We manufacture a wide variety of tube amplifiers and preamps for musical instruments and home entertainment use which can be customized to meet your needs. They have a large selection of upgrade options including custom voices, power levels, effects loops, reverb, tremolo, choice of tubes and enclosures. 

Guitar & Bass Amplifiers​

These custom "tone machines" will get you and your fans rockin' !  They were inspired by the classic 50's-60's Fender, Marshall and VOX tube amp designs that create the "tones you know and love" but they are not clones. They have many added features and custom options not found in the original vintage amps which allows you to create your own design and your own individual tones! All have custom dual voiced preamps with separate gain controls. The combination of voice, gains, and tone stack settings is almost you can use different types of preamp and output tubes and choose solid-state or tube  a passive buffered effects loop! Think of these amps as the ultimate weapons for the serious creative player. All the amps are full frequency range amps and work great with guitar, bass, keyboard and harp. 


Classic Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifiers​

The ultimate ultra-linear pure tube stereo power amp for your home entertainment center, your musical instruments and your vintage vinyl. The amplifiers use pure tube circuitry to produce those warm smooth classic tones. They come with multiple inputs and many custom upgrades.


  • Ultra Linear Output Transformers

  • 4-8-16 Speaker Impedance

  • Hum Shielded Power Transformer

  • Phono-CD-AUX Inputs

  • Separate Channel Volume Controls

  • Separate Channel Tone Controls

  • 3 Band Tone Stack

  • Presence With Loudness Boost

  • Solid-State FRED Rectifiers

  • Custom Upgrade Options


"Hot Rod" Guitar & Bass Preamps

Looking for the classic Fender, Marshall, Matchless, Hiwatt, VOX, Reverb, Tremolo tube tones?  The Frenzel "Hot Rod" Pure Tube Preamps will give you great vintage tones whether you are driving a solid state amp or tube amp. Upgrades for custom voices plus a 1 watt power amp for low volume practice.  Great also for recording direct in.  Available in Open Chassis,  2U Rack Mount Chassis and Retro Cage Chassis.



     Guitar & Bass Amps


     Stereo & Hi-Fi Amps 






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