Super Vibe 763

Model No. FM763-SVRC-50 (50 watt)

Model No. FM763-SVRC-100 (100 watt upgrade)

Series: Retro Cage Guitar Amp


"Eric Johnson Signature Tones!"


MSRP: $1595.00

Save 25%   $1196.25



The FRENZEL "Super Vibe 763" is a unique one of a kind classic. It was inspired by the vintage Fender AB763 Vibroverb, but it is much more than a clone. It has all the features of our 50 watt Super Deluxe including the F and M preamps modulated by that groovy "surfer" vibrato tremolo sound and the smooth warm reverb that you can only get with a pure tube driven long tank Accoutronic reverb many added features developed over 65+ years of building custom amps for touring professional musicians all over the world. This amp will produce tones that you have only dreamed about! 


Standard Features:

  • Normal (Type F) Bright (Type M) inputs with separate preamps and Gain controls with Bright pull switches for the unique smooth Fender Deluxe warm tones or the Marshall Plexi great high mid-tones....or you can use an AB-Y switch and create your own distinct tones.

  • Classic Bassman 5F6A style 3-BAND TONE STACK for extended flexibility in shaping your tone.

  • DEEP switch for extended Bass tones. 

  • Master level control so you can crank the GAIN's up and overdrive the preamp without overdriving the output tubes.

  • Presence control  - used to adjust the high-frequency response and damping factor of the power amp section.

  • Boost - Unique NNFB "Edge" boost switch on the PRESENCE control that transforms the power amp section into a No-Negative-FeedBack style amp for soaring dynamic leads. 

  • Reverb - Classic pure tube driven Accutronic  tank reverb for those great warm blues tones!

  • Tremolo - with Speed and Depth Controls for those cool jazz vibes.

  • Footswitch pedal for Tremolo and Reverb

  • Effects Loop - pure tube buffered serial effects loop designed to perfectly match the low impedance solid-state pedal levels with high impedance tube levels.

  • Line Out - post output transformer LINE OUT with LINE OUT LEVEL control for recording or driving a power amp, Auto switched internal load to simulate speaker if speaker is  not plugged in. Inject great tone directly into the PA system with the Speaker Simulated Direct Interface.

  • Custom heavy duty output transformer for extended low frequency performance with 4 - 8 - 16 ohm outputs selectable by a rotary switch.

  • EL34/6L6 Bias Selector Switch - Allows you to use either 6L6 or EL34 power output tubes.

  • Dual Rectifier Mode Switch -  Switch allows you to select 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier for classic Fender sag.or Solid-State rectifiers for Marshall tight no sag tones.  (50 WATT MODEL ONLY - 100 WATT USES SOLID STATE RECTIFIERS)

  • Standby Switch - Protects tubes from cathode stripping during warm-up

  • Tube Complement: comes standard with 3 - 12AX7, 2 -12AU7, 1- 12AT7, 2 - 6L6GC, 1 - 5AR4, but you can substitute 12AT7's or 12AU7's in the preamp and driver for different tones and overdrive sounds. You can also substitute 5881's, KT66's, KT88's, 6550's, or EL34's and KT77's when using the EL34/6L6 Bias Selector Switch  in the output stage for different sounds. 


Electrical Specifications: 

  • Input Power  120 VAC 50-60Hz - 175 Watts Standard IEC plug-in three prong grounded power cord. (100VAC & 240VAC available. See Upgrade Options) 

  • Output Tubes - Class AB Push-Pull 6L6's - Fixed Bias

  • Output Power - 50  watts RMS (100 Watt Quad of 6L6's upgrade also available. See Upgrade Options) 

  • Output Power Selector Switch - provides three power levels. 1/4 - 1/2 - FULL power. 

  • Speaker Output Impedance - selectable by switch 4-8-16 ohms.

  • Line Out Impedance - 10K ohms

  • Effects Loop Send Impedance - 10K ohms

  • Effects Loop Return Impedance -  470K ohms

  • Instrument Input Impedance - 1 Megohm

  • Star ground system to eliminate induced current chassis noise.

  • DC on preamp filaments to eliminate 60 hz hum.

  • Input and Output Jacks isolated from chassis for low noise, eddy currents, and hum.

