, I’m back from California and could finally try the amp. The amp sounds fantastic...all the power amp options are great. The best sounds to me are both channels in parallel one dirty and one with a little bit of breakup.Thank you again for your help! I’m really glad about the amp and your excellent service. Every day I get more used to the amp. I have some expensive amps (Matchless, Chieftain, 70th Marshall with custom mod from Larry Amps) -  but your amp sounds better – period!  Stephan U. (Germany).
HBX-AC15  Hi Jim, I am from far east, Macau. I am a happy owner of  FRENZEL "Sweet Little 15" for more than 5 years & I really like the way, a guitar technician came to fix my guitars yesterday, he said my HBX-AC15 sounds very nice & he wants to get one too. Matias L. (Macau) 

HBX-AC30 - Ok you did it again. My 3rd Frenzel- this time the Sweet Little 15/30 In a word "Stunning" The incredible clean clarity, overhead and flexibility has me stammering. I have been hunting for a few years for a mate to my vintage ES-335 and bought this one guessing/hoping it would be a match the way my other two FM-5E3 SD "Super Deluxe" amps match up to my Telecasters and I couldn't have been more right. Punchy, in your face presence, bell tone sustain,  same killer tube magic but a new voice in the stable. The 335 is out of retirement! Keep up the good work and thank you again. Leon T. (Oregon)  

HBX-AC15 - Hi there, Just received my order for an HBX-AC15. I just wanted to say how impressed I am! The build quality is incredible and the tone is off the charts! Just had a moment to plug in my Telecaster and WOW!!! Blew me away! Thank you so much for the dedication to supreme quality! Money well spent!!! Kind regards,  Gord H. (Canada)  

HBX-AC15 - Hi Jim, I can not say enough about the quality and sound of the Sweet Little 15 and the Retro deluxe that you recently made for me. Every time I plug these in and get such inspirational tones with ease, and the value provided, WOW, Thanks, Mike H. (Victoria, BC Canada)

HBX-AC15  - Hello, I just received my HBX-AC15 amp yesterday and I'm very happy with it! Brian P. (New York)



HBX-AC30 - Hi Jim & Team Frenzel - I HAVE TO SAY:  WATCH OUT VOX AC15 AND AC30 HAND-WIRED, THERE’S A NEW KID ON THE BLOCK NOW !!!   So a big thank you for this marvelous HBX-AC30 amp - like “Wwwoowwww” !!!!  A TONE MONSTER!  Genius to use that Hot Box in an amp - What a sound! and such a value!!!   Bell-like tones …i have to say I really like the bright and deep push-pulls you installed (a big thank you - wasn’t expecting them on this build!) - They seem to ’make the difference’ on my Rickenbacker 12-string tones - getting that chime and jangle in spades!  I’ve got the Boost channel set up to play live shows - and I’m getting what I need in that channel for Rickenbackers AND Les Pauls - really versatile!  And using the guitars’ knobs couldn’t be easier with this amp!  The NNFB push-pull is a game-changer for sure, love that wide-open sound, great to have the option - same with the SS/rectifier tube option…All of these switches/controls really allow for many, many tones in this amp, just gorgeous! It is everything I thought it would be and more!! My Rickenbacker 12s have been looking for these tones - and now they’re here!  Amazingly versatile for what I need to do live!  Chime, jangle, open, very musical…made for my Rics!!!!  And my Les Pauls are smiling too!!  First class all the way!  You guys are hitting ‘em outta the park!! Thanks all again for a  great amp - John Z. (Ohio)

JF-B45 SBB - Hello: I’m just emailing you again to tell you how much I love this amp.  I’ve had it a couple months now and I can’t stop playing. One week I think the Bassman side is the greatest tone in the world and the next the Bluesbreaker.  Currently I am running KT66’s in it and the tone is unbelievable.  I crank the mids and it is the bluesiest tone ever.  I put a treble boost in front of the bluesbreaker channel and I have instant “Slash” tone.  Amazing.  Thank you so much. Steve E. (Canada0

JF-B45 SBB -Jim - I love this Frenzel 50W Bass amp. Perfect tones for my Hammond and 147 Leslie and my Roland RD 300s!!! Soooo much tone over the solid state I use to use. Very warm and "meaty" sound!! I get many compliments on "that Sound"  Keyboard player.  I now can keep up with the guitars when I'm not miked! Love this amp!!! It's great clean or gritty!!  Thanks for a great products Jim!!!!  Bob T. (Massachusetts)

FM-800Z - Just wanted to say thanks for a excellent amp! I ordered this with the 1 watt amp option not expecting much from it but expecting everything from the preamp. I've owned quite a few low wattage amps have have never really liked any of them. The Frenzel's little amp option blew me away, absolutely haunting tone with all the controls set at 5 and the master cranked with the guitar's volume rolled down a bit. That was something I wasn't expecting! Ran the preamp through the loop input of a 6L6 based head that I've always thought sounded lifeless and it's like being a kid in a candy store, can't find a bad tone if I tried. Thanks again! Mark S. (Florida)

FM-5E3DP -  Hi again Jim, Just installed KT66's, works fine, best amp ever !!  Tomeu C. (Spain)  

FM-5E3DP - Just finished three days of tracking with my Frenzel Deluxe Plus in my home studio. Since drums are in the same room I used the adjustable line out through a direct box and was able to dial in some great tones. Fun and versitile amp! Thanks, Dietrich P.

FM-5E3DP  - Hi Jim, This amp sounds like the best guitar tones I've heard over the past 50+ years of listening to music. On my Nashville Tele and Jensen Alnico's...I just can't stop playing! So many songs, so little time. Very inspiring. Thank you for beautiful tube tone. Curtis Popke (Round Rock, TX)  

FM-5E3DP - Just finished three days of tracking with my Frenzel Deluxe Plus in my home studio. Since drums are in the same room I used the adjustable line out through a direct box and was able to dial in some great tones. Fun and versitile amp! Thanks, Dietrich Pfeifer 

FM-5E3DP/525 - Well I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing amp it is. All I wanted at first was a nice clean loud enough clean tube sound. I am really glad I got the high gain JCM800 upgrade. The 800 sound carried me for years so to have that along with the clean F side is beyond words. Now they are both at my finger tips. I love the construction. You guys are masters. Thank you again and again. Cheers, Ivan D. (California) 

FM-5E3DP525 "Deluxe Plexi 525" - Well if first impressions mean anything I’m impressed. This little thing sounds great. Nice tube tones from jazz to blues to rock. You can easily dial in the perfect breakup (I’m a Blues player) and you’re set. Step on a pedal and you get even more. I have an ABY box to toggle between channels or combine channels (highly recommended). I must also say these are a screamin’ deal that sound every bit as good as many $2000 amps I’ve owned and that’s no BS. Love all the features, Master Volume (excellent), wattage settings, edge control and line out. Most importantly…. The tube TONE is excellent!! Just a heck of an amp at a heck of a price!! Thanks Guys, Duke W. (Arizona) 

FM-5E3DP/525 -  Amp received! Beautifully packed and beautifully built! It sounds glorious! Thank you very much. This amp is awesome! - J. Stokes(Florida)

FM-5E3DP  - To Frenzel and Company: I just want to drop you a line regarding my Frenzel Deluxe Plus Amp received 3 days ago. It is every bit the amp I hoped for and more. All of the superlatives in other customers' reviews are true. I may never use my other amps again. Thank you for building a fantastic product. All the best to everyone at Frenzel! Thank you, Bob C. (Florida)

FM-5E3SD/100 - Hey Jim, Gotta say, this is one cool amp! I dig the tones I'm getting from it! I've recently had a few custom amps made that I just wasn't happy with, and then I went back to my trusty Frenzel DP3 that a bought several years ago and I just loved that sound!! My only problem was headroom, but tone was amazing! So I decided on the 100 watt version of the SD! I'll never have to worry about tone and/or headroom EVER!! I love what you do especially for folks like me on a budget. It's definitely great being part of the Frenzel family!!! Jarrett B. (Louisiana)

FM-5E3 DP - Hi Jim, been meaning to write a review but you know how it goes... I love the amp and its enormous versatility. So far I haven't gigged with it, but its the centrepiece of my practice setup. I've got a drum machine, a pedal board and the line out goes to a simple mixer. I can put any set of tubes into the Deluxe+ that I want and play any hour of the day or night. My wife and neighbours love you for making it!!  Cheers, Peter R. (Australia) 

FM-5E3DPR/6SL7 "Deluxe Plus Retro"  Dear Frenzel Team, THANK YOU! This amp sounds amazing. My Strat and Tele have never sounded better!! The Gretsch is almost dialed in as well. I can’t say enough about the tone of this amp. Even my wife walked into the music room 2 nights ago and said, “wow, that sounds awesome” Gretsch 5422TDC FSR + Frenzel F input + EXH Holy Grail Nano Reverb + MXR Carbon Copy Delay + THD 2x12 cabinet makes for an impressive Sleepwalk rendition. Again, thank you! Brian M. (California)

RB -100  Hi Jim, There were not a lot of reviews on the Retro Bassman 100 when I purchased it, so I wanted to share my experience. I have been using the Retro Bassman 100 for bass and guitar, and the tone has an incredible 3D quality.  As you might remember, while I was waiting for the RB-100, I ended up purchasing a Eden 1200 bass amp because of a gig I had to do. The Eden 1200 (Minnesota made version) is at the high end of performing bass amps. When it comes to comparing the two I find them to be equal in sound abilities, in their own ways.  The Retro Bassman 100 with the tube rectifier gives a rounded sound that is very articulate in how it represents effects.  The Eden (which has a 2 tube preamp) can't even come close to giving the same tonal quality, in any way shape or form.  On the other hand the Eden has a punch the Bassman can't come close to, even with the solid state rectifier. The Eden 1200 is an 800 watt amp in stereo mode and 1000 watts in mono mode at $2400.  The Retro Bassman 100 is a 100 watts at $1400 with all the bells and whistles.  Both amps push both my bass cabs at the same time (Bergantino HD112 and a Bag End 112) equally well.  The bottom line is that between these two amp there is no tone I can not get, where for the price, the point to point and no circuit board construction the Retro Bassman 100 has been a far superior purchase.  There are no words I can use which can describe the varied tones I get out of this amp.Then, there is using the Retro Bassman 100 as a guitar amp.  There is only one word that comes to mind, WOW.  All of the qualities which hold true for bass use go true guitar use. What I like most about it is that I get incredible feedback at any volume level.  Compared to Mesa Boogie, Fender and Orange guitar amps I have owned, the tonal qualities of the Retro Bassman 100 at lower volumes can't be beat, where the amp can still push really high volume levels.  It is like getting into a high performance car that drives really really fast on very curvy roads, compared to one that can only be driven fast in straight line.  I am using a number of different effect units including the Zoom B3 and G3 multi stomp effect units, Line 6 Pod XT live, Sans Amp Tri-AC , Digitech Valve FX, among other dedicated effect units.  They all sound incredible through the amp.  Next I am setting up my iPad with Radial Reamp, an Apogee One, and Jam Up Pro, Ampkit, and Bias apps to see how they perform with the amp in live use.  All of my guitars electronic systems are customized to the max.  All copper shielded, elaborate ground systems with grounds going from the input jack to everything (including hard soldered to the pickups), and quality pots, caps and wire.  I do this to allow the pickups to hear better.   A guitar or bass setup this way allows a quality amp abilities to really shine, and the Retro Bassman 100 really takes it to the next level.  I have used other boutique amps that can perform equally at the guitar level, but not at the bass and guitar level and definitely not at the price.  Very happy with your product. Rick K. (Sacramento Calif.)

SB-100 COMBO Hi Jim, I bought used a 2012 Frenzel Super Bassman 100 2x12 Combo the other day. I had few questions about the amp and I had immediate responses from Frenzel Tech Support, even on a Sunday. I like the amp a lot. I'm a boutique guy and have owned and currently own (Bad Cat, RedPlate) some high quality amps. And this Super Bassman was way cheaper. Yet there is something about the sound from the Bright channel and working the Presence that gave this beautiful top to clean sounds when I checked it out at a used music store. I think the Presence control and the Bright channel is what really makes this amp special. But I do love the cleans on it. This combo is a bit of a beast, but I couldn't resist it. I'll be playing a large venue in mid-December and will get a better sense of what it can do. Also the MV seems to work really well, too. And at 71 pounds, it weighs no more than a Vibro-King and less than a Fender Twin. Thanks, Mark Barna (Wisconsin)  

ST-800, Hi, It's been a year since I purchase my custom Frenzel Super Twin 800 and  I have to say that I'm in love with your Marshall channel. I like it a lot for playing break-up strat sounds.  Gerardo Regalini (Brazil) 

FM-5E3 DP - Hey Jim, Amp is here and really nice. I'll take a pic in the day time and send it to you. It looks great sitting on the walnut speaker cabinet. Thanks again...your service is second to none and I would happily recommend your business to anyone! Regards, Jason M (Australia)

FM-5F6MB - You guys did good!! - The Mini-Bassman arrived yesterday in excellent condition while I was at worship practice.  I built the cab for it over a month ago and was able to install the amp today and it sounds great!  This is my fourth Frenzel and never a disappointment with any of them. Many thanks, John W..(Indiana) 

FM-763  Dear Jim, How are you, family and employees doing now ? I have had the Super Vibe FM-763 for about 6 months now and have tried many tube combinations. During that time I have found many combinations all of which sound great in their own unique ways. This amps versatility is unmatched because of the very high quality components used. I am sure that you will not find this in any amplifier from a major manufacturer at any price. This amp delivers beautiful sounding overtones and harmonics, so much that I often let chords sustain and enjoy these absolutely beautiful sounds. 10 years ago I never imagined that my playing could sound this good. I mostly play with the M channel at about 7 and the F channel at 3. This gives it a very nice fat Marshall sound which I completely love and enjoy. This amp is an electronic work of art from the design stages until the final build. From this I conclude that this company absolutely loves what they do, true pros. For me the search for great tones is completed. I give my strongest recommendation to Jim Frenzel and Company as I truly believe you cannot do better anywhere else. Thank you Very Much and Good Luck To All At Frenzel Tube Amps. Donald K Bazille (Thailand) FM763SVR 

FM-763 - 1.5 years later.   Dear Jim, These days I am getting a lot of compliments on my guitar playing, but I think it is the absolutely beautiful tone that is getting the attention. I have tried a lot of different tubes in this amp and have settled on the following ; Preamp tubes are 1. Sylvania 12AX7 2. Sylvanis 12AV7 3, GE 5963. Trem and reverb tubes are 2 ea 12AX7 Shuguang and 1 Sylvania 12AT7. The rectifier tube is the original JJ 5AR4 and last of all 2 fantastic sounding NOS Tesla (not JJ) Mil Spec KT88s. I am not real sure how much my playing has improved, but this amp's tone cannot be beat.Thanks Again For Such A Superior Product!  Donald K Bazille (Thailand) 

FM-5F6MB - Jim and Team Frenzel, et al...Privileged to own three of your guitar amps. Started with a Deluxe Plus
Vibe...I picked up on ebay...using KT66's  du Tung Sol.  Best amp I've heard.  I've built amps, fixed amps and modded amps since the 60's.  Got pretty much THE amps. My vote is to award JIM the Western Electric Emeritus. I now have his Mini Bassman (which I dig in the Jim Marshall mode) and another Frenzel Deluxe Plus Vibe (which I dig in the F mode)...all with KT66's...Genalex and Tung Sol.  I play with a cord. A wood tele and two 12" Marshalls,  stacked.  Weber Alnico and Jensen Ceramic. JF, From one old radio guy to another...hey, good job.   yo ron  - Ron J. (Oklahoma)

