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Looking For The Custom Tube Amp Of Your Dreams?  You're At The Right Place!

About Our Amps - Welcome to Frenzel Tube Amps. My name is Jim Frenzel. I have been building amps a long time. I  built my first tube amp in 1952 and I was hooked....and 71 years later, I am still building them and loving every minute of it!   Frenzel amps are all hand-wired and hand-crafted in our rockin' little factory in Texas by craftsmen who love their work, love music and love people. They are very different from anything else you will find in the custom boutique amp market. They were inspired by the classic 50's-60's tube amp designs that create the "tones you know and love" but they are not clones. They have many added features and custom options suggested by our "tube freak" friends from all  over the world that were not found in the original vintage amps which allows you to create your own design and your own individual tones. We manufacture a wide variety of amps and preamps for musical instruments, home entertainment and studio use. They have a large selection of upgrade options including custom voices, power levels, reverb, tremolo and choice of tubes. Detailed information, specifications, photos, videos, and sound clips of our amps may be found on the individual amp web pages. Know this for sure...we love our work...and we think you'll love our amps!  ​Read our Reviews page and you will see the truth in this statement. ​

More Than Amps - In addition to designing and building tube amps, our team members are all people of faith. We use the engineering and musical talents God has given us to build the best tube amps we can, but at the end of the day, there is more to a successful and joyous life than work and business. There is our faith which calls us to love our neighbors...and to give unconditional love to the poor, the  oppressed and the hungry – of any faith or none.  To follow this call, the Frenzel Outreach Foundation was formed as a non-profit charity to support organizations dedicated to humanitarian outreach and mission work for children in need all over the world. For more info please visit our Outreach page.​

Thanks - The world is a very large place and we are separated by many cultures and beliefs, but there seems to be in all of mankind a desire to play music and celebrate life and we are happy to be a part of that common bond of humanity. If you are a first time visitor, we want to personally thank you for thinking of us  for your amp needs. We are constantly adding new products and new features to our products. If you have a question or a request for a feature you don't see, or just want to talk with us about what's going on in your world, please Contact Us anytime. To our devoted friends and customers all over the world, we cannot possibly thank you enough. If it were not for you and your passionate reviews and referrals, we would not be here. Your kind words, compliments and support give meaning to what we do here at Frenzel.  We look forward to serving all of you with the  prompt, personal and friendly service you deserve. 

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Kind regards,

Jim Frenzel

CEO - Founder

Frenzel Tube  Amplifiers


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SS-4772 Ultra Stereo


Super Deluxe 550


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Sweet Little AC15/30

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