Physical Data: 

  • Retro Vintage Cage Head  - heavy duty lightweight steel mesh cage provides protection and excellent ventilation for tubes. Comes with easy carry Fender style strap handle. Overall  Dimensions - 17" Wide x 12" Deep x 10" High (Includes feet, handle and knobs)

  • Custom Tolex Head Cab -Heavy Duty Construction, Birch Cabinet Grade  Plywood, Glued and Screwed Corners.  Tolex Covered,  Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Corners, Large Rubber Feet, Strap Handle with Nickel Plated End Caps. Overall  Dimensions - 21" Wide x 12" Deep x 12" High

  • Chassis - Heavy gauge aluminum with welded corners.

  • Weight - 23 lbs. 

  • Rock solid point-to-point hand wiring with military style tie-wrapped wiring harnesses for long life and reliability.

  • Components:  Only the highest quality parts are used including heavy duty transformers, low noise tubular polypropylenes capacitors, metal film resistors, Micalex sockets, Neutrik jacks. All parts are rated for commercial high use conditions. Wherever possible we use parts made in the USA.

  • Front Panel:  F Input Jack, M Input Jack, F Gain with Bright Switch, M Gain with Bright Switch, Bass with Deep Switch, Middle, Treble, Presence/Edge Boost Switch, Speed, Depth. Reverb, Standby Power Switch, Pilot Lamp, On/Off Power Switch

  • Rear Panel:   Power Cord Connector, Fuse, Tube/SS Rectifier Mode Switch, Reverb/Tremolo Pedal, Effects Loop Return Jack, Effects Loop Send Jack, Output Power Level Switch, Line Out Level, Line Out Jack, Speaker Output Jack, Speaker 4-8-16 Impedance Selector Switch.

Upgrade Options:

These options allow you to  customize your amp to meet your special individual requirements.

100 WATT POWER OUTPUT -   FM763-2VRX-100 model Increases power output to 100 watts. Uses quad of 6L6's. Solid -State rectifier only.  Add $300.00.

MATCHED PAIR EL34 OUTPUT TUBES - Companion pair of output tubes to replace 6L6's.  The EL34's give more Marshall "British" type tones.  Easy to use...Just plug in and set 6L6/EL34 bias switch in EL34 position. Add $39.80

HIGH GAIN  JCM800 PREAMP - High gain stage added to both channels with pull switch on M Gain Control   to select between  low gain or JCM800  high gain.  Add $60.00​

240 VOLT POWER TRANSFORMER - for operation outside the USA  where 240VAC line voltage is used. Add $55.00

100 VOLT POWER TRANSFORMER - for operation outside the USA  where 100 VAC line voltage is used. Add $55.00 


 Review By Featured Artist Leon Taylor  - "Taylor's Crossing"

Hey Guys, - Just a note to say the amp wows em everywhere. Tone snobs, even the average listener comments on the great tone. Two sound engineers at live concerts said to me "perfect guitar tone"  I now own two other amps purchased from you after hearing the first one. I just finished building another cabinet/ stack for a friend of mine who bought one. One I bought for the wife is the Purple snake-skin with red Hollowbody- the other is Marshall Red Elephant Tolex...I just bought another FM-5E3SD Super Deluxe-this one off Ebay.(why would somebody get rid of one?) This makes 3 in my studio, 4 on stage as our other guitarist has one. The best tone machine on the planet - I know it is for me, and has made believers out of those in earshot. My original has been flawless on stage and studio since day one over 3 years ago. Thanks for making killer amps affordable. Leon Taylor (Oregon)

Hey guys just an update. 6 years of gigging stage and studio, this bullet -proof Super Deluxe is still flawless. The Frenzel does a few things no other amp I have ever played on could do #1. With pre-gain maxed, I can still play "clean" the most touch responsive pre-amp ever no pedals needed. #2. The sweet spot is found at every volume. I assume this is some kind of Voodoo. #3. The amp can be played at full volume ... the chance that is actually a thing are all but gone, but I have done it twice with my 1x12 40 watt KT88 driven combo. It only sounded like itself -only...more so. #4. The line out works well and sounds like the amp. Clean, quiet accurate reproduction of the great tone. Many a sound guy has started to mic my amp, I plug the line out into a direct box in it's place and "Perfect guitar tone" #5 Best Effects loop ever. I have owned amps that cost 5 times as much that didn't do ANY of these things. Thanks for a great amp.  Leon Taylor 12/28/2017

 Review By Featured Artist JimRoberts  - "Jim Roberts & The Resonants

"I have  two Frenzel Tube Amps. One is a 25 watt 2008 Retro FM-5E3 Deluxe Plus and and the other a 40 watts 2011 FM-5E3 SD Super Deluxe. Jim Frenzel makes the real deal....and at fair prices that all can afford.. I used the 25 watt in the studio exclusively to record our "Devil on a Dirt Road CD."  You can hear How I used my Frenzels at jimrobertsandthe resonants.    All the CD songs are there and free to listen to. I couldn't be happier!!! I never go anywhere without my Frenzels! Thanks Jim!" — Jim Roberts (California). 