FM-5F6MB  - Played my first gig with the 5F6MB last night, blues&rock - what an improvement over my last amp! Sent it thru a 112 Weber spkr, I use 2 pedals:  EH echo + overdrive. Using a single-coil guitar (strat), F input is the place - Using my Les Paul, it's a mix of F and M. The M circuit removes some of the bass frequencies that come with humbucker PU's + bassman circuit, reducing the 'boomy-factor.' Tone is still there, I like the balance by setting them half & half F&M - sounds great. - Regarding  tubes in V1 preamp position...12AU7/ECC82 delivers less clip at high gain/master settings, good for jazz or anything clean - 12AT7/ECC81 or 12AX7 delivers more clip, better for blues/rock. - Seems like the 12AT7 is just right for me, at this point.  Robert O. (Oregon) 

FM-5F6MB - Hey Frenzel Team - Purchased a FM-5F6MB Mini-Bassman about 4 months ago. Since then I've gigged indoors and outdoors - sounds great with my 1x12 cab, LesPaul, drive pedal and touch of delay. Clean on F-channel with bright-pull engaged was pure&smooth at the blues festival yesterday. An outdoor venue - set master at 3/4, gain at 10:00, bass down & presence up - exactly what I was looking for. Surprisingly loud, fit in the mix with full 'Fendr' tone + sparkle. My thanks to Jim and the Frenzel crew - this light-weight amp is affordable quality. Robert O. (Oregon)

FM-5F6MB  - Man, this thing is AMAZING!   Does everything I want it to, and then some.  The low end response is amazing.  Completely Satisfied, and looking forward to taking it out on gigs.  Amazing work, folks!   Amazing!  Best, Brad R. (California) 

FM-5F6MB - Dear Frenzel Amplification, I received the Mini Bassman Very well packed and built like a tank. After trying different combinations of tubes I found the three 12AX7 tubes, two 6L6GC power tubes and a 5U4 rectifier tube for a little more sag. The 5F6A Bassman input sounds excellent, the Marshall Plexi input sounds excellent also. When I use an AB switch to combine the inputs I discovered Tube Amp Nirvana, absolutely stellar tone to my ear. I added the Attenuator switch which comes in very handy. At the full 40 watts, this little amp is really loud. I am playing the amp through a close 2X12 enclosure with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 (16 ohm) speakers in Parallel. The amp sound great with Semi-Hollow guitars, Fender Strats, Gibson SG, Fender Telecasters. Single coils, humbuckers, P90s, Seymour Duncan rails. The amp responds very well to all types of pedals. If you are looking for a compact head, with a lot of versatility, look no further. Thanks Frenzel - Joe V.  (Ohio)

JF-5A3RD  Hi Jim, Got the amp JF-5A3RD  yesterday.  Your care in packing was as good as I have seen.I let the tubes warm up for about an hour and have played it for about an hour.  I am VERY impressed with the old school Jazz tones I am getting on my Mann 5 string electric mandolin. I will write a more complete review in a couple of weeks.  Let me say thank you for this wonderful piece of gear! Pete M.(Washington)

FM-5A3SD - Hi Jim, I just want to drop a note of thanks for the FM-5A3SD amp you built me. It sounds better than I hoped for! My Super Retro Deluxe (6SL7 preamp) is gigging regularly and is a joy! Thanks again, I couldn't be happier! Christian S. (Washington) 

FM-5E3SD - Hey guys, I just bought another FM-5E3SD Super Deluxe-this one off Ebay.(why would somebody get rid of one?) This makes 3 in my studio, 4 on stage as our other guitarist has one. The best tone machine on the planet - I know it is for me, and has made believers out of those in earshot. My original has been flawless on stage and studio since day one over 3 years ago. Thanks for making killer amps affordable. Leon Taylor (Oregon)   --- Hey guys just an update. 6 years of gigging stage and studio, this bullet -proof Super Deluxe is still flawless. The Frenzel does a few things no other amp I have ever played on could do #1. With pre-gain maxed, I can still play "clean" the most touch responsive pre-amp ever no pedals needed. #2. The sweet spot is found at every volume. I assume this is some kind of Voodoo. #3. The amp can be played at full volume ... the chance that is actually a thing are all but gone, but I have done it twice with my 1x12 40 watt KT88 driven combo. It only sounded like itself -only...more so. #4. The line out works well and sounds like the amp. Clean, quiet accurate reproduction of the great tone. Many a sound guy has started to mic my amp, I plug the line out into a direct box in it's place and "Perfect guitar tone" #5 Best Effects loop ever. I have owned amps that cost 5 times as much that didn't do ANY of these things. Thanks for a great amp.  Leon Taylor 12/28/2017

FM-5E3 SD - "Hi Jim, Love this amp - everyone who plays it is amazed at the touch and tone and all jaws drop at the price. Keep on building!" Russ R. (Texas)

SS-4772 - Thanks Jim, The amp sounds absolutely amazing, this is the best sound I ever had at home. Fantastic! Darek O. (California)  

SS-4772 - Dear Mr. Jim Frenzel, Your SS-4772 Super Stereo amplifier is nothing shy of epic. I am so thrilled, so happy, so blown away by your amplifier.  Thanks for integrating old school technology with new school systems compatibility.  This thing works great with my Apple iMac, my Samsung BluRay DVD, and my Samsung TV - and with no preamp required for these devices! It also works fantastic with my old school Technics 1200 Mk2 turntable.  My pristine 70's vintage Pioneer CS-99A speakers did a instant hand shake with this amp as if it was an old long lost friend. I am so pleased with  how this amp clearly transfers  digital iTunes music to a whole new world of old school analog tube sound.  Maybe it's the old school technology with a tiny bit of new mixed in to it... whatever the case my be, you have hit the nail on the head.  You have designed an old school analog tube amp that will transform the sound of digital recorded music to the way it should sound.  I'm amazed, I'm blown away, and I am so happy I chose your company to build my amp.  I received my amp last Friday. I have locked my doors, turned off my phones and email, and signed myself out from the outside world for a week while I process the prowess of this amp. A great super clean sounding tube amp at a price I could afford. Way to go!  Sincerely, John K. (Florida)

SS-4772 - Hi Jim, Thank you again for this wonderful amp. The best I ever had. I sit now and listen for hours, something I haven't done in decades..Darek O. (California)

FM-5E3 DP Jim, Just a note to say that the amp you built for me (deluxe plus) is perfect! I mostly play a Tele partscaster with Don Mare pickups. This seams to be the magic combination I have been searching for. The tone is great. It is small and light. It plays well with my pedals. I have installed it in a wood cabinet (photo attached). I did change a few tubes. I have a Phillips 5R4GY in the rectifier and RCA 6072 in the 1st position, amperex 12ax7 in #2 tone, and RCA 12ax7 in the #3 PI. The 6l6 are still the JJ. Anyway thanks for the great work! Alan B. (Texas) 

FM-5E3 DP - Finally arrived on Friday. Custom built, hand wired Frenzel Deluxe Plus. So far I think it is the best amp I've ever play through. I keep changing speaker combination and it still kick's Ass. 2x10,1X10,1X12,2X12 and any combination... The F preamp and the M preamp inputs are great. Manage them with an A/B switch Greg W. (New Jersey)

HBX-AC15 - Hi Jim, My Sweet 15 arrived today, safe and sound. I got it up and running and have played it for 45 minutes or so. My initial impression is wow, what an incredible range of tones this thing has. I haven't attached my pedal board to it yet. I was just playing it straight and dry with a strat and les paul.  Lots of exploring to be done here, but I can tell already that it has incredible clarity of tone. This amp is really going to cut through the band mix. -- (9months later) I have really been enjoying my HBX-AC15 over the past nine months. Thanks, William E. (Canada) 

HBX-AC15 - Frenzel Team - Thanks so much for the Sweet Little 15, the best tone I have heard. I have owed many, many amps. Jonathan C. (California) 

HBX-C15 - Howdy. the HBX-AC15 was delivered today. Yes, you guys did great. Thank you. I had to wait a little while to get it home, and it will take a little while longer still to try a couple of different cabinets and with various guitars. My first reactions are only positive. It's terrific, and I suspect I will continue to find great things about it. I really like the implementation of the controls and the way gain structure is set- not too much, not too little. The push-pull pots are a great and highly usable idea. Love it. Great work!  Thomas C. (California)

FM-5E3 DP -  Dear Jim, You wonderful amp has arrived and has enjoyed many good hours of testing--it passed with flying colors! Thank you for sharing your excellent work with me. I wanted to pass on a few pics of the cabinet I made for it.  I love the way it all turned out. Cheers, Ben W. (Florida) 

FM-5E3 DP  - Hi Jim, finally found the time to build a cab for the 5E3 DP, which I bought from You in 2010! I made a lightweight spruce-cab with the shape of the old Standel amps. In spite of the JBL-120 the weight is only around 17kg. Of course it sounds great! Helmut H. (Germany)

FM 5E1 - Hi Jim!  I love the old FM 5E1 that I've got! Cheers! Richard A. (Arizona) 

FM-5E1SS - Hi Jim, First gig in 2018. The line-out on the back of the Retro Frenzel Champ Super Sportster is amazing.The rig does wonders for my back. Who wants to carry around a Marshall stack? This one fits in the trunk of my car and the sound techs adore it!! Greetings from Holland guys. Colin W. (Holland)

FM-5E1BF" Dear Mr. Frenzel, My long time friend and brother in arms, Hein does have a couple of your amazing amps. For my birthday he presented me with a Champ by your hand. I'm absolutely over the moon with this little amp. Makes my Custom Shop Telecaster, by John Page, sound magical. Can't believe how loud 10 Watts could be. From the Netherlands I wish you a merry Christmas. First Lieutenant Colin W. - (Volkel AFB, the Netherlands)

STS-88  Thank you Jim , I really do love the tones this amp produces - the Edge boost is a very nice feature and I will find good use of that in my playing. This amp tunes  is very reminiscence of the Rivera Amp tones  I have loved and used over the years. I look forward to getting this baby out on the gig.  As a professional Guitarist since the age of 17, I have pushed thru all the commons in pursuit of the best tone for me. That is what lead me to building my own guitars and later launching my own guitar company over twenty-three years ago. I started playing a  Mesa Boogie in 1979 and had owned many combos and "Refrigerator Racks" of the  late 80's. Then moving back to combos with Rivera Amps in the late 90's and I was pretty happy. A few years ago I wanted to go stereo again( without the refrigerator).  I talked to all kinds of boutique amp designers every year at NAMM, then I found Frenzel Amps a few months ago. I talked to Jim about what he had in his line with the features I was looking for and there it was-  the STS-88. Several other amp designers had wanted three times as much to do what I was asking for!  My amp arrived a few days ago and I  put the amp thru it's paces. I found that the tone of the amp was rich and lush as I had come to expect from the Riveras'. One feature that I really dig is the "Edge" boost.  The STS-88 has great harmonics and a pallet of color that put a smile on my face! With the custom cabinets I designed this amp really sings.  I  run my effects through the front of the amp and use my  pedals to give me crunch and overdrive tones.  I find that  the STS-88 really responds well to them all. As a guitar designer this amp really shows off the tone of my instruments which complements what I do - and again, that puts a smile on my face! As it does to those who hear me play! Thanks Jim, you hit this one outta the park! Touch Singleton (California)

JF-B45 SBB - Hello Mr. Frenzel: Received the Super Bassman/Bluesbreaker a few hours ago.  Awesome packing job by the way.  I put the tubes in right away and let it warm up.  I have not stopped playing since.  Amazing sounds.  I can’t describe the tones I’m getting out of this.  Its putting my Marshall to shame.  And by the way a Marshall Class 5 Head is an awesome sounding amp.  But this does everything.  So many tones.  And tube options will make the tonal options infinite.  Thank you so much.  I need to get back to work but I can’t stop playing.  Thanks again. Steve E. (Ontario, Canada)

SS-4772 - Hi Jim, Hope you are well, many thanks for building this awesome amplifier for me, it arrived safe and sound thanks to the excellent packing. I had never heard one but took a chance due to the great reviews for your amps. on your website and elsewhere. I'm very glad I did too, the power, tone and clarity is just amazing and I can't believe how effortlessly it drives the Kef Chorales, they've never sounded so good even without new crossovers!  The Marantz CD63se sounds fantastic through the amp. I'm now thinking of buying a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC to further improve the cd analogue output for the amp., I think it deserves the best possible signal.Nice to see the 1% tolerance resistors that's real quality, they look like 2w carbon to me? Everything looks just as good inside as out, very neatly laid out, you are right to be proud of your products! Thanks again for building it for me, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. Pete C. (United Kingdom) 

HBX-AC15 - Just blown away! Proud owner of a AC15 HBX ! Tone,tone,tone!!! Many thanks to Jim and the whole family! I waited on purpose to see if this amp was gonna make it thru the "Honeymoon phase" before posting a comment.Safe to say its a keeper! The cleans are perfect, the dirt channel is old school and there seems to be quite a bit of tweaking for various shades in between. To be honest, I haven't felt this good about turning on a amp and plugging in my guitars in a long time. Keep doing the fantastic work you good people do!   Dan F.(New York)

FM-DP1 - Hi Jim got the preamp after the UPS man left it at the neighbors house, but my wife tracked it down. You  sure  know  your stuff.  It works great!  Adds headroom, great volume control, awesome tone. Just what you said. Dwight H. (Colorado) 

FM-DP1/6SL7 - Thanks Jim and crew. What a cool piece! Love it! Love the DP1! Exactly what I was hoping for. I have a collection of various vintage Peavey steel amps and guitar amps for different gigs. Church, barroom, big, small, need to have multiple rigs set up sometimes. The DP1 lets me get my favorite preamp tube tone with any of my 5 PVs. Just fantastic! Octal preamp 6sl7 goodness on any amp I need. I love tube on front end/solid state on back end. Steel guitar needs clean power or it gets nasty, the DP1 gives me that wonderful bouncing off the strings feeling that tubes give, and the PV does the rest and fills the room cleanly. Love how I can grease it up a bit by tweaking gain and master.  I use your Retro Deluxe to record with and for certain gigs. DP1 is gonna be my main live secret weapon now! Gonna keep Retro 5a3 for studio work. DP 1 is so easy to pack in my bag. What a great product and service you do. Super value. Love my sound! Tommy C.(Florida)

FM-DP1 - Hi Jim, I have received the FM-DP1 and am enjoying getting to know it. It’s remarkable how many options of warmth I have available to me now. I am using an Acoustic Image Clarus Series 4 (not sure if you are familiar with it) but the ¼”instrument in seems to be a very low impedance? Meanwhile, by happy accident - the xld channel is perfect, gives the sound(s) I love. I seem to use far less power and not have feedback issues etc. I now feel some relief that I had the happy accident of requesting an xlr out. I am very grateful to you for the quality work you have done here Jim.. Thank you for the quality preamp, David O. (New Jersey) 

FM-DP1/800 - Hello there... I know its been a long time since we had spoke via email. Just to let you guys know I love this FM-DP1 preamp. I'm have so much fun with this preamp...great product. When I expand system I will be using your product and also I do tell others about Frenzel amp. Erik C. (California) 

FM-DP1  - Jim & Crew, -  All I can say is WOW!! This preamp sounds awesome with my Pedulla 5 string bass. I'm using a Y cable combining F&M gain  and the tone is incredible! I have played most of the high end pre's out there (I'm an old guy too)and this pre smokes all of them, not to mention the build quality, absolutely top shelf. I never really thought I would find that sound I had in my mind,,now I have. Thanks to all of you and your outstanding artistry and craftsmanship! Almost forgot,,This thing is dead quiet,,UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Thanks again,  Jeff R. (Ohio)   

FM-DP1 "Deluxe Plexi 1" Preamp -  Finally got a chance to put it through some paces this weekend. Used on a P-style bass for a recording session. Sweet! Many thanks for the excellent product. Al S. (New Mexico)  

FM-DP1 - Hi Jim,  I've received the preamp and am very pleased. I'm sure I'll discover more as I experiment, but It does what I hoped it would in softening and refining the attack with a solid state amp. Still clear and articulate, but without the clinical starkness that often comes with solid state. The care with which you build your products comes across in everything including the shipping. Thanks, John H. (Toronto, Canada)