 Sound Clips By Featured Artist  J. K. Sullivan

Tele Bridge - J. K. Sullivan
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Les Paul - J. K. Sullivan
00:00 / 00:00
Tele Both - J. K. Sullivan
00:00 / 00:00
Strat Bridge - J. K. Sullivan
00:00 / 00:00
Strat Out Of Phase - J. K. Sullivan
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Review by Ken Morgan - Voting Member & Producer for the Grammy's

(Ken Morgan is a longtime musician, recording engineer and producer,.  He is a voting member of the Grammy, member of the Producers and Engineers Wing of the Grammy, and has written dozens of pro-audio equipment reviews for various online publications.)   

"Ultimate Guitar" Review by Robert Roy

"Beginner Guitar HQ Magazine" - From our friend  Ray @ Beginner Guitar HQ  - I was doing research on guitars and just finished reading your wonderful article in "Ultimate Guitar" on the Super Deluxe 550. Keep up the good work!  Warmly, Ray (New Zealand) *** Ray has written an excellent  detailed and comprehensive article on how to choose a guitar with 15 factors to consider according to science. It has more than 7,000 words packed with practical tips and advice. Here is a link

Customer Reviews:


Dear Jim, How are you, family and employees doing now ? I have had the Super Vibe FM-763 for about 6 months now and have tried many tube combinations. During that time I have found many combinations all of which sound great in their own unique ways. This amps versatility is unmatched because of the very high quality components used. I am sure that you will not find this in any amplifier from a major manufacturer at any price. This amp delivers beautiful sounding overtones and harmonics, so much that I often let chords sustain and enjoy these absolutely beautiful sounds. 10 years ago I never imagined that my playing could sound this good. I mostly play with the M channel at about 7 and the F channel at 3. This gives it a very nice fat Marshall sound which I completely love and enjoy. This amp is an electronic work of art from the design stages until the final build. From this I conclude that this company absolutely loves what they do, true pros. For me the search for great tones is completed. I give my strongest recommendation to Jim Frenzel and Company as I truly believe you cannot do better anywhere else. Thank you Very Much and Good Luck To All At Frenzel Tube Amps. Donald K Bazille (Thailand) 

FM763SVR Frenzel Super Vibe 763 - 1.5 years later.   Dear Jim, These days I am getting a lot of compliments on my guitar playing, but I think it is the absolutely beautiful tone that is getting the attention. I have tried a lot of different tubes in this amp and have settled on the following ; Preamp tubes are 1. Sylvania 12AX7 2. Sylvanis 12AV7 3, GE 5963. Trem and reverb tubes are 2 ea 12AX7 Shuguang and 1 Sylvania 12AT7. The rectifier tube is the original JJ 5AR4 and last of all 2 fantastic sounding NOS Tesla (not JJ) Mil Spec KT88s. I am not real sure how much my playing has improved, but this amp's tone cannot be beat.Thanks Again For Such A Superior Product!  Donald K Bazille (Thailand) 

Hey Jim - I am very happy with the amp - so far I've run a les paul and a tele through it, and it has nailed every sound I wanted it to. With the Master Volume and attenuator function, I am able to dial in any gain sound I want, and use the guitar's volume to control gain, which means I won't have to re-learn how to get 'my sound' every time I set up in a different sized room!  I can use one amp for any practice or gig I am likely to get.   Proud owner of FM-763!  Dave D. (Colorado)

Telecaster Guitar Forum Review - The Super Vibroverb is loosely based on a Fender Vibroverb, but with some added features. It is a 40w head, with a built in attenuator which can cut power to 1/2 or 1/4 settings, and has tube Tremolo and a tube driven accutronix reverb tank.

I tested it out with a JD tele with Cavalier pickups and a Les Paul with '57 pickups. The cabinet I played through is GK 4x10 bass Cabinet with two Pyle driver bass speakers and two Eminence Ramrods.