FM-DP1 - "Warm Smooth Bass Tone Found - Melted Chocolate Flowing Over A Warm Brownie" - Dear Frenzel, I purchased an FM-DP1 about 3 years ago, and have used it to sculpt my guitar tone with great success. However, one weakness that I always seemed to run into when I was recording tracks, was getting the bass to have that warm, round, and smooth “thickness” that seems so elusive. I tried all sorts of options without real true success. I would have to run the bass through amp simulators to even get close, but it was never quite right. I could not find that tone. I even bought another bass to see if that would help, and it didn’t. So I began to explore tube-based Direct-In boxes, but found them to be too expensive. I then began to explore a DIY option to build my own tube-based DI box, but that wasn’t easy either. This morning I was going about my business, and had the Tube DI on my mind, and suddenly I had an idea. “Wait a minute, my FM-DP1 is all tube, and it is a preamp, surely, I could run that Direct-In to my Focusrite interface.” So I did just that. I set up a ProTools session where I ran tests on the Focusrite’s DI, the FM-DP1 Fender voicings, and the FM-DP1 Marshall voicing. I did the tests with both of my bass guitars: A 2004 Ibanez Iceman with humbuckers, and a 2015 Fender Squire J-Bass. In about 3 seconds I heard the tone I had been longing for. There it was in its glory! I achieved that thick, warm, smooth and beautiful tone immediately when employing the Ibanez through the FM-DP1’s Fender voicing. Gain was minimal, but if I wanted dirt, it was easy. The Fender J-Bass gave incredible deep throbbing, but rich and smooth tones with more detail (like pick attack, etc.), but both sounded spot-on. It was like melted chocolate flowing over a warm brownie. The FM-DP1 isn’t really marketed this way (as a Direct-In), but believe me…it sounds majestic, AND it just saved me about $745 on a tube Direct-In box. Thanks Frenzel!!! (Ignacio Hernandez, Planets of Grace - Florida)

FM-DP1 Hi Jim,  I just wanted to let you know I love my dual pro preamp. Just what I was looking for.  I am using it with a Torpedo CAB cabinet/power amp/mic simulator and it's extremely hard to tell that combination from a cranked up old favorite but totally controllable. Great live  or in the studio. Thanks again.  Junior Wilson  (

FM-DP1/6SL7 Hi Jim & Co.- Wanted to let you know that I received my FM-DP1 preamp yesterday evening and I am extremely pleased with it! This is my second preamp from you, the first was an older white-faced model that I purchased a few years ago used. It has 12AX7’s in it (the new one that you made me uses 6SL7’S).  I use your preamps for playing bass through and I love them! They are wonderful for this! (although, not for everyone I’m sure!) I am a certified “gear whore” and have a lot of experience in my 60 years with all kinds of gear. I believe that your preamps (and maybe some all tube amps) have great potential to be marketed toward bass  Rick H. (Washington)


FM-5E3DP525 - Hi  Frenzel Tube Amps Team - Thanks for a wonderful amp! I had extremely high expectations, and your amp fulfilled all of them; it is a wonderful amp, best I ever played or heard...I've played electric guitar professionally since 1969...having owned & played ´60's Vox AC30's, Selmer, Ampeg, Gretsch, Fender Super & Deluxe & Princeton Reverbs, even a Gibson Les Paul GA40 (loved that one) plus dozens of good quality tube amps like Marshall, Peavey, Dean Markley, Boogie, Koch, Egnater, plus remakes of Fender Deluxe Reverb & Vibroverb & Champ...a very long list.This is the best amp I've ever played. Bjarne Roupe (Denmark)

FM-DP1 - Hey Jim, The brown truck dropped off the FM-DP1 this afternoon.  You guys sure know how to package; I think that box could've fallen off a ten-story building and the amp would've survived. Anyway, I connected it to my ART SLA2 power amp, and from there to one of my Avatar bass cabs.  Started listening for noise.  Well, there wasn't any, even with the gains up to the point where I would've instantly gone deaf if I'd even touched a string on my Precision. Looking for my tone, I started with how I normally set passive tone stacks for a slight mid cut and a slight bass boost, but after a few minutes I found myself getting nowhere.  Then I remembered, from the manual, "You will need to experiment."  So, I threw away all the mental notes I'd kept from my old Showman and Bassman days, and just started cranking things.  After a minute or so, I said to myself, "What if I try the deep switch, max out the bass, min the mid, and then max the treble to cut back some of the mid glare because that last piece has always worked with every passive stack I've used." KA-CHING!  Got it!  The sound was deep and full, but at the same time it wasn't rumbly down in the bass like one of my modern transistor rackmount preamps that also has a passive Fender-style tone stack.  And that wasn't the end of it: I started playing pretty loud along with a few MP3 songs I'm learning for my local Praise & Worship band.  All I can say is I've never heard my Precision sound so full in a mix, but at the same time so harmonically rich without being overbearing in that regard.  With almost all my other amps and preamps, I typically have to settle either for a heavy but relatively characterless sound, or for a sound that's loaded with irritating, harmonically-unpleasant content but that has no usable bottom.  By "usable," I mean in that crucial 50-100 Hz range. The trim in back came in handy for a particularly sensitive power amp I own.  This little preamp has tons of gain! Very, very impressed.  And at this price point, it's just crazy good.  Thank you so much for a great design and a great build!  Craig P. (New Hampshire)

FM-5E1 - Jim,  This amp is a little beauty, I was so lucky to find it....Rodrigo P. (Australia) 

FM-5E1SS - Hello everyone at Frenzel, - Several years ago you built me a FM-5E1SS with as many goodies as we could fit in the chassis. It's become the only amp I play anymore and it gets played nearly every day. The amp has a character all its own but encompasses a wide variety of familiar and unique tones depending on the tubes and settings. The F/M preamp section seems simple, but is clearly very well thought out. Each channel is easily recognizable when used alone and when used together (at matching level) provides a more even balanced tone. If you drop the level going into both inputs to match the overall volume from a single channel you clean up the preamp tube and push the tone stack tube harder. Thats just one example of the level of control over my sound that my bandmates just don't have available to them. I can't thank you enough for the countless hours of enjoyment this little amp has brought me and I expect will bring down the road. Jonathan D. (Alabama) 

FM-5E1SS - Hello Frenzel!!! I love my 5E1SS Super Sportster! It defines what a single ended amp will do for your tone. It is simply amazing and must be heard to be believed!  It is my opinion single ended amps like this 5E1SS simply have the best tone available anywhere at any price. It's the 2cd order harmonics. They RAWK!!! Leo Fender had a great idea with the tweed Champs & Princeton's. But Frenzel has taken what was designed as a practice amp and turned it into a professional machine!  A word of warning... this amp is so touch sensitive . . . when I first unpacked it and plugged it in I was not happy. No overdrive! I sent emails, couldn't figure it out. Until I realized my pickups on my Les Paul std were adjusted too low. By a mere 1/16" !! One and a half turns on the pickup adjustment screws and I had the gain, the Tone, all the overdrive I could want!! It was fabulous. It is so, so sensitive. That is what makes it great. Don't make my mistake. Make sure your pickup heights are adjusted properly.  Frankly the touch sensitivity this amp has is incredible. I go from screaming overdrive, pinch harmonics to nice clean sustain for days with just my pick and palm. I always hoped it could be like this, but know I KNOW it really IS like this. And it doesn't cost a fortune for one of these great amps.  Tubes!  I was able to get a Mullard NOS 1950's 12AT7 that had gains of 90 & 85 on the triodes for only $39 from TubeDepot. A 12AX7 would have cost $550 (with gains at 100) !!! and with all the magic tone those great tubes have. Check it out. Putting that tube in position 1 was truly amazing. The harmonics, the tone, the feel is incredible! They don't make 'em like that anymore!! It cost $3 bucks to test the gains. I knew I could get close to a 12AX7 with a good Mullard 12AT7 and not have to pay the extra $500. I am over the moon with the way this amp sounds with that tube in it. 

Now I've also got a Tung-Sol KT66 in the power tube position. I get great headroom, but anytime I want I just max the volumes and I get the absolute best power tube overdrive with that terrific 2cd order harmonic. It must be heard to be believed!! Those of you that haven't yet purchased a single ended amp, you are truly missing out. Get a 5E1SS Super Sportster. It takes pedals great. same in the effects loop. Switches from Triode to pentode power mode. I'm running a 5Y3 rectifier cause I like the sag. Could easily run a 5U4GB or a 5AR4 too. Even a solid state rectifier if I wanted too. One of the greatest features of this amp is the bias switch I have on the back so I can run just about any Octal power tube I want. 6V6, no prob. EL34, no prob, 5881, KT88, 6550, whatever. I like the KT66 best, although I do run the 6V6 in the house at night cause it's half the watts of the KT66. and much quieter! I can run them all. They all sound different. They all clip different. Oh man!!! Endless!!! These are great, great amps. I don't know why anyone would buy and play anything but a Frenzel. I have searched 40 years for this. Other than a tweed Princeton which really only came close and could not be taken to a gig, these Frenzel amps are THE solution. Get yourself a single ended Frenzel. You have not heard what an amp can truly do for you tone till you've heard single-ended amp power tube overdrive. It's like being a virgin!    Will K. (Oregon)

FM-5E3 SDR - Hi, I purchased a FM-5E3 SDR used on ebay. Amp is  really really awesome! Jason M.

HB-1  - Hi, I received the Hot Box HB1 preamp, but I'm not sure if I like it. Because I absolutely Love it . 

BTW I appreciate the status emails, its been very personal. Thank you, and Kudos.  Rick C. (Kansas)  

FM-DP1 - Frenzel Team - The FM-DP1 pre-amp arrived to day in great shape. WOW, I am blown away, I played it through a Roland 40 GX and a Fender Mustang III V2, pure tube sound!! Very well built, Thanks so much!!!    Joe VK  (Ohio)      

FM-DP1 - Gentlemen,  Much satisfied with your product! Gives my tone a whole new life. I like my tone to start clean and crisp, and build from there. The “M” channel has that crispness I like, and switching to the”F” channel gets me those rich overtones I love so much! Attached are some pics of the oak cabinet I made for it. Thanks very much!   Brian S. (California) 

FM-DP1 - Thank you fella's... tone just oozes out of it and running through my bassman is fantastic!! Maurio R. (Texas) 

FM-DP1 - Hi Jim, Super buying experience; fast build, great communication, and fast shipping. The amp was well packed and included a folder to protect the Manual’s Manual, and the personalized Certificate of Sale. Very nice touch! The FM-DP1 preamp makes my Tweed Princeton (5F2-A) sound HUGE. This preamp allows me to “dial in” the desired sound which was not possible before with just one tone knob. So-o-o much better now! Thank you, Mike D. (Maryland)

FM-DP1 - Do you remember Boris as Frankinstein's monster when a jolt of lighting wakes up Boris the monster...and old Dr. Frankenstein claims its alive!! Its alive!!!. Well my friend you have created the Boris..I miked a Bellari  MP105 into the Frenzel FM-DP1 thru a Peavey Delta Blues 2x10 Blue Marvels.  I patched the FX loop so it bypasses Peavey amp. This way it won't hurt the Peavey. The Frenzel FM-DP1 adds new dimension to my harmonica. It opens new avenues of sound. I have been honing my harp sound since 1971 and have for all these years to this day tried to make that harp sound like Miles Davis trumpet so you understand my dilema until today.  Thank you Frenzel Amps and Gus! Richard B. (Colorado)

JF-5A3RD - Hello Frenzel,  I am VERY pleased with the JF-5A3 RD "Retro Deluxe" Guitar Amp that I recently received!!!  AWESOME SOUND AND TONE!!  Chaz P. (Colorado) 

JF-5A3RD - Jim, Another big thanks... your amps are fabulous, and even more than my high absolutely loving both amps (twin rev., and custom retro), and they have been used on most of my gigs, and sessions... the smaller sized retro fits in my case/seat, and makes it easier for the packed van tours...cheers, and hats off to you Jim... Charlie H. (Canada)

FM-5E1SS - Hi Jim, Absolutely love my new Frenzel! I think I've been searching for this tone all my life. Since it arrived, I've sold my Mesa Boogie Mark III, and am listing my Mesa Tremoverb. If I was just a little less slothful, I would have written a review by now. (I'll get around to it before too much longer.) Thanks again for the wonderful amp, and also for doing all the custom stuff I requested. Best, Robert M. (Rhode Island)  

FM-800Z - Dear Sir\Madam,  I received the FM-800Z Preamp. Thank you very very much. Very happy to make a business with Frenzel. Best regards, Mr. Ng Chin Fung (Hong Kong) 

FM-800Z - Hi Jim,  Your Frenzel FM-800Z "Rocker 800" preamp is incredible with my Peavey Classic Series 50/50 and vintage Altec Lansing ceramic 12’s. By the way, your preamp is making my handmade guitars sound better than ever. Thank you for your excellent customer service, prompt updates, and incredible build quality! Sincerely, Tom Curneen (Washington)

FM-800Z - Mr. Frenzel & Sons & Co., - Got the FM-800Z   We've had it at our space for a few days.  I can't say how happy I am.  It sounds so great!  Everything about it is great.  It saturates so beautifully.  I had emailed you about my sides "collapsing" with all my effects (often in parallel) hitting the pre's I'd tried.  The 800z deals with it beautifully.  I hear compression now as opposed to distortion.  I can hit it hard with a delay and get it pumping but the reverb sliding through underneath sounds unscathed.   It's so rich sounding.  It really is exactly what I was looking for! Doug M. & Steve S. (Kansas)

FM-763 - Hey Jim, I am very happy with the amp - so far I've run a les paul and a tele through it, and it has nailed every sound I wanted it to. With the Master Volume and attenuator function, I am able to dial in any gain sound I want, and use the guitar's volume to control gain, which means I won't have to re-learn how to get 'my sound' every time I set up in a different sized room!  I can use one amp for any practice or gig I am likely to get.   Proud owner of FM-763!  Dave D. (Colorado)

FM-LJ5 - Dear Jim, The amp arrived fine. I am very happy! It is a great machine! I plugged into a Marshall 4 cone cabinet as amp (not as a preamp) and it is really great! Mostly I used the M chanell, but this is the sound I was looking for!...I don't need any pedal anymore!  Thanks and it has been a pleasure to make business with you! Roger M. (Hong Kong)  

FM-LJ10 - Greetings to Frenzel Amps!!I just wanted to send some feedback on my Little Jessie order.  After a short delay I was finally able to sit down with this amp and put it through some tests.  I also had a chance to perform with it last week and I am extremely happy with the Little Jessie!! After testing the amp out with a Gibson Les Paul and custom Telecaster, I can say this is one of the finest most toneful amps I've ever owned.  All options functioned perfectly, the pentode/triode switch and line outputs and custom preamp voices I requested give me a very wide range of tones out of a single device.  The treble & bass boost on the tone stack really add to this versatility.  The F input is warm and deep with a great overdrive, giving me some great jazz & blues tones.  The M input is outstanding - bright and punchy, with a more aggressive crunch, very much the tone of early 80's punk and metal.  I have tried this amp with all manner of pedals, and in every test I was able to get a huge range of excellent recognizable tones with very little noise and a stunning 3-dimensional presence.  The amp was everything that was promised and so much more, a real awesome addition to my studio that will be my main amp from now on - at least until I can buy a higher wattage Frenzel!! Thanks very much for all your work.  This amp is fantastic and I am very happy!!   Carlos G. (New Jersey)

FM-DP1 - Hey Jim, I got the FM-DP1 preamp you made and it sounds awesome!  What surprised me the most is it not only sounds great for guitar (lots of possible tones), but I was able to easily tweak great harp tones out of it as well, especially on the Marshall side.  Thank you. Charles C. (California) 

JF-5E1 - Hi Jim, Thank you for the awesome amp!  (Mark H. - Texas)

JF-5A3RD - Hey Jim, Pheeeew....just received my JF-5A3RD, amazing tone!  With just a little boost pedal to push those 6SL7 tubes over the top you get a really fuzzy, thick and unique overdrive unlike any other amps i've had.  Also has a great big round clean tone that i'm loving too.  From the way it was shipped to the build quality everything was AAA, was definitely worth the wait.  You can tell you guys take pride in what you do.  Mick B. (Illinois)

HBX-AC15 - Hi Jim, I just got back home from university yesterday and had my first chance to play the amp you built for me during the summer. It really does sound great, I couldn't be more pleased with the amp. I'm sure as I play it more I will fall even more in love with the sounds it is producing! Many thanks for your first class product and excellent customer service, I look forward to many happy years with this amp.God bless, Andrew H. (Scotland) 

HBX-AC15 - Hi Jim,  I had a chance to play one of your HBX - AC15  amps recently and I was very impressed.  I've always thought of the original VOX as sort of a one trick pony, but the HBX-AC15 amp just had a spectacular range.  The Negative Loop(NNFB) switch really proved to be much more useful (and less gimmicky) than I expected as well!  Dave D.

HBX-WC30 - Hi, I received my amp last week. It sounds amazing! I'm blown away! Thanks for the great work and service. Austin B. (Ontario, Canada)

FM-5E3SD - Hey Guys, - Just a note to say the amp wows em everywhere. Tone snobs, even the average listener comments on the great tone. Two sound engineers at live concerts said to me "perfect guitar tone"  I now own two other amps purchased from you after hearing the first one. I just finished building another cabinet/ stack for a friend of mine who bought one. One I bought for the wife is the Purple snake-skin with red Hollowbody- the other is Marshall Red Elephant Tolex. Leon T. (Oregon) 

FM- 5E3 DP Jim, howdy, I bought a Deluxe Plus from you a couples of yeas back and have never been more pleased with an amp. Bob S.

FM-5E3/DP3 - Hi Jim, Still using the Deluxe Plus and is still great! I’ve been very happy with how the amp performs in different venues. During the summer on outdoor stages (when the bass response seems to vanish) I can always get extra EQ from the amp to compensate without killing the tone. That’s comforting  Thanks again for outstanding products.  Jim P. (Indiana) 

JF-B45 SBB -   Jim - The Super Bassman Bluesbreaker is an amazing sounding amp, and a fantastic pedal platform.  And I know that there's much more I have yet to find in it.  Great design and build quality! Marti K. (Vancouver,BC) 

FM-5E1SS - Hi Guys, I've been living with my Frenzel "Champ Super Sportster" (FM5E1 SS) for some months now, and I just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent listening to me and helping me spec this amp.  I wanted a small, flexible amp for my home studio that offers a wide range of tones, and you absolutely nailed it!  I really couldn't be happier. Thanks again, Matt N. (Michigan)

FM-5E3DP-  Hey Jim, I am absolutely LOVING this amp. I get the most full, rich, beautiful sound for jazz and blues I've had at such a low volume level. The weakness of Fender amps is the lack of tone at low volume levels. You have solved that problem for me - THANK YOU. I am having a great time getting the tone I always wanted from Fender, but couldn't get at low volume. This baby takes my pedals really well - I can hardly make myself stop playing and go to bed!!! Last night I was playing "Stardust" and it was more fun than it has ever been. Inspiration just oozes from this amp and soaks me from head to toe. Bob K.,(California) 

SS-4772 - Love the amp Jim, great sounding piece of equipment. Nothing sounds better than a Stereo Tube Tape Echo into a Stereo Tube Amp! I have found tone heaven. Thanks again, Kevin M. (Nebraska)

FM-5E3DP - Jim (and to everyone on the team), Thank you for building my amp.  It arrived the other day and I got to put it through its paces over the weekend.  The amp looks and sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to playing through it in the church band.  I’m extremely happy with the amp and I wanted to let you all know that. I thought it impossible to get an amp that sounded like it does, with the features it has, let alone at a price that I could afford.  Yet, you came through and I was most pleased with your customer service (specifically the very quick responses to my emails).From start to finish, you honor Christ in the way you conduct your business. Thank you very much, Mark R. (Tennessee)

FM-5E3SD - Dear Jim and Company - A buddy of mine bought a second-hand FM-5E3SD from another player in our small Canadian town and we both agree that it is the best amp we've ever heard (I'm a young feller but he's been gigging professionally for decades and has owned virtually everything under the sun at one time or another). Finally, I've got to say that you guys are geniuses! I absolutely love the way that you nail the vintage tones of these amps, but build them to a modern standard that allows them to be tweaked almost infinitely Mmy friend was running 2 KT-88s in his and no matter how far to the right we turned the volume, the sound would not break up without a pedal. Truly astounding! The way that you run your business is also a breath of fresh air in these modern times. You don't brag because you don't have to; your work speaks for itself- and speaks loudly for that matter. You offer remarkable quality at prices that put any other manufacturer that I've ever seen to shame (on both fronts).Tone wizards and nice guys? What a combination?!? James M. (Canada)

FM-5F6MB - I received my Mini Bassman last week and I am thrilled with it!  It sounds wonderful with guitar and Rhodes through 2 JBL D120Fs.  Such a natural transition from clean to overdrive, rich, shimmery sparkly tone with great clarity, just what I've been dreaming of.  It sounds so pure with bass through a 15" cab.  Even with 6v6s in it I get a stout sound.  It's everything I hoped it would be and I can't wait to hear it in the mix on stage! Thanks, you guys did great work with this one. Kenny H. (California)

FM-5F6MB This is a fantastic little amp, really special and incredibly versatile, just wanted to let you know.  I think I'm going to build a bracket for it to mount to the fliptop, by the way.  Thanks so much!  Best, Kevin B. (New Jersey)

FM-5F6MB" - Just a little plug for Jim and the fine folks at Frenzel. My experience with them and the Frenzel Mini Bassman has been great. Out of the box it was a little too hot for pedal steel, but all I had to do was some tube swapping (a 12AT7 in V1, and a Weber Copper Top solid state rectifier) to make a great clean tube machine for pedal steel. It's got a lot of tone-tweaking features, 2 channels with different voicings, and with the way the tone stack works I can even shift the curve to put the mid scoop where it needs to be. I could not justify one of the high-end boutique amps, but this will keep me smiling for a long time. (Built the head cabinet myself, don't blame that on the Frenzel folks!  Tommy B. (Virginia)

FM-5E3DP3 - Jim, How sweet it is to have a product work so well for the first time that I just wondered why it took so long to discover Frenzel? This first run was coupled with a Tone Tubby Alnico and Celestion V30 which is very stout and reliable and  can’t wait to experiment with my favorite vintage drivers. I suppose that your company is sized just as you prefer and that is very respectable but what you are doing (IMO) is possibly the best kept secret in America. Thank you very much to you and your staff for an outstanding product that does everything you advertise at possibly ‘double’ the value if not more when compared to others in your class. James P. ( Indiana)

FM-5E3 - Greetings, I purchased one of your 5e3 Deluxe Plus amps a couple of months ago and I thought I would drop you a line and give you my impressions.  I currently have an original 64 deluxe reverb, an early Budda PTP Superdrive 30, a PTP Marshall 18 watt and various other amps to compare it to.  I must say that I am very impressed with the sound of this amp.  The F and M channel thing is a great idea and it works quite well.  The amp has a great clean sound on both channels with nice harmonic overtones and the natural distortion on the M channel sounds great.  It's not overly high gain but nice.  I usually run a Texas Two Step pedal up front for Blues and classic rock stuff. It's become my "go to" amp because it's simple, reliable, lightweight and it sounds great. I'll be looking to your amps in the future. Nice job! Dennis V.

FM-5E3 DP3 - I've gotta tell you Mr Frenzel - you know a thing or two about making guitar amplifiers. I'd never heard of you or your amps, and I've been on A&M and Polygram records and will be 57 years old in February. Two months ago, I bought one of your FM-5E3-DP3 Deluxe 25 watt chassis used on Ebay - totally on a whim.. I was so impressed I ordered the AC-15 you are currently fabricating within a week. You've real got a gift - thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Richard "Lefty" Coulson (Michigan). 

FM-5E3 SDR - Jim, just to let you know,  I am a 53 year old Blues Rocker that has played professionally for 35 years, I have owned, and still own Fenders Marshalls Mesas & Laneys, (just love the toys)  This is the most dynamic colourful amp I have ever used...  Brenton J. (Australia)

FM-763 Telecaster Guitar Forum Review - The Super Vibroverb is loosely based on a Fender Vibroverb, but with some added features. It is a 40w head, with a built in attenuator which can cut power to 1/2 or 1/4 settings, and has tube Tremolo and a tube driven accutronix reverb tank. I tested it out with a JD tele with Cavalier pickups and a Les Paul with '57 pickups. The cabinet I played through is GK 4x10 bass Cabinet with two Pyle driver bass speakers and two Eminence Ramrods.I am actually shocked by the versatility of this amp - in full power mode it has a ton of clean headroom and really picks up subtle adjustments to the pick attack, guitar volume and tone controls. It has two inputs, labeled 'F' and 'M,' each of which has a gain control, and a master volume that controls both. With the gain, master and attenuator, I can dial in the sound I want with the gain/master and then adjust the output depending on the size of the room, basically allowing you to choose your blend of preamp and poweramp breakup at any volume you like (well, maybe not ANY volume..) The tremolo has rate and depth controls, and seems to be able to hit fluttery surf stuff and choppy Link Wray style stuff easily. The reverb is very musical sounding, and seems very usable at all levels. I've played around with attenuators before, and used a few amps that had a pentode/triode function to reduce power, and all of them seemed to lack something tonally at lower settings. I won't say this one is perfect, but it is the best I've tried, and I think if I was using a lower power cabinet (my 4x10 can handle 300w) it may have been less noticeable. On the 'F' channel, it was not very noticeable, but the 'M' channel seemed to get a little more flat as I brought it from 40->20->10w output. I think this is because the M channel has a lot more Mids than the F (which is fairly scooped, as it should be). It was certainly not enough to prevent me from using the setting in either channel, in fact I think I might have been looking for something to gripe about so am not just bragging about how cool my new amp is. Because it is pretty damn cool - with a few knob twists I can go from saturated, compresssed pure overdrive to bright sparkling cleans. It wasn't exactly cheap to buy, but for a hand-wired amp with tube reverb and tremolo it is pretty reasonable. Jim Frenzel has been very responsive to my emails, and all in all I am VERY pleased with my buying experience. It did take about 2 months from when I ordered it until it arrived, but I knew that when I ordered it, so I can't complain about that!  Despres - Tele Meister 

HBX-AC15 - Hi Jim, I am getting up to speed with this amazing "little" amp of yours. First let me say that a friend of mine that has quite a bit of amp experience was amazed by the soldering and layout of the AC-15. Very clean and impeccable were the words he used. I saw it for myself when we took the back off. As to the tone, my friend, a jazz guitarist, spent almost an hour with me exploring the tones that this amp can produce. I bought the amp thinking AC-15/30  jingle jangle Beatle's type tones with single coils, but this amp can go well beyond that. With 5751's in the gain and driver locations, this amp can produce warm almost acoustic type tones with channel 1 and a 1985 standard Gibson 335 guitar. With channel 2 and low gain and master levels there was definitely Larry Carlton type tone happening. The compression of the sound/tone was well separated and quite pleasing.  Richard S. (Pennsylvania) 

FM- 5E3 SDP - Jim, this is an astonishing amplifier. Thanks so much for your great work. Please pass my kudos on to everyone involved WOW.This amplifier is, for lack of a better term, lush and responsive.WOW. Thanks, Gary H. (Louisiana)

FM-DP1 - Jim,- I wanted to say thanks. I tried my small fleet of guitars through the amp, and just played on for hours more than I'd intended on.  I saved my Les Paul Custom for last - and wow!  The 57' classic buckers just shone through the amp like I've never heard before. The best part was that I was finally able to play with the richest tube tone from your FMDP-1 preamp yet without even coming close to waking the wife and kids upstairs. Ralphie had his Red Ryder BB Gun. I have my Frenzel tube amp. (ha ha).Thanks again, Jim.  You are a gentleman and a scholar, and a pleasure to do business with. Matt P. (West Virginia)

HBX-AC15/Custom - I really have not heard an amp with as much chime and be as thick as it is. An absolute alchemy of parts and build. I've got 2 RCA 12Ax7s, 1 Sylvania 12AX7 and Mullard EL84s thru a Red Fang and a ToneTubby Paper cone that was reconed by Weber in a 2X12 pine cab. The wiring is absolute art. Beautiful clean construction. Just beautiful. Thanks Jim for making this amp with my transformer and making it so nice. I am most grateful Rob F. (North carolina)

 FM - 5E1 -  Hey Jim!  I got my Champ Plus today - plugged in my strat and put it all into the open electrovoice 12 L - cabinet - great!!! True and warm Sound! Without shaping the sound too much in any direction. After that my Fender Champ Silverface with a 10 inch Weber cabinet seemed to me a bit harsh and a lot thinner. For the beginning I used an EH EL34 as power tube. Today I was jamming around with it - changing tubes, speakers, guitars and guitar players too, driving it all up to full load. This is more than I expected! The best wishes to You amp-builders in Texas!!!  Bernd Z. (Germany)

 FM-5E1 BF -  Hi Jim,  I just wanted to drop you a thank you note and let you know the Champ Blackface that I ordered is incredible! It sounds amazing, I am thoroughly impressed and I have played many amps in my time. Well done!! Dave H. (California)

 FM-5E3 DP - Hi Jim, I ordered one of your 5E3 deluxe plus III amps over a year ago and I have to tell you that I love it!  It is a fantastic amp and it sounds amazing.  I use it almost daily for both practice and live use and it consistently provides great tone. It has been extremely reliable, not even one hickup - which I value highly.  I also really love the feature set. I use both F and M inputs constantly and love the versatility. The 3 band EQ is great too, I don't know how I'd go without it. I also use the line out function a ton! I run it into my other combo with fantastic results at low volume! I also run it into my computer interface where I apply some speaker cab simulations and get great recording results silently without needing a big studio.  Awesome!  I'm thrilled. Kley D.(Minnesota)
FM-5E3 SDP - Hi Jim - Holy yowza! Thank you and thank you again! It is unbelievable tone and craftsmanship. Looks great and sounds even better. The rich harmonics are amazing! And I can't believe the great tones it gets when you push it into overdrive. Simply stunning. You have earned a loyal fan and willing brand preacher and preach the love of Frenzel amps I will. Thank you again. Your newest admirer and fan, Mike D. (Texas)
FM-5E3 DP3 - Jim, I wanted to let you and yours know what a great amp I got. I ordered the FM-5E3 DP3 with KT-77 tubes. This is a great sounding amp. I have not found a "bad" setting on her! I am playing a PRS SE Semi-Hollow with soapbar pickups and this guitar and this amp sound like they were made for each other. I tried some pedals in front of the amp and WOW!!!! I use three pedals. My setup looks like this: Guitar - PlanetWaves tuner - Vintage MXR Distortion + - Carl martin Delay - amp. When I kick on that delay...whew...the tone is three dimensional. And when I punch the distortion pedal on, look out...this bad boy will growl! I am getting everything from serious Fender cleans to some real rock-n-roll distortion and everything in between. And when I pull the NNFB knob - watch out! I am rattling the light fixtures!!!!! What I am trying to say Jim is, I love this amp. Thank you for offering such an affordable and versatile amp! I look forward to using this amp in the worship of my God and Savior Jesus Christ...thanks again brother. Dane R. - (Maryland)
FM5E3 SDRC - Hi Jim,  I recently took delivery of one of your Super Deluxe Reverb combo amps and have been enjoying it very much.  What I have been doing is running different guitar and pre-amp effect combinations, looking for various sounds, etc.  I am doing some of that and getting really good results... I am very happy. Randy W. (Texas)

JF-5A3 - Dear Jim,  Safely, it reached home. Thank you. It is a wonderful jazz amplifier. It is a loved tone. Thank you. m(__)m! Kitagaki M. (Japan)