I am actually shocked by the versatility of this amp - in full power mode it has a ton of clean headroom and really picks up subtle adjustments to the pick attack, guitar volume and tone controls. It has two inputs, labeled 'F' and 'M,' each of which has a gain control, and a master volume that controls both. With the gain, master and attenuator, I can dial in the sound I want with the gain/master and then adjust the output depending on the size of the room, basically allowing you to choose your blend of preamp and poweramp breakup at any volume you like (well, maybe not ANY volume..)the tremolo has rate and depth controls, and seems to be able to hit fluttery surf stuff and choppy Link Wray style stuff easily. The reverb is very musical sounding, and seems very usable at all levels.  I've played around with attenuators before, and used a few amps that had a pentode/triode function to reduce power, and all of them seemed to lack something tonally at lower settings. I won't say this one is perfect, but it is the best I've tried, and I think if I was using a lower power cabinet (my 4x10 can handle 300w) it may have been less noticeable. On the 'F' channel, it was not very noticeable, but the 'M' channel seemed to get a little more flat as I brought it from 40->20->10w output. I think this is because the M channel has a lot more Mids than the F (which is fairly scooped, as it should be). It was certainly not enough to prevent me from using the setting in either channel, in fact I think I might have been looking for something to gripe about so am not just bragging about how cool my new amp is. Because it is pretty damn cool - with a few knob twists I can go from saturated, compresssed pure overdrive to bright sparkling cleans. It wasn't exactly cheap to buy, but for a hand-wired amp with tube reverb and tremolo it is pretty reasonable. Jim Frenzel has been very responsive to my emails, and all in all I am VERY pleased with my buying experience. It did take about 2 months from when I ordered it until it arrived, but I knew that when I ordered it, so I can't complain about that!  Despres - Tele Meister

FM-5E3SD RETRO - Hey Frenzel Team - Proud to say, as of yesterday, I now own an awesome, lightly used, FM-5E3SD  "Super Deluxe with the Quad of 6V6's and the 6SL7 Retro preamp upgrades. It sounds amazing; looking forward to rocking out with this amp for years to come... Ryan D. "RCD Media/The Scarecrow Project Band" (California)

FM-5E3SD  - Jim... I gotta tell you, I have never heard an amp that is better that the FM-5E3SD  you built for me several years ago. It has a three-dimensionality and complexity of sound that I have not heard elsewhere. That head, when paired with my open-backed 2x12 loaded with vintage alnicos, is my desert islander. Robert S. (IL) 

FM-5E3SD - I want to thank Mike Gee Kustoms for the amazing "Rivers Cuomo Strat-o-Master" Guitar and Frenzel Tube Amps for the amazing "Super Deluxe" all tube Guitar amp. Without affordable High quality instrumentation and Equipment like this I would not be where I am today. Dominic Antonelli 

FM-5E3SDR - Hi Jim!! How are you? Just writing to say that I've received the amp today, and I must say it Kills!! Really really sweet, warm, I love both inputs and the reverb also sounds great!! Really, Im very impressed! Its so much better than my expectations :) Thank you so much for the attention and fast shipping. Thank you very much! Regards!! Julia Brandao. (Brazil)

FM-5E3SDR -Thank You very much! This is by far the best amp I have ever owned (perhaps played thru?).My Carvin guitar with DiMarzio super 2’s thru a Keeley compressor, plugged into a Mesa 2/12 cab w/Celestion V30’s gives me all the tone  I need and then some. Again, Thanks.  Brian S. (California)

FM-5E3SD - Hi Jim, I made a combo cab (see Pictures page)for my Frenzel Super Deluxe head......I’m pleased with the results and the amp sounds great!! Lots of compliments on how good it sounds (and a few compliments on how good it I borrowed some design ideas from here and there and added some of my own as well. The speaker and amp are separated from each other by 3/4” plywood and there are deflectors that direct the sound coming off the back of the speaker out the side ports.  Glenn T.. (British Columbia, Canada)

FM-5A3SD/6SL7 - Thanks Jim, Got the amp today. Picked it up at the post office, put the tubes in and used it on the gig. Sounds great! I'm really impressed with the fat, but still tight, compression of the 6SL7 tubes. Also the Lineout/powersoak/speak.sim is the best Lineout I've tested. I pulled back all the treble on the PA system and pushed the mid a bit to sound like the speaker I was on (marshall1912... which is dark in character). But then, the feel, which always is the thing that gets lost in the "line out" process, was identical to the speaker feel.   Kudos! Thomas D. (Norway) 

Hi Jim, I just want to drop a note of thanks for the FM-5A3SD amp you built me. It sounds better than I hoped for! My Super Retro Deluxe (6SL7 preamp) is gigging regularly and is a joy! Thanks again, I couldn't be happier! Christian S. (Washington)