JF-5A3 - Jim, I have received my amp the Frenzel JF - 5A3 Retro Deluxe. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW what a spectacular amp, a true classic, thank you thank you thank you, I LOVE THIS AMP!  Bill S. (Indiana)
FM-5E3 - Hey Jim, I still love my Frenzel Deluxe Plus. I play it all the time. Keep on building cool stuff man, your amps are marvelous! Cheers.Dan (Washington)

HBX-AC15 - Hey Mr.Frenzel! I've really been enjoyiny my 2xAC-15s since their arrivial! I've been doing some "stereo solo" guitar recording.Miked "Raezer's Edge"speaker cabs and direct out each running into a seperate Collins 212-pre.The tracking signal routes into a old four chanel"Collins 12-Z"broadcast mixer modified into a four channel stereo recording mixer which busses to a Ampex 351-2-track stereo. Pretty simple but it's working fine.Your amps are great and very tonally modular.They track great and record with real nice clarity and defination.So thanks a lot for a great product. I truly believe your products and services reside at the level of best quality and value to be found within the audio-electronic tonal production industry.This is my opinion, but it comes with many years experience. Respectfully,Frank P. (N-Cincinnati)

FM-STPR100 - Jim, Received my amp a few weeks ago and have been dialing it in.  It sounds wonderful through my Marshall 1960 Lead cabinet.  The reverb is great, the cleans are beautiful, and the flexibility is amazing.  It loves pedals and it is super quiet.... I’ve been doing some research on running two heads at once and finally tried it with my FRENZEL JF-AB763 that I got off of eBay, and the new STPR. I run the JF clean with delay in the effects loop, and then run my STP/R with my pedals out front.  Both are going in stereo to my 1960 Lead and the sound is amazing.  It’s smooth and the sustain is fantastic.  Again, thanks for everything.  Take care and God Bless. Eric E.(Tennessee)
FM-STP100R and JF-763 (Stereo Setup) - Jim,  I hope all has been well with you.  Our band(Smokehouse Road) has just put out our first two singles, “I Get Up” and “What Am I Waiting For”.  Both were recorded with my Frenzel amps, and were used in stereo for the leads.  They sound great on the recording.  The only in-line effects used were an AC Booster and Delay.  You can listen to the songs at  Producer was Jeff Hale (Waylon Jennings drummer for 15 years) and engineered in Nashville by Jim Lightman. Best Regards, Eric J. Elrod

JF-5F8ST - Hi Jim,  As many of your other customers' reviews on your site, I would like to let you know how great I think your amp is, now that I've had it for a while... I'm using the amp for just about any situation from folk, country,  jazz, to harder driving stuff, and it takes crazy effects well too...I run both dry(only) and wet(only) signals out of my delay into both channels, and the tone is VERY rich... running through a 2x12 w/ a JBL D-120, and a EVM12L produces amazing clarity and precision to my ear - while either of the speakers in a 1x12 show off what the amp can do... I am very happy that I went through with the purchase after a few years of hesitation... everything written about the amp in the description on your website is what I received, and it sounds better than I imagined...Thank you very much, for the amp, and your fabulous service... I must have another soon...Charlie H. (CANADA)

FM-5E3 DP3 - Hi Jim, The amp has finally arrived. And I like it very much. I play it over an old 4x12 Fender box. And it has that sound I had hoped for. For my ears it had the broad tone of an old low twin (F-mode) and the Hendrix-sound I have been looking for so long (M). It does it far better than all Marshalls I owned and even better than the two Anniversary’s I still have – without killing my ears. The Fender-channel is really smooth, may be a bit smoother than some of the vintage stuff I had the chance to play on. What I learned instantly: Less gain – more tone. In combination with a tube reverb (I use a Replex by Hughes & Kettner) and a tube distortion for more “speed” (Hot British by Radial) I have all I need. John R. (Germany)

FM-DP1 - Hello Jim, Received the preamp yesterday. Been trying it out today. Wonderful tone and made to last. Sounded great through my super reverb clone and very good through my 30 watt solid state. The preamp was packed extremely well, Thanks again Jim God Bless. Doug F.(New York)

FM-5E3 DP3 -  Dear Jim - I've finally had a real opportunity to test my Frenzel (deluxe plus III) as my cabinet loaded with a Jensen P12q arrived the other day. Up until then I had only tried the amp using software speaker simulations and that already sounded great to me. However, now with a real speaker cabinet I have to say that this amp is the best thing I have ever played through. I am not one of those guys that have 30-50 years of experience and have played with every gear available, but I have played guitar for over 20 years (and still suck) and tried several amps (incl. fender hotrod deluxe, fender deluxe reissue, fender vibrolux, peavey classic 30, fender super reverb ect ect), none of the original 60s models, but still, this amp beats everything I have ever heard up to this date. Every tone rings out and rings loooong, it is a pleasure just to play chords as arpeggios, tone by tone and let them ring. It sounds so warm, soft and mellow, yet so clear  (you hear every tone played) without being unfocused and muddy. I actually got the inspiration to write this email one hour ago when I demonstrated the amp to some firends, but I was just to moved by the sounds to be able to write anything. I love both inputs (F and M), this amp delievers a wide variety of tones and all of them are just excellent! I just couldn't be happier. It is a bit of a risk to buy something over the net without having the possibilty to test things first, but this is the best buy I have ever done in my 37 year old life! I have never heard a guitar sound this "high end" and passionate before. Every tone is so alive. I play with a rather cheap guitar too (DeArmond M75T), but the USA made deArmond pickups are fine to me,they have a nice jazzy/bluesy sound, warm and round. I guess I just want to thank you all, especially you Jim for not only providing me with this amp, but also for great great service and patience for all my questions. Thank you, Anders H. ( Switzerland)
FM-5E3 DP3 - Hi Jim, I wanted you to know that I get goosebumps everytime I power up this amp and inspiration when I play through it. In a word: PERFECT!  I'm running a SiB VariDrive (with a 12AY7... so it never get fuzzy) in front of an  ABY box... giving me NINE channels of gain and every tone from loud-and-proud-clean to Santana saturated sustain. Oh my.  But it's the the sweetness of the tone that kills. Oh yes. My Strat never sounded better ... or quieter.  Great job! I couldn't be happier!  Steve R.(Virgin Islands)
FM-5E3SDR - I recently purchased one of your Deluxe Plus amps.  I love it. We had a show in San Antonio on Thursday night, and in the rush of getting off work a little late and the drummer not showing up on time for the ride, my pedal board was left out of the pack.  THANK GOD I had the spanking new Frenzel to play through.  I always carry an extra tuner, so I plugged into it and straight into the amp.  No compressor, overdrive, etc. Just my Tele and the amp.  One of the best shows I've ever played, and made me feel ten feet tall, playing w/o pedals to cheat with.  Thank you Mr. Frenzel for such a killer amplifier.  I don't know what I would do without it now.  I hope to be getting another amplifier from you in the near future. Brett K. (Texas) 

FM-5E1BF - Amp received. Mellow amp. A very mellow amp. With loads of headroom (considering its only 10 watts). I am impressed. Very impressed. In fact, it's amazing. John M. (California)

 FM-5E1  - Jim, you are by far the nicest, most patient and responsive person I've ever done business with on the internet.  You sell high quality products at very fair prices.  Many business people fail to understand how to treat a customer with dignity and respect, but it seems to come naturally to you.  I will continue to tell everyone who is interested, about Frenzel Amps with the confidence that you will treat them well. Sincere Thanks, Lance M. (California)

FM-5E3 - Hi Jim, I have to tell you that this has become my main amp even though I kind of bought it as a backup.  The Frenzel has become the go to amp for just about everything in the studio, guitar, organs, pianos, mandolins.  It is a very versatile amp, from crisp and clean to crunchy, round and full of rich harmonics.  Thanks for making a great amp. Kenny P. ( Ontario , Canada)

FM-DP1 - Wow! What a fantastic guitar preamp. I am incredibly happy with my purchase and will recommend your products to my musician buddies. Just super! Thanks, Steve L. (Wisconsin)

FM-5E3-DP3 - Hey, my cab arrived so I was finally able to hear the amp properly.  Sounds so good. I'm really impressed. I have it hooked up to a Saxon cabs 12" open back with a Cannabis Rex in there. This is precisely the amp I've wanted for a long time.thanks alot! Jason K. (Quebec)

HBX-AC15 - Thank you Jim for building a wonderful sounding amplfier, you are a sound-craftsman and I am truly enjoying playing the heck out of it!Tony P. (California)

FM-5E3SDR - Jim,I got the amp yesterday and man is it awesome! I've never heard tones like that coming from my guitar much less, me! Thanks a million for making such a great product. Les S. (Texas)

FM-DP1 - Jim, Hi, I finally got some time in to play with the FM-DP1 you recently sent me. I love it! Chris C.(California)

HB-1 - "I will never be able to play without this preamp in my life, its the best thing that had happened to me since I played guitar for the first time, nothing comes close to the quality of what you have built... it sounds like heaven. Nothing else to say. Thank you Jim, you are building a legacy."  Cesar L. (Guatemala)
HB-1 - "the unit works beautifully and sounds terrific. I only started playing with the different settings - and then played with it splitting the signal between the Blues Junior amp with the HB1 and the piezo output to a Crate acoustic amp. Amazing to have the warm overtones accompanied by the clean acoustic sounds.Thank you very much!" Scott B. (Maryland)

HBX-AC15 -   Hi Jim,  last year you built a Sweet Little 15 amp for me.  I love it.  It sounds great, and is quite versatile.  I'm pairing it with an ear candy sovereign cab loaded with a tone tubby alnico 12".  Ps...just got out of rehearsal with my arena-hair metal cover band. The amp was sounding phenominal. Had the presence knob pulled out for NNFB, which allows the amp, in my opinion to get closer to a Marshall SS rect sound. The Sweet Little 15, thru one 12" tubby sounded like a full stack. No problems hanging with a SVT...and its tone was full and blooming. It never ceases to amaze me.  Many thanks, Tony D.  from New York 
FM-DP1 - Hi JIM, I received the Preamp and first test are concluant; definitely pleased!!!Thanks again! Gilles M. (New Zealand)

HB-1  - Hi Jim, Your HB-1 preamp is awesome! It can be sweet and clean or warm with gobs of gain! Thanks so much Frenzel family. Doug 
FM - DP1 - I received my amp Friday. It's fabulous. Quiet as a mouse and full of great tones. Be assured I am pleased with the amp you built for 
me. We will put it through its paces when the season begins in May. Thanks Donald L. - New York

FM - 5E3 - Jim the amp is fantastic. How other people charge 3 times as much for an amp that doesn't sound better than yours is beyond me. Thanks for sharing your talents with a humble guitar player. I will order the tube receiver from you in December if you still want to build one. Thanks again Jim and your amps are 2nd to none I've ever heard.  Thanks. Rob F. - North Carolina

FM-5E3 - Jim and all the folks at Frenzel Tube Amps: This really is AWESOME! This sounds like the original Deluxe amp I played back in high school in the 70's. Super smooth, great headroom, perfect tone balance all the way up and down the neck, and incredibly easy to get great tone from in just a minute or two of fiddling around......and plugged straight into the amp! This thing sounds so good it's making all my boutique modded pedals sound bad! So I took them out of the chain completely! Now I have truly touch sensitive picking, and I can control the volume and grit just by the way I pick and the way I turn the volume knob! The natural compression is just beautiful, and the responsive feel of the strings turns the guitar into a real art form! I'm tempted to sell my Mesa to raise money for another one of your amps, like the Hot Box Wild Cat 30! Thank You for sending the EL34's, too! AWESOME AMP! AWESOME SOUND! EXCELLENT SERVICE! ABSOLUTELY A GREAT BARGAIN AND WORTH THE WAIT! ABSOLUTELY WORTH SAVING FOR ANOTHER ONE! THANK YOU TONS! 

HBX-AC15 - Jim, Wow! No wonder you are swamped.  Jim. I own some of the best amps in the world, and have been playing for 44 years.  I just got thru running your amp thru its spectrum of tones.  It was worth the wait!  I discovered a few years ago that it doesn't matter whose name is on the instrument, but rather what kind of person built it, and how much of themselves they were willing to put into it.  Obviously you love what you are doing, and you have put your heart and soul into the design of this amp.  I hope you dont get too busy cause I'm already looking forward to trying some of your other amps.  It's hard to put a price tag on an instrument with a soul, but you have the best bang for buck out there in my opinion.  Carry on brother, David R.- New Mexico


FM-5E1SS -  Hi Jim, I'm loving this little jewel more and more as I live with it. I'm having the best results with a Barber L.T.D. (clean boost/OD) > Launch pad (clean boost/buffer)> both inputs of 5E1 blended, set as low as possible, master high (2:00-3:00 o'clock)>2X12 closed back.  Jim, I've never been so satisfied with an amp purchase in 30+ years of a seemingly constant circulation of amps. I'm sniffin' on that Deluxe plus too. Thanks a big bunch, Mark Peterson 

FM-5E1SS - Jim,  I just bought one of your 5E1 "SS" Champs off of a friend, and I'm loving it. Perfect on one tube at home, and plenty of power on three at the studio. Can't wait to start tracking with it. thanks, Zac (guitarist for Dengue Fever)

FM-DP1  -Jim, What can I say thank you so much, this is the sound I have been searching for....I  am guessing you sent me more than I paid for with the cage and handles....that is truly a gift thanks from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you. I will be using this on Saturday it's in a Theater venue I will get photos/audio and video of your work in action..and send them with a testemony ..I believe that my network of "Jerry Garcia" style guitarist that I know will be facinated to know about your workmanship and I will direct them to your ebay listing and web page......cant wait to buy the back-up this summer, PS. I bought this for the F channel  and I found that the M channel is the perfect 70's Garcia tone now I have to get an AB switch....gear gear gear it's good for the ear. Dave Hebert

HBX-AC15 - To all at Frenzel Tube Amps. I just received my HBX-AC15 and it sounds beautiful. Thank you for your hard work! I can't believe it. Thanks, Jay W.

FM-5E3 -  Jim, I bought my FM-5E3 from you about a year and a half ago and it is the best amp I have ever had, and I have had some classics and some newer so-called boutiques. I hope you realize you make the best amps....period! It kills me that I was monkeying around with high-priced attenuators, only to realize that your line out jack is post-power tubes.  Now I can run the Frenzel amp full speed ahead into my cab direct for total power tube saturation at low volumes, or can run the output jack into my crate powerblock at reasonable volumes and still get that great overdrive and crunch.  I think you need to really stress that feature, as I totally overlooked it.  People are spending upwards of $500 for attenuators just to get the high-power sound at low volumes, and this is already a built in feature on your amps!  Greg Gibson

FM-5E3 - This amp is just wonderful!  It sounds great with my '52 reissue Tele, and it's a LOUD 25 watts. Cleans up nicely with the guitar volume.  So many different great tones can be coaxed out of it, depending on the settings.  It's definitely the most versatile amp I've ever owned.  *Very* touch sensitive and lots of sweet, classic tones in there, and that's just with the 6L6s.  Beautiful cleans, and it can scream without any pedals (except the A/B/Y I made to use with it).  In cathode bias mode, single notes break up sooooo creamy and smooth.  The bias point seems just perfect, nice gradual onset of distortion in both fixed and cathode mode. I don't know how you do it.  It's exactly what I'd hoped for.  Great job, great design. Can't wait till I can buy one of your other models from you!  I will recommend you and your amps to anyone who'll listen! A happy customer, Rex B.