Jim, just to let you know,  I am a 53 year old Blues Rocker that has played professionally for 35 years, I have owned, and still own Fenders Marshalls Mesas & Laneys, (just love the toys)  This is the most dynamic colourful amp I have ever used...  Brenton J. (Australia)

Jim, this is an astonishing amplifier. Thanks so much for your great work. Please pass my kudos on to everyone involved WOW.This amplifier is, for lack of a better term, lush and responsive.WOW. Thanks, Gary H. (Louisiana) 

FM-5E3SD - Hi Jim. Sorry it's taken me so long to let you know what I think of my amp. I received it last Tuesday and I wanted to do an unboxing video for YouTube at my friends studio. Well life happens and we weren't able to do it till Sunday. WOW! It's everything I had hoped for, and more.... My friend and I played and played. Thank you for putting out a solid product. I'm sure we will be doing business together again in the future. Bob P.  (Oregon)

Dear Jim and Company - A buddy of mine bought a second-hand FM-5E3SD from another player in our small Canadian town and we both agree that it is the best amp we've ever heard (I'm a young feller but he's been gigging professionally for decades and has owned virtually everything under the sun at one time or another). Finally, I've got to say that you guys are geniuses! I absolutely love the way that you nail the vintage tones of these amps, but build them to a modern standard that allows them to be tweaked almost infinitely Mmy friend was running 2 KT-88s in his and no matter how far to the right we turned the volume, the sound would not break up without a pedal. Truly astounding! The way that you run your business is also a breath of fresh air in these modern times. You don't brag because you don't have to; your work speaks for itself- and speaks loudly for that matter. You offer remarkable quality at prices that put any other manufacturer that I've ever seen to shame (on both fronts).Tone wizards and nice guys? What a combination?!? James M. (Canada)

Hi Jim - Holy yowza!Thank you and thank you again! It is unbelievable tone and craftsmanship. Looks great and sounds even better. The rich harmonics are amazing! And I can't believe the great tones it gets when you push it into overdrive. Simply stunning. You have earned a loyal fan and willing brand preacher and preach the love of Frenzel amps I will. Thank you again. Your newest admirer and fan, Mike D. (Texas)

Jim - When I turned it on... it was like a dream come true! Absolutely georgeus sound! Best amp I've ever had (I had Peavey, Marshall, Laney and many others) and ever played (played almost every amp on the planet)! You are a Tube Wizard! Love the sound, light weight and simplicity. Thank's God I had the opportunity to try your amp and became a believer. I am proud to have it and to use it. Thanks a lot for your help and for your amp. God Bless, Art - From Poland  

Hey Guys, - Just a note to say the amp wows em everywhere. Tone snobs, even the average listener comments on the great tone. Two sound engineers at live concerts said to me "perfect guitar tone"  I now own two other amps purchased from you after hearing the first one. I just finished building another cabinet/ stack for a friend of mine who bought one. One I bought for the wife is the Purple snake-skin with red Hollowbody- the other is Marshall Red Elephant Tolex. Leon T. (Oregon) 

Hey Guys,  -  I just bought another FM-5E3SD Super Deluxe-this one off Ebay.(why would somebody get rid of one?) This makes 3 in my studio, 4 on stage as our other guitarist has one. The best tone machine on the planet - I know it is for me, and has made believers out of those in earshot. My original has been flawless on stage and studio since day one over 3 years ago. Thanks for making killer amps affordable. Leon Taylor (Oregon) 

Hi Jim, Love this amp - everyone who plays it is amazed at the touch and tone and all jaws drop at the price. Keep on building! Russ R. (Texas)

FM-5A3RSD/6SL7 - Everything arrived on time and in perfect shape.  Took longer to unpack the box than it did to get a killer Telecaster sound.  You guys done good...thanks!  Ken M.(Texas)

FM-5E3SD/100 - Hey Jim, Gotta say, this is one cool amp! I dig the tones I'm getting from it! I've recently had a few custom amps made that I just wasn't happy with, and then I went back to my trusty Frenzel DP3 that a bought several years ago and I just loved that sound!! My only problem was headroom, but tone was amazing! So I decided on the 100 watt version of the SD! I'll never have to worry about tone and/or headroom EVER!! I love what you do especially for folks like me on a budget. It's definitely great being part of the Frenzel family!!! Jarrett B. (Louisiana)

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