FM- 5E3 - I use the FM5E3 with both my work for Richie Havens and for my own group Swamp Cabbage. With Richie I play a 1953 ES-175 with a single original P-90. The accurate clarity of the Frenzel perfectly offsets the inherit potential muddiness of a rhythm position P-90 allowing the guitar to tastefully find a unique place in the mix of Richie's acoustic presentation. The guitar's naturally rich lows are maintained while the boom is gone. The low notes are gloriously clear much like the electric guitar's role in old Motown mixes. I find myself only using the M option because it provides the extra needed highs but the F option is wonderful for twangy natured guitars.  My favorite speaker complement is on Celestion Vintage 30 12". My road survival strategy is to plug the Frenzel into house provided backline amps which are usually Fender 65 Deluxe re-issues. With Swamp Cabbage I use old Guild Starfires and M-75's and crank the Frenzel to the zone of nasty yet articulate trailer trash." "Swamp Cabbage"

 FM-5E3SDP -  "this is just to let you know that I am very happy and satisfied with your amp: it sound exactly the way a good old tube amp is supposed to. Way better than all the reissue around. " Alberto Z. Novara, Italy

FM-5E3 - This note regards my FM 5E3 Deluxe Plus which I received just about one month ago. First... WOW!!! I thought that this amp sounded GREAT when it first arrived, but I was mistaken. In fact, my acquaintances (i.e. employees) at Guitar Center (about as jaded and "brand conscious" a group as you're ever likely to find), who had asked me to bring the amp around for them to see and hear before I even received it (I had described it to them after I had ordered it) were absolutely FLOORED!As I said, I thought this thing sounded GREAT when it first arrived, but we're now about one month down the road, and it CONTINUES TO IMPROVE as things get more and more "broken in". I am more pleased with my "new" tone every day!!I just can't say enough, and I tell EVERYONE who is willing to listen to me gloat. ;-) Thanks again for a wonderful product and an exceptional buying / support experience! Jeff F.

FM-25TPR - Words cannot describe what his amp sounds like! It has exceeded everyone of my expectations. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions so I was able to get what I wanted, and the way I wanted it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, Oh and did I say it sounds amazing? Thanks Again, Larry A.

BluTone 50 -"First amp I have used in years that gives me incredible tone and sustain with power to spare. 50 watts that feels like 100. Looks cool too..... "    Harvey {Snake} Mandel

 BluTone 50 “…All I can say Jim is thank you x 1,000,000! The reason why I started playing guitar was for this sound. It is a true work of genius and I feel very proud to be the owner of such an amazing amp…”   Andy Joskowski - Bracing ed - Leeds, England

 BluTone 50 - “The BluTone 50, is simply put, pure tone in it's rawest form! A real and true expression of what I play! I'll never use any other amp!. I guess my favorite piece of gear is my Frenzel Amp.It's serial #0005LDI. Specially made for me from Trevor Frenzel . Fortunately, I can change the tubes for different sounds. 6L6's for a thinner but beefy top and 6550's for an awesome full low end ZZ Top sound. Of course, all of that is pushed through a 2x12 Tone Tubby loaded Frenzel cabinet.   Larry Ireland - The SUNKATS - Irving, TX

 FM-5E3 - "I own a Sound City 50+ which is an amazing amplifier, its just to loud. I have played a Carr Rambler, VHT Pitbull, and Bruno Underground 30, and planned on buying the Sewell Texiplex 25. I am proud to be playing the Frenzel FM - 5E3 Deluxe Plus. it is exactly the tone I have been looking for. After 36 years of playing guitar, I am not trying to sound like anyone other than myself. Its been a long journey, but Frenzel put me exactly where I want to be. Thanks. "  Buddy   - Fort Worth, Texas

FM-5E1 - "The FM - 5E1 Champ Plus  arrived yesterday and I must say that I am a very happy man; the amp sounds superb. Over the past 10 years I have only used vintage and/or hand made tube amps and yours is as good if not better than any of them. The pick attack is incredible and it produces wonderful overtones; I make and play my own custom built electrics using the Novax fan fretted system, the guitars have accurate intonation and string balance and produce chiming type sounds when using chords; your amp complements my guitars perfectly. " George B.  -  Queensland, Australia -

FM - 5E3 - Jim, I received my FM-5E3 today- what a great amp.  Awesome cleans, and a very organic distortion, not to mention how well it's built.  The only downside is that I was planning on building a Marshall style cabinet for it, but I don't think I can bring myself to cover up such a beautiful chassis!  So, I'm back to square one on the cabinet design.  Anyhow, it was well worth the wait and I'm sure you'll be getting orders from me in the future. Oh, and by the way, in this world of Super Wal-Marts and mass produced garbage, it's awesome to come across a grassroots, family style business like Frenzel.  Seriously, the music industry needs more business like yours. Regards, Eric M. Berwyn, PA

FM-5E3SD - Jim:  Great packing job, not a wrinkle on the inner box, even UPS couldn't hurt this one! The amp does sound beautiful : Far more clean headroom than I anticipated, far less "dark" than tweed amps I've heard, great range of tones with amazing bass response(both tonally and power-wise), and beautiful harmonics/overtones in the NNFB mode. With an overdrive pedal(TS-808 type), yes, it does get great classic to heavy rock sounds. Very satisfied! Andrew V.

JF-5E1 - Hi Jim, now the amp is here and I'm verry happy with it ! It's a beautiful little case so to say, I  really like its small size and its great sound. Best regards to Texas. Marco P.  Karlsruhe, Germany

HBX-WC30 - I got my new WC30 a few days ago.  Just wanted to let you know that everytime I turn this amp on, I am surprised.  Depending on the pre/master setting, on the CLEAN inputs, I can go from bell-like clarity to a thick crunch overdrive with tons of attack and sustain.  The variety of sounds from the CLEAN  input alone is worth the price.  I am literally blown away by the BOOST inputs.  I can't believe the sustain and raw power of this channel.  With the pre and master set to less than 1/3 of the knobs travel, the amp starts breathing fire.  Most amps loose attack when the preamp volume is increased to higher distortion levels but this amp has the attack of a sledge hammer at all levels with amazing tone and sustain. I own many amps and have played most of the "big name" amps; I have not heard an amp yet that can stand toe to toe with the amp, at any price. I love this amp, thanks. Jimmy W.

 HBX-WC30 Received amp head in March 2007. Killer. The best. Get this one. 30 watts of sheer tone. Two channels that can do any style of music. I hooked up an ABY footswitch to it to go between channels or to use both. It screams in any language. I will be dumping some of my other amps because this is the one. It also works perfectly with my powered reverb unit (and other effects) in the effects loop circuit. This is the model with the two EL34's in it. Can't say enough about his amp. You have to get one and try it yourself. Gary J.

FM-5E3  - Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am enjoying my FRENZEL FM - 5E3 "Deluxe Plus". I have had this love affair with my old Fender Princeton since the early 70's, but there's a new girl in town. The FM - fm5E3 is so flexible. I have been using it for recording and am able to get such a variety of tones. I used to use a lot of pedals to get the drive tones that I wanted but now just stick a clean boost (Klon) in front and wail. The effects loop is also great. Never really used one until now. I placed a tube tape echo and a Fender tube reverb in the loop and am loving the clarity. Great piece of equipment. I'm spreading the word. Mark W.
JF-6G2 -- Hey Jim… I got the amp Thursday and it was in perfect condition. Looks great and sounds even better I will use it out this Tuesday. Thanks again Phil B.
FM-5E1BF - I got the amp yesterday. I don’t have my cabinet done yet so I ran it trough the speaker in my Music Man amp. It was all I hoped for, I am really glad I got the 6v6 option, there is nothing like pushing a power tube, the dynamics with this amp are awesome. I then decided to hook it up as a pre-amp to my Music Man 112 RD 50 (IMHO one of the tastiest clean amps around), and was thrust into blues heaven. This rig is now my “Pride and Joy”. Thanks much, Tom S.

FM-5E1SS - I'm running some tremolo and reverb through the amp to a 1x12 cabinet with my Gibson Les Paul Special, and all I can say is... SWEET! Brings out the true tone of my guitar, which is what an amp should do. Great build quality, great deal! Keep up the good work! Geoffrey W. 


SB-100CHello!  I'd like to say, I Love This Amp!! It is total tone monster,in a very manageable package, compared to the many other tube bass amps in my arsenal... and I have several that I call upon for various situations, Ampeg SVT's,Plush,Fender 100 Bassman's.... but this Frenzel SB100C has become my favorite!! Excellent Job Guys! Excellent build on this amp, and Thank You Very Much! - Bill C. (Pennsylvania) 

STP800 - Really excited about my new amp! Can't find a bad tone yet! Thanks, guys! John M. (Texas)


FM-5E3-DP525C - i wanted a big tube sound at low volume. I have a collection of amps that sound great, but at volumes where I was receiving noise complaints from the airport. My Mesa in the 5 watt mode the gain turned-up hisses like an angry python and sounded sterile/solid state, while the higher gain voices sounded pedal-like / diode clipped. The first thing I noticed about the Frenzel Deluxe Plus 525C is the quiet. I thought the amp was on stand-by when I had the guitar volume all the way down. Using the bright switch in AB mode with the negative feed-back loop on, I was able to get clean blackface sounds. When the high gain switch was engaged it sounded like my ’65 Super with the volume set to 7-8; one of my favorite sounds. I was able to dial-in fantastic tube sounds at low volume. In cathode mode, with the negative feed-back loop disengaged, the tweed-type sounds emerged. The growl/snarl was there when pushed hard. So-called Plexi-sounds are diverse, whereas many Marshall amps are called “Plexi”. The Marshall channel produced glass-like overdrive, lots of mid-range to cut through the mix. Other observations: A tele sounds like a tele, a strat like a strat and a Les Paul like a Les Paul. The overdrive sounds were warm and organic, not fuzzy. The amp defies physics where I can get dynamics by pick attack, control the over drive with the guitar volume while producing incredible sustain. Sustain is generally associated with compression. The harmonics are there at low volume also. Easy to swap 6L6 to EL34. No need for pedals, except for a little reverb to round-off the edges. Using an A-B Y switch, the amp has three channels; F, M and both. The negative feed-back loop doubles the voicings to 6 without touching the knobs. This will be the last amp I’ll ever need. Tim Hoefer (Florida)

SPX-72  - Hi Jim! :) I finally got to set up the preamp over the weekend and WOW is it excellent!  The look/feel of the jacks, casing, controls, everything.  The sound is first-rate; nice authoritative lows AND sweet highs.  I was making an unboxing/texting video as I unpacked and am going to post it soon...I am so happy I made the plunge for this preamp.  First-rate! Kabir B. (Ohio)

 FM-DP1 PREAMP CUSTOMER REVIEW - I recently purchased a FMDP-1 preamp to use on my Jerry Garcia speaker rig, I’m constantly chasing his guitar tone and I can honestly say I got much closer with this preamp rigged to the setup, thanks a ton for the warm clean tones and the classy vintage look. Forever Grateful.  Daniel Douville (California) 

FM-5E3DP  -  I just purchased a Frenzel FM 5E3, Serial 07027. I’ve been plugged into it all day ... Just amazing! Looked at the inside too ... impeccable work/wiring! Thanks! Michael Laky (    


FM-5A3RDP - I love my frenzel amp and cab.  I'm sure this will be my main amp the rest of my life. Thanks, Bill K. (Indiana) 

FM-800Z - My FM800Z (early model)doesn't have a summed output like you describe on the Rocker 800Z page. I use it for studio guitar...shaping the front end of all sorts of amps (little Kays/Harmony to classic blackface or Marshalls). This thing kicks my ass.  As a pre for studio bass, it's Fender 4 string into the 800Z into an API pre hitting the API transformer in various degrees...for various degrees of ugly.  Thank you. Best bass tone I've ever gotten. The separate outputs are preferred by me for studio, but I still gig occasionally and a summed output would be awesome to feed into my mono summed Crown into a single Ampeg 1-15. Do you offer a retrofit for the summed output? Or can I wire up a Y? And while we're here, the outputs are unbalanced and ranging from instrument level to line? Is that right? I should mention, I bought this used. You should also know that the guy I bought it from had two more and seems to be your biggest fan. I'm close behind him in my appreciation of your work. Thanks for any help/info you can offer! Lee K. 


STS3030 - Hello, I have been using your STS3030 now as my primary amplifier into a pair of these loaded with Celestion A-Types for a few months now and I just wanted to say that I couldn't be any happier with the quality, design and sound of your amp. I know you guys get a lot of well deserved praise, but I just wanted to add that from top to bottom this amp is absolutely amazing and fulfills all my stereo needs and beyond. I will enjoy it for a lifetime. Thanks for all you do! Sincerely, John Davis (California) 


FM5A3RDP - We are talking meticulous perfection. After owning just about every amp possible and chasing tone...for years. I finally came across a Harmony five watt octal tube hand wired amp that nailed the sound I was looking for all those years. But, unfortunately it did not have enough oomf to gig with. So I set about searching for something equivalent. Then I heard a friend's original fender tweed deluxe and I was smitten again, but who can afford an original tweed deluxe 5a3. So my search led me to Frenzel. And that was a lucky day indeed...because the Retro Deluxe Plus 5A3 amp that they built is tonal perfection. The octal tubes sing with bell like clarity...and  growl like nobody's business. I married this to a pine cabinet with a Jensen black bird 40, 12" speaker and it's perfect. Sounds better than an original tweed deluxe.  James E. (California)  


FM-5E3DP - Hi Frenzel Team, I live in England and I've just purchased a FM-5E3DP (second hand). I've only had it a day, but it sounds great. Kindest regards, Pete K. (England)  


FM763 GUITAR AMP - Amp sounds amazing both bass and guitar made hairs on my neck stand up 👏  Love the F & M input options. Zero complaints! Thanks for building this amp I love it! Best, Aaron P. (California) 


 FM-5E3DP525 - Hi Frenzel Team, First let me say …..I love my amp.  I have had it for over a decade.   It sat for a time as I was traveling extensively, but it is my go to amp running through a Jensen P12N in a Hotrod style cabinet size. Amazing sound and love the versatility. Thanks again for a great amp. Dean F.(IL)

 STP100 "SUPER TWIN PLEXI 100" - Good Evening, I just bought  used at my local  music store a Frenzel FM STP100. I totally  love it! It sounds absolutely  incredible. Every  setting and  input put sounds so great. I am so glad to have this amp. This amp has everything  I've  ever wanted in an amp. Thank you so much  for making such a great product.  God bless you! Sincerely, Jason V. (California) 

CLICK HERE  For Follow-Up 10 Year Review On FM-5E3DP & JF-6G15By Steve Rockstein

STP800R - Hi Team Frenzel, I love the amp, it is a joy to play through! Wallace B. (Wisconsin)

STS3030 - Hi Jim, Thank you for building me an amp of my dreams! The STS88 is a unique and one of a kind tube amp with every option needed. It has beautiful tone and is powerful. This is my second Frenzel amp and I really appreciate this company keeping up the tradition of making the best hand wired amps here in America! Larry C. (New York) 

  "Little Jessie LJ5" - Dear Jim & Frenzel Amp Team, I received the LJ5 amp about a month ago and have really loved playing it. Since I live in apartment housing, I needed an amp that would have a great tone at bedroom volumes and cranked at jam sessions (I’m using an oversized 1x12 cab with an Eminence Governor speaker). This fit the bill perfectly, as the 2w setting can provide some great clean and rock tones at low volume and the 5w setting can keep up with a drummer when cranked. The Fender Deluxe style channels sound great, from sparkly cleans and blues tones, to even the chimey tones on the bright channel. It also takes reverb/delay effects very well. For classic rock, the Marshall Plexi style channel sounds fantastic and is very true to the plexi sound from the renowned albums of the late 60’s and 70’s. The amp also has the JCM800 high gain mod installed, which gives me some great classic 80’s rock tones. Using a treble boost, or any fairly transparent overdrive, I can even get 70’s to early 90’s metal tones, (from Kiss to early Tool) out of it as well. The deep switch is also a great addition and allows me to adjust the very low frequencies, which can make the amp sound bigger at low volumes or tighten it up at high volumes. This amp sounds amazing and is truly versatile. Thank You, Ryan (D.) North Carolina    

FM800Z-CUSTOM VOICE - "Hello, I bought a used Frenzel preamp and it sounds amazing! Chan1 is a Fender Champ and Chan2 is a Bassman. I've had it for 2 days and I'm in love! Chris B. 


 FRENZEL MB540 "MINI-BASSMAN" -  Jim,just wanted to express how much I love my MB540. I had purchased a Super Deluxe of yours for a church I was at years ago and found myself missing that tone again. Got the MB540 just in time for a recording trip to Nashville, and a few weekends here at home. Cannot overstate how great this amp sounds. Mainly using the M Channel, but the F channel was a hit in Nashville. This is my #1 amp now, and will be for a long time. Garrett H. (Texas)


 FM-STP50 - Hi There, I recently purchased a Frenzel STP-50 used  (2008), and I am loving the amp!  Best, Anthony  

Hi Jim, I wanted to send you a more detailed rave review of the Super Twin Plexi (STP-50) after having had more time to play the amp with different guitars. 

The negative feedback defeat switch is a great feature, and the amp becomes a whole different beast depending on whether you leave it in or pull it out. With it in, you get a tighter, more compressed sound, and with it out, you get a more dynamic, open sound with more harmonics. Pulling it out sounds great with single coil pickups and gets you Clapton-esque 60's blues leads. Leaving it in sounds great with PAF-style humbuckers and gets you into Angus Young territory, with singing sustain and crunchy power chords.

The clean “Fender” channel also does beautifully with single coils and give you a spanky, full American amp tone with lots of dynamic sensitivity. The 2-rectifier setup gives the amp just the right balance between natural “sag” and defined pick attack. Having an ABY footswitch allows me to switch to the clean channel for greater clarity when I engage my fuzz pedal, rather than feeding the fuzz into an overdriven amp. Combining the two channels with the “Y” on my footswitch sounded great with my Tele and really fattened up the bridge pickup.

The “Marshall” channel puts out rich even-order harmonics and upper mids. As expected, it does great with humbuckers but I was also surprised at how good this channel is with single coils, and how nicely it cleans up with the guitar’s volume knob. 

The build quality is top notch and the chassis is easy to remove and work on. When I first tried out the amp, I removed the chassis from its wooden cabinet and looked it over. I then played the amp for a while before re-mounting it in its cabinet. 

Thanks for making such a great amp!  Cheers, Anthony Ambroso (Pennsylvania)     


SS-4772 - Hello Guys, Just hooked it up. Awesome right out of the box.  No frills, just performance. The way it should be.Thnx Bill H. (Rhode Island)

MB-540 - Hi Jim, this email is long overdue, just wanted to thank you and the team very much for building me the awesome Mini Bassman a few months ago, it sounds incredible! The many features makes it super versatile and I can get pretty much any sound I want out of it. I'm really impressed with how articulate it is and how little noise it makes, even with lots of overdrive and gain. Its so responsive and clear I've had to work on my technique and clean up my sloppy playing. Playing my baritone guitars on my old amp wasn't getting enough clarity and definition in the low notes, but the Frenzel handles the lows great and the baritones' bottom-end sounds solid and well-defined. It also works well with a Boss Bass Overdrive pedal. Next step is to get a splitter and blender so I can really play with the F and M tones.  I'm extremely satisfied and happy I went with this amp - I'd been playing on my old Randall for almost 20 years, so this is a major step forward! I really appreciate all the questions you took the time to answer, it really helped me make my purchase with confidence. And of course, thank you for the red knobs, that was extremely kind of you for making that request happen. I hope I have a need to buy more Frenzel equipment in the future. Best of luck and take care! Garen B. (California)  

HBX-AC15 - Hi Fine Frenzel Friends, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my recent Sweet Little 15 HBX-AC15 purchase. Though the clean channel is excellent, the boost side has an incredibly unique, but never odd or unusable, sound. I hear a bit of a blend between the Vox/Matchless sparkle/bite and the warmth of Fender Tweed. Reacts incredibly well with drive pedals, though the natural drive of the amp gets into wonderful fuzz territory when cranked. I’ve tried to put together a very brief video demo, since there’s not a lot out there on YouTube at the moment for this amp, so if you find this useful, feel free to use it however it may be useful: 

I plan to make a few more demos with the sound in a mix, since this amp sits so wonderfully with other instruments.  Thanks for making great gear at great prices. Will not be my last Frenzel amp. James Schlittenhart   


RD-47 -  Jim,  This RD47 pre sounds fantastic.  Planning to record flutes, lute and violin towards the end of the  month for a film I am currently scoring and will send you more feedbacks. So far, on vocals, small percussion and frame drums (Bodhràn and Native drums) it was excellent. Sounds a bit sensitive when they source is aggressive or rich in low end, but I guess it’s typical? My everyday mic is a Telefunken Copperhead. Happy Sunday   Leo-Z- Composer, Producer, Performer (Los Angeles, CA)  

HBX-AC515 - Dear Frenzel Amp Team,  I am a huge fan and owner of your Deluxe Plus amp. I ordered a Sweet Little 15. I received the amp this weekend and was eager to finally unbox it today. I had to pry myself away from its side to unplug my guitar to send this reply. It nails the tones I am looking for and am looking forward to years of service.  Here are a few pictures of my Frenzel line-up. Thank you, again. Sincerely,  Larry K. (California) 


FM-LJ5 -  Hello, I am extremely impressed with my Little Jessie.  I absolutely love the Class A sound with the EL84.  The amount of tone shaping and multiple preamps is outstanding.  The line out feature is a welcome feature as I can plug it into my church's PA. I did have a scare at the start - the amp had cracking, popping, and intermittent volume.  I reseated the power tube and everything came good - to my relief.  It must have loosened as it traveled to the opposite site of the planet. My expectations were high - but you exceeded them.
Thank you, Mark Knight (Adelaide, South Australia) 


FM-DP1  - 5.0 out of 5 stars. Fender and Plexi Tone Lives in the Frenzel FM-DP1 Tube Preamp. Packaged very well! Great tone! I run an ABY switch into both channels of this tube preamp and output into a ABY switch with one output lead going into a Mesa CabClone and the other output lead into a Hughes & Kettner RedBox, then over low-Z to my mixer and out over USB into my DAW running Reaper. The mix obtainable through the tone stack and gain stages of this preamp provide a wide range of tone, from bottom end rich cleans, to clipping break up for widely adjustable dirt! The two different cabinet emulators really leverage the preamp tone and deliver two distinctly different personalities to the mixer. A great and small studio rig! Salvatore G. (Washington)


 FM-DP1 800 PREAMP - I am blown away!  This thing exceeds all my expectations.  It is fantastic for recording, but as a bonus it makes my 25 year old Crate go from sounding like a 25 year old Crate to sounding like a million bucks.  Hopefully some of my friends listen to my praises and order one for themselves.  Thanks again for the awesome product and keep up the great work!! Have a great day! Chris B. (North Carolina)  


MB550 - Hi Jim, Got the amp now for one week. One word I think of is woow!! You know you've ruined me for other amps! It is the best tone and sound I've heard and plenty loud enough! Thanks a lot From one happy bass player.  Glen G. (Belgium)

SS4772 - Hello, I received the amplifier, set it up and was blown away. The headroom on this amplifier is outrageous. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Gratefully yours, David H. (New York) 


 FM-5E3DP525 - Hey Jim, I hope you are well. My Deluxe Plus (purchased 1/25/2018) still sounds great and is serving me well. Thanks for a great amp. Kurt R. (North Carolina) 


FM5E3SDR550C - Hey Team, I received my special order amp, beautifully packed, yesterday and have played through it using a variety of guitars for several hours already. It is the most tonally versatile amp I have ever experienced; you’ve really outdone yourselves; thank you! I hope you checked it out before you sent it off; the range of tones is breathtaking!  Tim K. (Illinois) 


 SPX72 PREAMP - Dear Frenzel Team, I just powered up the new SPX72 preamp that you built for me.  I have it connected to an old Voice of Music stereo amp that I pulled out of my parents old console many years ago. The sound is full, rich and incredibly quiet.  I have never heard my records sound this good. I also still have the special stereo guitar preamp you made for me and it is still going strong and sounding great.  Your products are amazing. Best Regards, Pasquale D. (Massachusetts)   


SS4772 - Thanks Frenzel! Received 2/22/21, your bad storm down there didn’t delay it too much. It sounds great and I have been enjoying old lps I haven’t played in 20 years. Bill L. (Pennsylvania)​ 


SS-4772 - Hi Jim, Its been long overdue but as promised here is my review. I hope it gains you more business. 

Your passion for vintage electronics and functional perfection is unmatched. Back in December 2019 I ordered my custom SS4772 after years of gawking at Frenzel's website. Jim was great to work with and customized my unit with an Aux2 input so I could play guitar through a Frenzel Rocker 800Z stereo preamp while playing any other input. Think turning some vinyl or watching a live YouTube concert while playing along. It rocks! Although this review is mainly of the SS4772, it's only due to my inability to find sufficient guitar time where I could turn it up to 11 without the wife and kids sleeping joys of a Covid world.  About 10 weeks later I received my amp in its bulletproof packaging. Box within Styrofoam within double thick cardboard. Very impressive!  With that being said, my family and I use the SS4772 nearly everyday for 15 montha. Our setup is simple, consisting of a 24bitDAC digital to Analog conversion box from our LG OLED TV and a late 70s Sony PS-4750 turntable with Ortofon Blue stylus while outputting through a pair of KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speakers. For a few months we also drove a pair of Gen 1 Bose 901s, both sounded absolutely fantastic, only swapped due to space constraints in our family room. Regardless what input we drive the SS4772 with, it sings and rips everytrack. Even without a subwoofer or floorstanding speakers the bass is unlike any stereo tube amp I've heard before. I'm truly blown away at the EQ and frequency range. The really shined with the Bose 901s since the vocals get muddy on the KEFs if the bass is too intense. In other words, the single woofer + tweeter construction of the KEFs can't handle all the bass while keeping everything clear. A little turn of the bass knob and it's crystal clear sonic heaven. Jim offered to install a sub out if I send the SS4772 back but I couldn't go a week without it. We have plans for futures expansion but the SS4772 will always be at the center of it all. Best regards, Ian Engelberg (Pennsylvania)  


SS-4772  - Hi Frenzel, The amplifier sounds excellent!! Thank you! This amplifier has become my favorite of all my amplifiers. It is an excellent match to my Klipsch RP-8000F speakers. Again thank you. Sincerely, Gates H. (Colorado) 


DP-525  Hi, Jim-received my DP-525 last week and couldn’t be happier. I don’t have enough experience with it to give you a full review, but here’s a start. I’ve been playing for 57 years, and searching for this the whole time. I’ve had dozens and dozens of amplifiers over the years, and this amp has the best cleans I’ve ever heard. Plus, there’s no place to hide, it amplifies whatever you put in, good or bad. A truly professional A-list amp. Thanks for your time, and thank you for an amazing amp! Mike C. (Arkansas)  

DP525 - Loving the amp!!  Loves everything I throw at it.  ES330 with p90s; LP deluxe with mini humbuckers, and a Strat.  Each axe personality really shines through. Really like the built in attenuator.  1/2 power seems to be plenty for my practice and recording space. Richard R. (Kansas)

FM-DP1 - Hi Jim, Long time FM DP1 user here - it's still doing a great job 11 years later! Many thanks, Tom R. (New Zealand)  


SPX72 PREAMP - Hello, Thanks very much for this hand made tube preamp. It was worth the wait. It works perfectly and exactly as I would expect from Frenzel. I own a SS-4472 that Frenzel made for me years ago. It still works like the day I bought it. All the best, John K. ( Florida) 

Telecaster Forum Reviews 

Scott S.  - "The amp is truely a blessing.  I'm getting tones I've always been hearing in my head, but never quite acheived."  

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FM-5E1  Champ Plus - Great product & great price. A pleasure do business with. Would buy from again.    Buyer   baj2k ( 140)     7400608901
FM-5E1  Champ Plus - Great amp, Friendly service. Overall excellent experience. Highly recommended!!! Buyer   dantillion ( 51)  7396836168  
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Great little amp, very good to do biz with!! Recommended!! Buyer   beatmasterla ( 103)    7400950650 
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Excellent !!! Amp Sounds Great ! Packed well and safely shipped. Buyer   gigic1961 ( 109)    7394808400 
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Super Deal! outstanding service, Frenzel amps are first class all the way AAA+++ Buyer   caveman3000 ( 13)  7401804847
FM-5E1 Champ PLUS - AMP with overdrive pedal or overdrive pedal with an amp? BUY ONE NOW!!!! GREAT! Buyer   buymsellmtradem ( 224)      7398843451 
FM-5E1 Champ Plus - Great product at a great price, and great person do business with ! Thanks !!!!!  Buyer   kmdmusic9or4 ( 158)    Mar-31-06 10:18  7394798795 
FRENZEL Custom Twin Plexi - Great seller, quick delivery, good communications. Thank you.   Buyer   pgeraty ( 368)    Apr-27-06 03:10  7400682490 

FM-5E1 Champ Plus - Great service, wonderful amp, smooth transaction, Greetings from Germany +++ Buyer   guitarphilosoph ( 368)    7390318399 
JF- JTM45 - AMAZING AMP!!! GREAT TRANSACTION Buyer   auctionsandsuch ( 23)    7387016279 
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Very good seller and amp builder. Excellent communications AAA+++  Buyer   drwu2 ( 54)   7385101274 
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Great amp! Great value! Great communication! Highest recommendation!!!   Buyer   poppanoo ( 401)      7388360881
FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus - Great sounding amp and really nice guy......AAAAAA+++++++++++  Buyer   shellshock1969 ( 99)    7386417157 
FM-5E1 Champ Plus - SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! EXCELLENT AMP!THANK YOU SO MUCH, ON TIME AS PROMISED A+!!  Buyer   krh19690 ( 15)     7387004889 
JF-5E3 Deluxe Blue - great amp every guitar player should have one.great service great packing.AAAA..   Buyer   dizfunk ( 81)    May-12-06 20:20  7405608639
FM - 5E3 Deluxe Plus - It's been close to 5 months since I got the Frenzel 5E3 Deluxe amp from you, and I just wanted to let you know, I'm enjoying every bit of the amp! Thank you for making such a great amp. Buyer Thor666 7419034401 Singapore


SS-4772  Hello Jim, Here is my review of the Frenzel SS- 4772 stereo amplifier I purchased back in March 2018. This amp is well worth the thousand dollar investment easily. If cared for properly, this stereo amp could provide a 100 years of service to its owner and or owners. This is a unique piece of equipment. It's tube, hand built, and hand wired, unheard of today. This is the only modern tube amp I am aware of, that provides a full set of tone controls. It gives the music I listen to the type of musical tones I like at different volume levels. I upgraded to the KT88 tube layout. Being a powerful amp it really brings the music to life. The amp has that great musical tube sound.  I like the feel of the control knobs. I like the nice orange glow of the tubes inside the metal protective cage at night. And may I mention this is a really nice amp to look at. Everything about this amp is solid. No cheap engineering here. When my stereo amp arrived from the Frenzel company, the first thing I noticed was the phenomenal packaging. This unit could be dropped from an airplane and still survive. Packaged with foam squares glued to the inside box. That was different, the first time I seen that type of packaging. For any of the readers of my review. If you are looking to buy a 2 channel stereo amp for your music. In my opinion, I feel this is one of the best  stereo amplifiers  you can buy out there at this price. Drop the spare change. This is a lot of amp for the money, Frenzel did a good job of keeping the cost down at the same time providing a great product. Good Job Frenzel, Thanks, Jim - Frank C.  (From,  L. A. California) 

FM-5E3DP525 - Hi, I purchased a Deluxe Plexi 525 from you some time ago, and I love it. I ordered it with the effects loop upgrade. I just wanted to say also, you can pass it along, that I'm very impressed with the capability and options of this amp; it turns out to be exactly what I was looking for. I tried a pair of 6V6's and with a modified Boss overdrive I unexpectedly ran across that creamy Eric Johnson distortion like never before. My band members have commented on my tone also. The tube options, speaker simulation, tube effects loop, attenuator are such great features that you don't normally see on amps. I would buy another in a heartbeat. James W. (New Hampshire)

FM-5E1SS - Hi Jim, the Frenzel FM-5E1SS. " CHAMP SUPER SPORTSTER" arrived yesterday and it is really amazing, some of your finest work! Mike H. (Canada) ​ 


STP800 - This is a great Amp! Very simple and sounds great! Thank you! Brad A. (Oregon)

FM-5F6MB - Hi Jim and others, I have purchased a mini baseman tube amp from you guys many years ago (2012)and it has been the most rock solid tube head. It has never failed or needed service, I still don't quite understand how it can use so many different power tube types. Everyone I talk to is confused when I try to explain how it will run off of different tube pairs, even mismatched sets. How does that even work? The line output is an amazing feature to have in the studio. I have enjoyed it best with a set of vintage rca 12ax7a pre tubes and 6l6 pair with solid state rectifier insert. Ryan A. (Oregon)

SDX-550 - ThanK you  Jim and company for the quality of the product you build. I can’t say I play a lap steel guitar but I like to mess around with one a lot. I have a small 5 watt tube amp and was surprised at the difference in the sound quality. expecially the low notes. I ordered the super deluxe 550 50 watt with all the options except the 100 watt and the input power options for other countries. I use  quarter power most of the time. I thought my old Supro had weak windings. If it does, this amp is a good substitute for changing out the pick up. I like pedals and I use a little bit of overdrive, reverb and echo to get the exact tone I like. This amp is everything I hoped it would be and much more. If you compare this to the brand new Mexican products, how much more did I get for my money? The versatility of this amp alone should be worth at least 2 times as much and still be getting a real bargain. That wouldn’t be factoring in the US parts and  hand built quality! Some might say I went overboard for buying this amp. I don’t gig, It is only for my own enjoyment and the sound quality I get from this amp sometimes makes me almost drool while I’m playing. Does anyone know what I mean or am I just a weirdo. To me that’s worth it. Once I’m done with it and I’m dead and gone, a real musician might end up with it, that’s where it really belongs, I think. Thanks for the opportunity to own a amp like this.  Rick C. (Kansas)

Vintage Guitar Magazine Review by Sean O'Bryan Smith   
“Old School Bang Without Breaking the Bank”

As a self-proclaimed “old rocker”, Jim Frenzel  has had a love affair with vintage tube amps since the ‘50’s.  After building his first tube amp in 1952 Jim’s passions grew for building amps but his career path in the music industry wouldn’t rear its ugly head until much later. For the next five decades Jim found himself designing tube and solid state equipment for the various branches of the military, FAA, and even Texas Instruments. It wasn’t until 2001 after his retirement that he returned to building and designing his beloved tube amps. He has been building quality tube products at a bargain price ever since.


Frenzel’s design concept and philosophy is pretty straight forward. He is dedicated to manufacturing quality amps that can easily dial up “tones you know” while still allowing plenty of room for customization. His other passion is making sure he can do this while offering a ridiculously low price for the end user. One of the finest examples of this is the FM-DP1 Tube Preamp.

The FM-DP1 Tube Preamp is a dual channel dedicated guitar preamp for stage and studio use. The FM-DP1 is part of Frenzel’s “Inspired” line and is designed to give you the classic tones of their Type F and Type M wiring. These are inspired by vintage Fender and Marshall style amps with some of Frenzel’s own special modifications that he has honed over fifty years of designs.

The preamp uses two 12AX7s with DC on the filaments to help control noise. The first 12AX7 is wired as a dual input preamp. These are for the Type F and Type M channels of the FM-DP1. Each channel is then controlled by individual gain controls. The second 12AX7 is wired as a common voltage type amplifier with a cathode follower to drive the tone stack.  The three band tone stack features individual knobs for bass, mid, and treble with an optional push/pull Deep Bass Boost pull switch on the bass knob to capture more of a classic Bassman vibe. Add in a master gain knob and you have the basics for a very useable workhorse preamp.

The FM-DP1 is much like all of Frenzel’s products in that it is hand wired point-to-point with no printed circuit boards. This is a feature that is most commonly seen in higher priced boutique amps and is a surprising addition to this little guy. Other cool design features are a trim knob on the rear panel for setting output gains. Another neat spec is that the signal goes into the FM-DP1 as high impedance and comes out as low impedance. This makes the preamp useable as an effect so that you can use it as an extra gain stage or to overdrive an amp. This also proves useful for studio enthusiasts so that you can use the FM-DP1 as a front end to your recording rig.

For testing purposes the Frenzel was used extensively on a number of demo sessions and a handful of live dates. Initially it was plugged into the power amp section of a 40-watt open backed combo amp driving a Celestion Vintage 30. With a solid bodied single coil guitar plugged into the Type F or “Fender” input the tone was instantly what Frenzel had referred to as a “tone you know”. This was the classic Bassman-esque vibe that one would expect from a classic amp of this design. The overall warmth made notes full with just the right amount of midrange snap. The top end of the treble knob was pleasant but not overbearing. Some players looking for a real chimey tone may need to crank the Frenzel’s treble knob though to get that extra bite out of the Type F channel. Luckily it does not get much hiss when cranked so there aren’t a lot of worries in cranking it up the treble for some extra presence.

Jazz players and bass players should take notice of the optional Deep Bass Boost switch that can be added as a push/pull knob on the bass control. In the Type F channel this helps the Frenzel to morph into a full figured rig with lots of bottom end. Hollow bodied guitars sound thunderous in the neck position and basses capture that old school bass tone that is still used in numerous applications. Considering there is no extra charge for this upgrade it is a no-brainer to get this added goodie.

The multiple personality of the FM-DP1 is made complete with the addition of the Type M or ‘Marshall” channel.  While plugged into this input, the EQ section and voicing of the Frenzel takes on a whole new personality. Mids and highs now shimmer and the gain control helps you push the Frenzel to some searing rock tones worthy of any stage. Humbucker loaded solid bodies in particular took on the mass and girth that one would hope for from anything inspired by such a classic style amp.

Overall there are very little gripes with the Frenzel FM-DP1. The preamp is built well for the money. Granted you may fine beefier units out there that you can drive a bus over but the FM-DP1 can still hold up to steady use. This is also a unit stripped down to the bare essentials. There are no flashy graphics and the basic unit is an open chassis design so that you can either use it as a table top unit or put it into your own custom cabinet. Players looking for heartier models can opt for the optional steel cage or rackmount cabinet. One gripe though is the fact that there is not an LED showing if you are powered up or not. It is understood that this is a stripped down unit but it is pretty easy to forget that the unit is on and walk away. An addition of a power LED would be quite helpful but it is by all means not a deal breaker for the value of this preamp.

All in all it is hard to believe that you can dial up the sounds of two classic sounding amps in a hand-wired preamp for the same cost as some boutique pedals. The FM-DP1 can easily hold up on big stages with products four times its cost. Too cool considering you can have some money left for a burger and that whole rent thing.  - Sean O'Bryan Smith (Reviewer for Vintage Guitar Magazine)

PLEASE NOTE:  Per Sean's request, we have added the LED power light and the Bass Deep pull-switch to the F gain control as standard features on all future models. We have also added a Bright pull-switch to the M gain control. Best regards,  Jim 


STP800-50  Hi Jim, I have received my STP800 amp and put a few hours on it. I have to say it is an absolutely beautiful amp, well laid out, well built, all the controls are just where they need to be, very impressive.  Now, the tone. With the KT-88's, I have found that I have been struggling with trying to EQ in what other tubes lack. The KT-88's give me everything I want in a tube, and the EQ now responds to what I want to remove or add in the signal rather than trying to EQ the tubes and the signal at the same time. The tone on both channels is rich and full - I practice and test on speakers that go to 8k Hz - and I find myself playing a lot more clean. Every knob, every pull does something meaningful. I can go on and on, I'll put that up on GearPage, but I just wanted to say thank you for a beautiful, beautiful amp. The amp of my dreams, and then some. I do have a suggestion, since you had told me you were going with the wood shells which got put on hold. If you do go with the wood shells, I suggest using the perforated metal on the front, for both ventilation and people can see the tubes glow, versus a closed wood front. Even with the cage I have it gets pretty hot without a fan. Second, I would still offer the cage as an option for studio players and studios that want to have a Frenzel on the shelf. With the cathode/fixed bias option, it would be a lot easier to roll pre- and power-tubes with the cage off, rather than pulling the chassis out of a wood shell. I'm surprised I don't read more reviews of your amps in studios, my amp will get Tweed Fender/scooped Fender, old Plexi/new 800 tones, and everything in-between by bridging the channels. It's the perfect studio amp. Thank you again for a great amp, and have a great week! Bill D. (California) 


SS-4772  Hello,  I am writing about my Frenzel SS-4772 Super Stereo that I purchased a few months ago.I thank you so very much for such a well designed and built amplifier! And how thoughtful were your updates on progress of the build of my personal amp. Impressive.  Before upgrading to Frenzel, I was using a Crown PA amplifier. I liked the Crown's high power/dynamic headroom including at the lower frequencies. I was looking forward to cleaner reproduction/sound with the Frenzel tube amp, paired well with my turntable, but didn't know if the 30 watts per side would be sufficient with perhaps some fatigue at the bass frequencies. Well, the Frenzel is AMAZING!Clean sound, clarity, 'Presence' were even beyond my expectations. One doesn't realize how 'muddy' sound from even a higher end high power class-D amplifier is (even with good equalization) until compared with the quality of a Frenzel tube amp! And the accurately rated wattage was More than sufficient with no amp fatigue at all. The bass reproduction of the Frenzel is bold, strong and precise! WOW, audio came "ALIVE"! [Even YouTube sounds good, certainly better! LOL] What a pleasure it is for me to support an American company in engineering and build! Frenzel is a wonderful example of USA ingenuity and quality fabrication. Jack N. (Ohio)   


 HBX-AC30 - The HBX-AC30 amp you sent me sounds terrific, I'm impressed.  Thank you. Ryan K. (Massachusetts)

 FM-5E3SD "Super Deluxe" Review by Ken Morgan  

 "Voting Member of Producers and Engineers Wing of the Grammy's"

Guitarists have long sought to find amplifiers to suit their personalities and allow them to express their musical thoughts with gear not standing in the way, or being a part of that expression.  As a player with well over 35 years of stage and studio time, every amp I've played through, be it the latest and greatest, cheapest disposables, classic standby, revered names from through out guitar amp history, they all have left me wanting something else, until now.  

I found the Frenzel Super Deluxe with octal preamp tubes.  Now, the search is over.  The Frenzel Super Deluxe is a 50/25/12 watt amp with the same circuits and components as the original Fender, but adds a couple of features.  More power, additional tone controls, an an effects loop that actually works, optional reverb, multi-purposed presense control, speaker mute for silent recording, switchable speaker impedance, and as a bonus, a master volume setup that allows the amp to achieve that famous Deluxe drive at reasonable volumes. 

The amp's tone controls are more interactive than one would suspect, as they are advertised to be modeled after 'classic 60s JTM45 – Bassman 5F6 style 3 band controls.'  Having owned both of these amps, I can say the sounds are very close, but expand quite a bit on the basic theme with the addition of the presence control (5F6A circuit).  The amp comes standard with JJ's 6L6s, but can use 5881, KT66, 6550 without rebias.  Additionally, EL34s can be used with the flick of a switch on the rear of the amp – extremely cool variations are available without any real hassle, should the user choose.

The amp also features a post output transformer line out with level control that disconnects the speaker load.  You can use this as a DI to a console, or as a headphone amp is you choose.  A stunningly useful option.

I chose to get the octal preamp tubes, 6SL7s, as an upgrade over the standard 12AX7s.  The sonic differences are not small.  The combination of octal preamp tubes, power tubes, and a tube rectifier, all wired without any circuit board, turret board, or anything except direct point to point wiring makes for the purest guitar tone I've experienced.  When I unpacked the box, I was surprised at the lengths Frenzel took to ensure safe shipping.  Inside the shipping box was another box, isolated by Styrofoam cubes in the fashion of a shock mounted rack case, to protect the amp.  Unpacking the box within the box was no easy task, either, as it was stuffed, packed, and double packed like no other shipped product I've experienced in 20 years.  (I've seen multi-thousand dollar digital consoles with hundreds of circuit boards shipped in less than half the protection the Frenzel has...hats off to Jim!).  The JJ's and Sovtek tubes were packed inside the amp, not installed.  Very simple, but comprehensive instructions on installation and initial powering up were, of course, included and easy to read.

Now the fun part!  I hooked the amp up to a closed back 112 with an Eminence I pulled out of a Twin Reverb years ago, and plugged in my favorite Telecaster – an old custom built sunburst loaded with Duncans, featuring the Jim Glaser (Brent Mason) blend control for the middle strat pickup.  I powered the amp, watched everything come to life, and after 5 minutes activated the standby switch.  Setting every control straight up to the 12 oclock position, I was greeted with a powerful and immediately usable sound – usable, but much louder than I anticipated.  Rolling the mids back to the 10 o'clock position (there are no numbers on the control panel – my preference) the highs and and presence up to about 2, the master up and the gain down, I found my sound.  It literally took longer to unpack the box than it did to find the sound I had been seeking for 35 years. After playing the amp a bit, I started experimenting, to see what else was in there.  Turning the amp gain wide open the the master down, I found the sound of a dimed Deluxe – not harsh, but smooth and creamy, and cleaning back up when easing up on right hand attack or when rolling the guitar volume down (!!!!)  The Super Deluxe is NOT meant for metal, but is the ultimate blues machine.  The amp also excels at jazz sounds, as it never (in spite of my best efforts) flabs out in the low end.  Bass notes were tight, controlled, and detailed, never unpleasant.  It is not brittle in its high end response, either, just clear and bright. I should mention here that this amp is the quietest amp I've encountered.  There is no hiss, hum, buzz, anything.  If one hears any noise while the unit is idling, it comes from something else, not the amp.

Taking things a bit further, I pushed the mids up to about 3 o'clock, with a meat and boldness always lacking in Fender designs.  I would love to hear this amp through an old pre-Rola Marshal 4-12 cab.  The power setting control know on the back of the amp is wonderful, allowing the Frenzel to sing without all the volume.  Try as I could, it was impossible to get a bad sound out of the Super Deluxe.

On two different gigs with this amp, I was able to achieve sounds previously unattainable.  My personal preference is an open back cab with 2 AlNiCo 10s, your preference may be different, but your results will be nevertheless stunning.  My personal preference is somewhere in the (very expensive Vince Gill) sound, and achieving this was almost too easy with the Super Deluxe.  A couple of analog pedals, a guitar, and a telecaster, and there I was – but when it was time to get dirty, the Frenzel responded with authority.  The Frenzel Super Deluxe amp is the kind of tool that can make such impact that it allows you to become a better player.  The price is far below what the value of the unit. 

This amp also records beautifully.  A couple of tracks already laid down for a local artist, one with some rapid fire chicken pickin' stuff, the other with a Les Paul Deluxe in the style of Merle Travis.  A U47FET clone and a Jurassic EV omni dynamic captured the amp's sounds to the point there will be no need for further EQ or processing.  It really is that good.

Niggles?  Yes, but perhaps of my own choosing.  I ordered the amp with the steel cage, the least expensive option, but am working with Jim Frenzel now to get my unit put into a more roadworthy wood head box.  The face place seems a bit fragile, as mine got a small crack on it when an errant case caught the corner at a gig.  Again, superb support from Jim Frenzel to save the day

Conclusion:  I don't say this lightly – Jim Frenzel's design is perhaps the best thing in the guitar amp world I personally have experienced in over 35 years of performing.  The exceptional price (well under $900 as detailed above) not withstanding, the amp is a quality built product with impeccable detail in fit, finish, and most importantly, sound.  Available only as a custom build from these things are in this reviewer's opinion as good as amplifiers will ever be, and then some.  Check em out.


(Ken Morgan is a longtime musician, recording engineer, producer, and all around nuisance.  He is a voting member of the Grammy, member of the Producers and Engineers Wing of the Grammy, and has written dozens of pro-audio equipment reviews for various online publications.  Ken and his wife reside in Midland, TX)  




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